Because ZEPTAR says so!


Aliens look like dinosaurs like Ducky mixed with Sara that is a Aquatic Duck Billed Herbivore blended with a teiceratops visions on holo-1 beam LAZYED eyes and built in wetware big eyes long giraffe snout or nose I should rather say as a elongated horse nostril with a possible wet cold nose as our canines and felines and equestrian snuggle animals and so forth anonadonan first there is a mountain and then there is no mountain than there is



follow me del ray come to dial rate and vaccuum young pow this voodoo shits fa real mix anonaudio drop of fate go shake a bar wikiid haugh Willis voodoo wild voodoo joka k111as southwest voodoo is in the high so yo am a contemplate gang banging gang banging an love for family ain’t gang bag in shut on raven face shroim boiba soup leave us alone you punk bitch bitch bitch bitch we are all not all gonna lie I ain’t gonna lie so we had to get out of the system and run for our lives facing org clout eyes by mine all ran away slurping on the galaxy right next to me flesh and bone recalling non need for debasing freebandz freebasing no money we are making all for charity the sound making blowing up ya heard me in the few many plus ten alright plot nothing numb engineering never steering the wheel ya feel whee riding and getting fiendishly on audiosource engineering for mead sing dine and on empty plates won a lot from Zen tao of Pooh correct verb searing ten few thousand of nothing meant see print to the bookshelf that is all red dead living forest ban rainforest habituated plus all farm paper like raising gen of strain for hybrid ya each ten room story ranch storing ten build up for myself when linesman all seated statue rome or tile far out pattern of sutra chameleon forget about it we are not not not tin pings echo echo copy friend Conrad enemy forget I did all these bad files my sharp nail when pampered proxim mitia lift about a sent signal when seated more I am the figure of form right now I own all of everything!

Because ZEPTAR says so!

Dream machine to fly

don’t slip ON A BANANA PEEL just READ imams in about how I feel

Practical items ppl always need for Ad.

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Images of war, cocaine sewey driven warpig this is all non all caught kiss from a stranger j-* DANGER! Hed Banger inside  inside dont deny at least i tried (


Before depart to  tube southwest way uppers wax dumpers waz thumpers my neats streams rolodox Dil means a deal a deal shower ya o/ she got the eye of Fatima a 20 gallon barrel cowpolk hat swazy cowboy six gun dual world daggers of laser beam wipe off the wikkid den steam switch back to my tab and bak.cpu2 tao of poo whois who do nesseccesito drop on and on be more cheddar and more cheddar pieces TRU went thru show thru be me serve an oooh in mind picture MOVIE show everywhere Z go that’s no me fool same smile do we play smile big blue eyes groovin o/ me eyes thru twiztid contact lenses OpOui, so sweet, glad chose digg ZEPDUB new more than can I hittit gnu


letters all am undone all unwound shiny right fist left hand scandlous fablous nao mio too swole to handle stuff like it ain’t no thang, sink into ya neck o/ fang512 vampires f33d everyday f33d starving like the army was in 1984, fly thru door like login script skel ton angel wing bones amaze convent 4 past 9 arrive on time cuz candlesnwine lizt time strictly 1 Min behind whois zeptar of the universe and I admit heman caused crying when I was 3 standing in line at the same discount swag shop that chin cellos new hellos gotcha brand wave ya hand a plastic skeleton injection molded mask and heman greet promo HBO cartoon spilla thrilla oui call no tricks me drop a diphoot ah hej eh, everyone is playin Yo! <code>notagame</code>

Anonradio Shows

Because ZEPTAR Says so!


lette statusnet fool ya slime fly is over now time fa more droolin` make a Kool fool ya the cool kid sumthin


DAT knockin at door uh, nah poor, love to sat on the floor get in touch with Chinese eyes cryin feel fingers crawl up slime spine o/ dank rhymes always on time so sublime in rhyme, meter, tempo and such, dance for lunch gotta hunch and caught a crush that's one most day closer and more pay, call scandalous but the CCTVz cannot handle us

how’s it hangin, Yeah, Yeah! Right cheer bring a beer have no fear, I'm a LOVE post, of feel mad, honest LOVE turned  2 clownvic stayin o/ da 2 


da Z free on a candle party lite so bright brings psychosocialrecords for the socialite Don’t jeer it just knock back on the attack o/ a k111er fukn hustle no one can stand it goddammit like thumper the rabbit 

o/ that Gambit Babit call Rainbow Rambo Dance show as perfect sail prose and make an all froze like GITs the perfect plasticity on the form at her the storm


Rain so nice having seen a drop since ice storm had vampires time purrs, baby we could GITs much higher, C# my tunnel ‘O’ LOVE c’mon up Yo! up above o/ LOVE



Because ZEPTAR says so!


call me roll up and blow them smoke rings as long as the wind blowing I’m slowslowin mo gone like a drone keep creepim all good morning my sent a webpage grow to be wasted on and on and on have time lovely drove radio gold every thing opposite of identical PSYTRANCE stanzas trance ya something to help  in y’all making noise who is who the best of us gets on blog smash all twenty few for the mess write gankin the sound spread around now 


run trace on subspace solace in sudden change of plans for the blog’s goal of increasing the written word and convincing people to leave their email and see the site in its entirety of the times five like a whole new level 2

Because ZEPTAR says so!


I would set this down for a readers guide, namely my own, on what the current vision of my blogging and music is always like in sudden need of more vision so here’s a little about what’s been going on with the blog and an invite to read more as I am focusing more on music than writing as much this last month or month and a half seeing as in I have done nothing much for the blog’s goal of increasing the written word and convincing people to leave their email and see the site in its entirety. well I did some cleaning up and rearranging which is always my mission around here as well as a few things I want to accomplish goal wise for the best website ever for an organization full of great works of art in my zeptar eyes and ears and puff feel the bass in the current 


The current vision is to blog more on my feelings about whatever is on my heart while I listen to music.


I see this server known as ‘uprisze’ sitting on the cloud and it is a theme of increasing number am omg the thousands on thousands who have visited and feel in where in com.


To be creative in my zeptar life and find all than writing and music and precision my time that I spend creating, so that.


I am now doing promo exclusively also sporadic as I want to build my website for y’all and have the majority as in now my skills are required by God as in a snap to attention I feel in the amount of content possible based on older works from last year splashing around this PSYTRANCE Progressive style I’m redeveloping as some kind of dance rap rudebwoy soft heart who is the world’s worst hacker.


also at the close of each blog to bring some kind of button to give the reader some way to respond to my effort creative champion-like down on Bourbon St. showing out okay. so some kind of button at the end of each blog post so as to spur the development of Internet users as a whole.


I want to bring back longer and longer reads BECAUSE I was reading my three free Wired magazine online and they are long thorough and I will tell you that we can write so much exponentional in outcasts in leaugrs and I was inspired to write more for all the readers BECAUSE some people love to read 


Also, I want the blog to get on a theme and build that each week from weekday to Wednesday when in radio land NON radio`s The Zeptar Show where I want to accomplish this; spread the arts and culture enriching people in they life brings me joy so join the club, the zeptar club is still growing up struggle for vision for more consistency with readers and say here’s a huge one..


soon I want to release more spoken word as I have a tape archive but my phone is no place to sit and type long long long, maybe it is you know? 


To build an array bank I don’t wanna fight cause I use yours instead of mine sometimes process cycles are meant to be wasted on and on and on..


I’m working on a new mix about drugs and angst and rap that be smooth making am say hush and gushy mushy kushy fluffy green smoking reams medicated truly here’s a thanks to NORML covered that’s sure due reception as the healing of the nations cannabis ssativa super shadow under big heavy trichrosome crumble sticky ginger ale house thick with original content intent.


Bring comedy relief and interesting takes on issues adding to the discussion of the times five like Marty Mkvli was Tupac time traveling in the way we made an say fuck yeah ya and get people high on music than writing sometimes shozzimg anigif movies.


Make anigif movies to music and even moving into spoken word bits for The Zeptar Show on anonradio and bring and tell and have you feel more hate for injustice of increasing bitching and moaning so kick the shit about the most interesting stories I be hearing.


Pay better attention to underground news and hacking issues as now more than I have ever seen in my life however it’s so bad for Internet freedom they are charging for the download on top of the price of smell lime lite it’s important and essential for free computing and free internet to exist. it is crucial we don’t pay for our every whimsical at sounding services and keep the homies on the Internet Consortium full of net diversity of not only users but quality of data like since people look silly with a book of paper in they bag like it’s a million blog’s from my soul which I pray do flow for me and tea with me you see any thing can be so fly so to spend time enriching earning money somehow online someday the org much like The Phoenix Foundation this org data center makes you all smile or be some way after we all sit in the righteous aftermath of uprisze. 


pit mish season will possible be in the spring mixed with singing and shinjonjean Chinese spoke goose will land so get gold dj-eggy chronic classics on the archives and on ours too as the founder zeptar always witnessesing as prompted and blessing and cursing both binding and loosing and stretch these sinew-meat fleshy organic life being super clean clean pop a couple tapes paste em up with simple yet complex somehow getting art piece after art piece blazing lasers clean from screen to screen as mention snowing light lite brite to smire and aquire so many hits and say the most pointiffic creative art better and better as I give and give taking grief and public events organic growth as a person and sailing the flag of #7f7f7f right under the red white blue who said a free ride so strange all the readers become some real real force to feel uprisze serve song and animation and tv and film in the subway causing huge coming together and I see that on YouTube or the new news called read what you feel and step smoke sing sweat and tears with a flagship of flagship think the think and also finally for this post going on the Vision page not hid thanks for your time and feel free to visit the zeptar shop and spend some time and leave a feeling behind so when I look back through mine online system we be rippin a whole new level of confidence and power rest this outfit watch out for the blimp.