Because ZEPTAR says so!

So cold you dont need the AC what ya gettin back at me for so sublime right on time theres money from the future right where the rainbow under the hood right bright freezing outside me im warm as a matter of fact im so hot flared up like a sunspot on a zunzet roll round them neptunians and a couple of sweet chocolate cream filled candies airhead taking over the radio station of the nation the voice of the capitol they call us aNONradio so thought i should tell you you know there is a hidden expose hidden somewhere in these webpage scrolls of how i play my own hits and do my own skits skirt skirrt so rad it hurts hope ya trippin this is wetware upgrade filling 3d printing houses right now all around the world prophecy fortold now unfold i am getting too old for she OT thats big ups to the Ancient of Days in so many ways so many thanks so many rounds of ammo in my tank try to runaway and success something good is on the way and its now i know what was said all things are pointing to yes i just pray and i pray that something just may for this type of way put me on stage i will bust out the cage i am a fist full of rage so wise with my age still free with me like we always be for some for me for some for three extended the angles geometry goes down put it up for the pound diamds and hoodies talking and zeppinn dont know what thats about im irrichilar chinchillicher follow the slo mo roll and take the pastrami all on the papers these wrappers are angled and process pasteurated into an inked up decoration str8 from the fifties so nifty shopping with me is so thrifty i am a boss i am a beast fuck the radio from DJ to CEO

Because ZEPTAR says so!

Happy New Year!

it’s time for a crime chat get back that time went check the time 03:53 UTC bag of dime foo Biggs get that Nigga Don Johnson ZEPTAR soon to be President, break me off that money in fukin crazy don’t bill bout to have that add and that cash that’s why ya shuook running storelen rain Sosa, that’s rain rain Holy Ghost, why ya play in with my pocket white rain black rain told ya cause in spos`d ta got my black back back one day the other day whatever day let’s spring right now make May Day today, I’ll rackem taken you and I will never say wish day was here let’s talk up in this space become the more whateva well ya play in with my pocket white 27th the time of year when 5 million people are expected to free alright run with me and my pen my pen runs never the same old sound spy my eye spy vs zombies the more ya know touch ya face and embrace the day come whateva May try today bring closer and closer feel my fate will neva eva give in with me and win at least ten percent someone mc catk111er it’s ❤ day! blast off! There is no fate but what we make.


Whateva fate comes, Takedown shamed you look alone so many lessons honed bottle of Patrón got it at an early age can’t ya see the time don’t ya tear stressin` how could I tell ya bout my world? I need a girl, I can’t see through all the pain I never see a .38 don’t pawn no shit call me homie from the tower let’s get a coke glad for that love all up in themes memes me omg that’sawesome saucin’ more info u can tell me though ❤ mmm datum clean the stage warming pick up full of courage no water know water nough water said I'm call in said I wanna now me I wanna feel it and gotta announce I'm changing wonder what happens here no matter what I feel you near and fa real know I'll if you can tell it we &.

Because ZEPTAR says so!


ppl say ROCK, already am in more ways than many ways see fit to zep it up in ya warmer than slowmo promoter at the store by the pizza freezer door talk in bout save a dollar of stacks wut?

I am solid in my mind more dense than fine Gibraltar fine, even though my imagination likes to step on landmines when it’s time to ROCK a zine and fill full of mine now so much comes forth when I’m poring out my wut n stuff my entertainer real real steal the spotlight turning eyes up and down my fine impromptu lines sheet made up in a million sec take it to a silly sec to collect a billion for the set who’s that it’s not set don’t question it in as solid as they get even made myself love in spite of lies and regret in the past but it was genuine and believe me she want be found not even an eighth as fine as the one in my mind forming thoughts be pouring all over these awnings now I’m all for forming let’s be honest in fair warning there’s a million body builders who can’t even lift a pencil and they pull all kinds of tail what substance can anyone find in a meal if they tru want on a level they hed spin weevilwevel not on the same level even fiscally my practicing on what I need barley subsisting leet fleet tell walstreet I’ve been dreaming bout money all afternoon, that’s ROCK to be totally honest I strive to make more gym gains soon the pony I’m trying ta get at is there’s more ROCK to a man than even what they willing to put on a woman’s hand and even in the level my physical be it’s more than enough to be be not caught up in all vanity no accuse just love statement beauty is fleeting however there is more than I adore for my pores to be more and more of a hulk eye site it’s like this in my eyes, I want to be the best I can physically it makes others feel better about themselves when they are around someone who is fit and dresses nice but this is a big change for me my image as I was growing excuse see it coming no discipline I was running it’s a sad story turned happier with this bit blit we BUILDING this on firm ROCK foundation not sands that will wash out and was and not then ever again so the science in the had is that you can turn a sandy foundation into Vulcan glass and in fact in part of my ask done according to that, I’m a shark and I’m on starts collecting heartsign charts on a whole new level, oh yeah Bluetooth fitness machines are tracking populations it seems and predicting the new system of credit level embeveled in all ya gonna let the same time lie about ya fitness line what happens when fit bit says okay let’s see everyone gain five pounds on our fit bit bars of nutrish and add a new calorie switch we calculate and say that’s good for you and you tap okay 111 steps today and it’s okay what I way, these are proprietary calories on some dumb math fitness machines. you think.

Because ZEPTAR says so!


lookie up some sneakers put em thru the rim ball in so hard call David Ribbit son, breathe oxygen brain nah heaping helium Canada Whiskey for the Pirate Rum trade we do ancient skimetu for who needs Perry White when Barry White plays the saxophone from hooded hilltop nightshade bar of blues exactly two at two agreed to at too blogging wreckless helios Osprey missions are such a pain feeling sane game on game dizzy off six or seven nitro boosters of caffeine all day and what would this oh can be May this fringed unhinged resistance of body, mind and spirit searing all the hearing it all along word so go absurd to the girl whom said ROCK the world of world’s most biggest worst hacker strum and thumb not to mention too tap slide clickity clack all around like a ride lougue in the long board woods omega vision inspired alpha nah stop in ever after so we walk around on the ground walking along leaf green perched between index twist around a snap like not drop smoke while walk and talk to you see natural buzz hittin me in the fifth dimension songbird air slurping rhythm whisper wind gentle off path whistle never step barefoot on thistle after toe show dip in water sprinkled.


all saxophone all xylophone all inclusive between these two me and you say in animals at the zoo need visitors too cept what could brew ahhh now personally zoo is not in me to peruse yet I do as practices and reliability mixed with transparency without saying the polar bears need lipstick and of this nature be like a turn around or two at the karamoon room hot mic boom say in we here too and we see a few of you too who knew it would lead to this conjecture of juxtaposed orbits between two now saying up up updated forever entailing even further hyperthreading to construe and constru1 and constru2 slang web into the gpu`s floating point trillion times faster than we gnu and I grew grow learn adapt evolve to be completed as seemingly few do, altec lansing from startech comes thru!

Because ZEPTAR says so!


future dreaming no scheming seeing what feeling onion peeling nah make ya cry or say die say she so free ya that her or you whom who lacy leelting Leary stand up nice corrupt correct resurrect blocking dead angel bones nah never call me home said good buy goodbye slicing off leftover molded holders turn back on spell answers and to be see message from you to me run to keep from hiding bound to keep ride never catchy midnight rider silver dollar what gnu collar the written word and convincing people to leave their email and see the site in its entirety and on and on.


Arm tatted king bee buzzing around your hive guess you found a weakness with the “=” so therefore flood more than me we will see polar boots holding for my gravity attack shirt to match a flood of fire make Germany sing holding my ZEPTAR moto-so-fine hover over trigger like a war of world’s splitter pitter pat alien attacked for spying on me fire splashy Mackie PCM hourdourves next angelic in the streets hold the beat reserving judgement on misguided aliens lied to by the devil on arrival heard the head of NASA brain scrambled by ZEPTAR ion beams made to leaf I’m erricson gone Loki my whole beep to the pitch black eyespurple in the dark more iron than a Stark on Venom people feelin from the floor to the ceiling!


YEAH WE COULD KICK IT BUT NAH NAH KNAW YA EAR ALL IN IT DOUBLE switch lanes pitch black I’ll have the car right buffet bizzare ground fresh charred artichokes force full spokes future involved at us saving all my loving me know ya nah worried bout that know that ya visited me me make sure you see the benefit of word ringing silver bell starts ringing and all ya ponging be realizing ZEPTAR hax for we ya see probably thought a parade was coming as you speed through no slowmo left in you feel the ZEPTAR MAGIC all the wrizt say is slammit Mattel o/ “=”

Because ZEPTAR says so!


to work it work out making me make myself always see for time from here on at time more than sometimes for when non one see me in summertime aint no game lil Elisty all ears depends on me how long am these rip curls o/ exercise long board swirld gym mat still whirled up layin flat some abs of squishsponge are more hard than the flat pat plastic pon pad performimg plus per plus panther pads para-prawny crawlu wave worm dance destress most hyper manic method mind racing so fast no one believe when they see me they bug out radius loud swole up tight forming and thats how me roll sail sunrise at sunshine for reason yo veo to me now make more sensei all nifty fifty and fifty plus one on a three plus the question light bulb blare talkin like you self can go more harder more faster ms swiss cake holiday sugar ginger trees now eat most fruit than feel Libra makin sets of any kata form shure on orange two green stripes to bloster sensei means more and more self improvement physical form boons brainbeat best bun patrol ever night time day time right time to situp, pushup on and of non quiz on info rolodex hold far more than before tiro no mo pick myself off the floor added adding multiply divide order of operation nah count calories individually all to the joules fo the toll fo sho slow mo no mo do something at least mkdance the mix in my mind working out to anonmix DonDada discovered Dolly Parton swish beat feelin tap time turntable touch scratchin on wacky world daized and comfused as effort in gym gains know rollin production song all along workout sound phone as in phony past always told me be happy miss`d happiest misty mountain fountain of youth are getting restless

Because ZEPTAR says so!


hej I’m not gonna lie 2 u, not gonna lie. Your LOVE can’t deny from any other fukn person in the fukn world! girl, you know what im sayin as we twirl? you know what i mean? la la lalala hey yo! its not about jy'all its this little thing we call mix no if game, it might be the same backtracking but hey don't worry it's all the same.

And yeah I’m ya friend, gotta few ya knows? stealin instrumentals off tracks off the fukn singles ya know used the tracks? I’m saying get back it’s on these other maps it’s all good it’s all great, we goin from state to state, that’s o/ fool, that’s o/ fool, c`Mon come in girl, hot 4 u.

Uh, when I sex ya body, like any fukn body o/ my fukn rap lyrics, im like digg yo, you gotta hear this! but then they be like, WTF. This is wack. who the fuk is you? uh, just in the mic boof re-writing my raps a few three thousand times.

Thats alright, it goes around millions of times, it can be found every fukn day tryin to convince its pwn. Em all gold cmon we gotta go.

On this motorolla ya know what im sayin? million million motorolla dolo holders, huh where ya at huh? Where ya at where ya fukn magic, huh, where the magic warriors? And all ya spell books bish, hmm, hmm? That eye?

It’s me bish, my fukn righteous sh OT. Huh, where my guitar sh OT its burn reals quick. All right listen for dem. If that’s what you want, I got the fight and theres so much more in sight, eye the bay… isnt that what the say, eh? out in the Californie way? Where they got weed, women and sunshine, every fukn thing to blow ya mind.

Yah I’m down with OP and im down with the LBC, and I rhyme see, ya i was hittin Internet off a T1, you know what I’m sayin? back in the day a 98 was somethin to be on, you know what I’m sayin?

Worth haters, fukn back spear biters!

I’m the Slayer, I’m the biter too!

Because ZEPTAR says so!


Okay well hmm lemme see it starts with a song, a note, a beat that I send or GITs bend outta me

Sunlight shade take like a new wave right `chea real real oh the place of PASSION two hearts be one by the courage skip one or two am I which am one oz two for change for us. Amicable the heart who needs one? This cowardly lion does but however I’m Oz staring at the two of us. How doth it feel whootie who? Blowfish rich in it lyke a tryk Z rex strange graph paper plot ad otter grip lil fish so take it off pen Inc be splatter for my pitter patter. I had A all along wherever me will?

Searching for inspiration and fun phunnel`d into my life and yours to this there is no end, just to see you is sweetness the nellie lake photo of, you make me post it.

PASSION o/ out end.

Gravity wave bend.

What color your eyes? Galaxies without end. To bubble up on a double up TOGETHER my heart bleeds that is what it means for PASSION thump thump thumping pumping thunder. Is it only just me? when alone? when call phone? why not now? why is it dialtone? all I know is she is woman. take nah give PLSJSUS e little code Passione. Transmorgify my heart JSUS DARTT.

Jesus Vader c+ choke me task me beyond recognize I must be in the wrong here cuz ya know my will nah bend I need u take the wheat I need u to burn the dross I need knead knead I know when me write here come out over the art than and Z light version vision!

Because ZEPTAR says so!


starting today begin two year unfolding of love plan go! under which shall be like no other seeping oozing love so sicwiddit helpless caught in right tangle walking spiderweb in a good way May sudden sense of all enlightenment totally surround around and ence envelop some once and was as was not in sense of this juggaurnait code black and red ninja not on all wall Paise exact of ment this clause of x mad more psychedelic trip fire volume totally around body everybody trip phony delicate formless split in the fivy mistletoe over for the further end of the world moulding plan die from insane fire him and event split evident fromdemonic spirit the date of ban up and coming where will group geoip solo on we meet to turn up the heat spicy rhythm I am the system on this fitting fine frosty in my room from the coffee saloon peanut butter going soon treated like from deuce wild all the like page with smiles no dashbash and baby bother from other sensuating talking bout let us all have out on one on one and on and on enact the plan right then so go from the stash of green for at least me key key in my pocket don’t sop it the busiest history in the meaning of our world