Because ZEPTAR says so!


lookie up some sneakers put em thru the rim ball in so hard call David Ribbit son, breathe oxygen brain nah heaping helium Canada Whiskey for the Pirate Rum trade we do ancient skimetu for who needs Perry White when Barry White plays the saxophone from hooded hilltop nightshade bar of blues exactly two at two agreed to at too blogging wreckless helios Osprey missions are such a pain feeling sane game on game dizzy off six or seven nitro boosters of caffeine all day and what would this oh can be May this fringed unhinged resistance of body, mind and spirit searing all the hearing it all along word so go absurd to the girl whom said ROCK the world of world’s most biggest worst hacker strum and thumb not to mention too tap slide clickity clack all around like a ride lougue in the long board woods omega vision inspired alpha nah stop in ever after so we walk around on the ground walking along leaf green perched between index twist around a snap like not drop smoke while walk and talk to you see natural buzz hittin me in the fifth dimension songbird air slurping rhythm whisper wind gentle off path whistle never step barefoot on thistle after toe show dip in water sprinkled.


all saxophone all xylophone all inclusive between these two me and you say in animals at the zoo need visitors too cept what could brew ahhh now personally zoo is not in me to peruse yet I do as practices and reliability mixed with transparency without saying the polar bears need lipstick and of this nature be like a turn around or two at the karamoon room hot mic boom say in we here too and we see a few of you too who knew it would lead to this conjecture of juxtaposed orbits between two now saying up up updated forever entailing even further hyperthreading to construe and constru1 and constru2 slang web into the gpu`s floating point trillion times faster than we gnu and I grew grow learn adapt evolve to be completed as seemingly few do, altec lansing from startech comes thru!

Because ZEPTAR says so!


future dreaming no scheming seeing what feeling onion peeling nah make ya cry or say die say she so free ya that her or you whom who lacy leelting Leary stand up nice corrupt correct resurrect blocking dead angel bones nah never call me home said good buy goodbye slicing off leftover molded holders turn back on spell answers and to be see message from you to me run to keep from hiding bound to keep ride never catchy midnight rider silver dollar what gnu collar the written word and convincing people to leave their email and see the site in its entirety and on and on.


Arm tatted king bee buzzing around your hive guess you found a weakness with the “=” so therefore flood more than me we will see polar boots holding for my gravity attack shirt to match a flood of fire make Germany sing holding my ZEPTAR moto-so-fine hover over trigger like a war of world’s splitter pitter pat alien attacked for spying on me fire splashy Mackie PCM hourdourves next angelic in the streets hold the beat reserving judgement on misguided aliens lied to by the devil on arrival heard the head of NASA brain scrambled by ZEPTAR ion beams made to leaf I’m erricson gone Loki my whole beep to the pitch black eyespurple in the dark more iron than a Stark on Venom people feelin from the floor to the ceiling!


YEAH WE COULD KICK IT BUT NAH NAH KNAW YA EAR ALL IN IT DOUBLE switch lanes pitch black I’ll have the car right buffet bizzare ground fresh charred artichokes force full spokes future involved at us saving all my loving me know ya nah worried bout that know that ya visited me me make sure you see the benefit of word ringing silver bell starts ringing and all ya ponging be realizing ZEPTAR hax for we ya see probably thought a parade was coming as you speed through no slowmo left in you feel the ZEPTAR MAGIC all the wrizt say is slammit Mattel o/ “=”

Because ZEPTAR says so!


Okay well hmm lemme see it starts with a song, a note, a beat that I send or GITs bend outta me

Sunlight shade take like a new wave right `chea real real oh the place of PASSION two hearts be one by the courage skip one or two am I which am one oz two for change for us. Amicable the heart who needs one? This cowardly lion does but however I’m Oz staring at the two of us. How doth it feel whootie who? Blowfish rich in it lyke a tryk Z rex strange graph paper plot ad otter grip lil fish so take it off pen Inc be splatter for my pitter patter. I had A all along wherever me will?

Searching for inspiration and fun phunnel`d into my life and yours to this there is no end, just to see you is sweetness the nellie lake photo of, you make me post it.

PASSION o/ out end.

Gravity wave bend.

What color your eyes? Galaxies without end. To bubble up on a double up TOGETHER my heart bleeds that is what it means for PASSION thump thump thumping pumping thunder. Is it only just me? when alone? when call phone? why not now? why is it dialtone? all I know is she is woman. take nah give PLSJSUS e little code Passione. Transmorgify my heart JSUS DARTT.

Jesus Vader c+ choke me task me beyond recognize I must be in the wrong here cuz ya know my will nah bend I need u take the wheat I need u to burn the dross I need knead knead I know when me write here come out over the art than and Z light version vision!

Because ZEPTAR says so!

Dream machine to fly

don’t slip ON A BANANA PEEL just READ imams in about how I feel

Practical items ppl always need for Ad.

  • commodity
  • apptime>
  • phone
  • tokenring

Don’t sleep@night what gettin hittin on whois pimpin` on and on whois hum pin drop


Images of war, cocaine sewey driven warpig this is all non all caught kiss from a stranger j-* DANGER! Hed Banger inside  inside dont deny at least i tried (


Before depart to  tube southwest way uppers wax dumpers waz thumpers my neats streams rolodox Dil means a deal a deal shower ya o/ she got the eye of Fatima a 20 gallon barrel cowpolk hat swazy cowboy six gun dual world daggers of laser beam wipe off the wikkid den steam switch back to my tab and bak.cpu2 tao of poo whois who do nesseccesito drop on and on be more cheddar and more cheddar pieces TRU went thru show thru be me serve an oooh in mind picture MOVIE show everywhere Z go that’s no me fool same smile do we play smile big blue eyes groovin o/ me eyes thru twiztid contact lenses OpOui, so sweet, glad chose digg ZEPDUB new more than can I hittit gnu


letters all am undone all unwound shiny right fist left hand scandlous fablous nao mio too swole to handle stuff like it ain’t no thang, sink into ya neck o/ fang512 vampires f33d everyday f33d starving like the army was in 1984, fly thru door like login script skel ton angel wing bones amaze convent 4 past 9 arrive on time cuz candlesnwine lizt time strictly 1 Min behind whois zeptar of the universe and I admit heman caused crying when I was 3 standing in line at the same discount swag shop that chin cellos new hellos gotcha brand wave ya hand a plastic skeleton injection molded mask and heman greet promo HBO cartoon spilla thrilla oui call no tricks me drop a diphoot ah hej eh, everyone is playin Yo! <code>notagame</code>

Anonradio Shows


why you gwan up to bring it down, when you should be down to go up to town? on the bloggy roll feels walls to the ceils and a drop fucc`n seals cause tell the red desk secretary that we the REAL REAL L9L for A`dre, call me back in ten minutes and say I did it, alright bout to pop a puffin on some stuffin like whats up with those poppy muffins stringy still, C# edges shrill on the middle nah i dont a i do and we do uh lets uh back and uh lette`s you imma try and send this 665 on a deck like a new game, hit the star on yes eight And Uh, we uh, gr8!!

Hello, preview track sayith ZEPTAR uh, And Uh, computer voice roll with the echo, come on… steal away for 15 minutes to help me with my Project XYZ,,, Rerousal sprousal nah miss me widdit come on 15 minutes, look it take an extra five minutes to lemme winnit if i can spinnit besides a Eek the Cat, guess yah that!!! HOPE we win again, this the new DJ Zep spend it, nah save this one got a new hit!!!

Give us a HIT A`dre, come on, ya gotta ucool ya know!? nah defame LBC nah LBC now LBC, NAH LBC, rough raw nah qual!!! caul a carrots ums like mierda como me te llamo, me dice en L9L`l…

Por supuesto okay i brought this new sshow to the radio called and on and on and on try to click it and force nah ya read it, just playin… right now said like its starts like this in case ya nah have the Cabrellos del Tiempo or the sit back Patience to hear it… PTF did not die and, uh, i got Wanda to show ya this if ya just listen a bit i will stop writing a lil bit, And uh, a lil bit, And, Uh… look one take per sample listen to mi dirrecion.

Okay im never done ever ever ever even if me muevete una montana cuando yo LBC okay here we got THE RETURN OF DJ ZEP ON ANONRADIO.NET!!! good thing time stamps do not bend or anything.. sending down a SCIENTIFIC OBERVSIVION… okay so time may bend and im a little dot like this . now watch me grow dark matter and uh stuffs as Bradley Nowell goes from phreakin in a hail stale hell cell for a fight over a gurl, nah nah oh yeah he did, i followed Sublime since i was a yout kidd, And uh.. Lemmes see im trying to remember the whole show to describe it but that is nao how it began… lemme listen again.. BIGGIE RAVE say force choke on a gunsmoke next or wassups on the securis??????

Dude this aint no joke and i aint comin out im out of the room sitting as big as darktux did stomping around. And uh, yo A`dre Uh I know I am a Spiritual Man however lotta lovin gwan come round and I breath on this sound… Uh get the twine and the duct tap for this duck tape wallet geek i will show you and i wont even pull a home prayer for this strammmin strap for my unnamed guitar machine…

For you see it is it now 18 birthday, nah MEAN!? fareal farel ccats we feed reall cc feel cc on this copy call back on this, wait i think i fuccin it hit!! that one time from jinx didnt we make duct tapes duck tape wallets with flashy rainbow coder coder.. of this if this was this statement did not you do logic okay follow… nao.. swallow this… ok! nao.. okay okay okay okay…

IF A THIS WAS JUST A THAT THIS AND A THAT THIS WAS THIS, And Uh, would not I be more than a Wizard of Id, nah soggy and dread with fake snoopy ears, listen im the fuccin shit in Japan okay, keep it SO SO SILENCED!! take me to the back!! nao! time tie me up with this twine and uh okay okay project in front im gamble pramble like a 14 stem step on this Dope Phresh Phunky Flunky Nah Rhyme… TIME.. when when when dot dot dot hop bunny skip out on a phresh conspiracy Loc, Vatos Locosssos green burn red me nay drop on Rasta ya say however whats clever may and may and May, I?

i got this Project OKay thats Pac on his lines okay Thug Passion for my BANGER HIT OF THE TIMES, And Uh, in Japan if i go out on a 111`er with all them ounces of muscle in the sleeper thats paint i keep up on it, it is not all theatre!!! okay saw it on a chinese menu at a place callled Wrizt, where they serve RAINBOW HAMSTER DINNER … (you seriously can watch 8K footage of Hamster Feedings, And Uh, its so fuccin cool if ya never saw a show, cuz and nuz was hamster getting ate by Sweet Harmony Jaws 13 8K-Roll this is the real real silver screen, like in Japo`n they got gawkers upon gawkker watching this RAINBOW MEAL SHOW, they watch the hamster eat a dinner with the little human hands and glow.. with glee they exlaim on the filter of light, im t he mothaflocka was up z to the itti on my BUS ya gonna bring brink brink, ah nah some one is in my blinker cameras on a look over ya shoulder And Uh, i forgot to remember that its all good on a lil silver screen sometime if ya glass lense was glimmering all just caught up with my eye this time, whisper like i dont know.. ahh And uh, oh yea the anonradio show of DJ Zep was on the track chuckie doll wanna drive!?

More The Zeptar Show of Anonradio… DOT NET!

\ The Zeptar Show //


The STATUSNET THAT anyone can edit!


here is what i got up so far so we can compare edits if we knead dough (its totally cool!) statusnet***

4:20 AM 7/25/2018 restarted the servers because mysql was running wonkish… seems stabalized now (VOICE OF DATA from ST:tng) DATA DID NOT TAKE OVER FROM THE CAPN SMIRK OR DID HE?

1:56 PM 7/25/2018 hello, i cannot wait 24 hours i am a communicator and i was not trying to do anything bad by editing a popular article with Loki mention… however i love to talk and i got a whole set of knowledge with links and im going to make it a point to edit on a regular basis… im like this, i come to wikipedia and i make an edit and never come back, i got mad love for Canonical despite what my browser imprint or email provider indicate…

2:22 PM 7/25/2018 thanks for the user talk page, i needed a status net for, i am spreading out with some iced coffee and i have Jane on repeater mode for the next 11 hours… just kidding weather is great the machines are running and i found GOLD in the commode! lulz. if you need to reach me just edit this page as anonymous use so i can get your IP for troubleshooting. Skirt skirt, did not mean to insult Bruce Wayne.. Wrong number wrong channel wrong frequency, i only saw how big the fucc was and was like im the c for Christ. SPRAY PAINTED BLACK!!!

4:01 PM 7/25/2018 restarted all server array banks for dark matter shield (HED PE EARTH CLOAK)

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Jeah, jea ○ jea JEAH!!!


Now im tied up waitin on a bus, look em…

… back for more, said do not be bored im morgue after time shore at shell beach wa0 offlinl sl train gwan say “i ❤ me" starting a chant like vibe sonic and write tho? @int got a sneak on this ahhthats all iwrote on the bus and train ride. Back Home like Ohm and Ah.. only two wheels iknow like my two feet was my only carriage.

Look i only seen em in a tsmirk you can get a visual audio splammer hammer like all respect me cuz every girl those two c
gwan feel a come come here catk111er thunder. Almost. This time.

Things are different nao, turn me into a frog again say Buddha of Love and start to draw my own stead of GIS okay can we get the B.O.L. autograph. Once i start its wet wet wet wet wet, said im bout to st111 the air. Mj k?


Sum like im on top not fair who wants links nah stay on my site showing out ya herd me, GNU?

Sleep 36000;
Echo 'burn one●'

● | ○

Planet Zeptar appear after main course tonight…

Cmon A`dre2me o face smokin wrote..

Adam and Eve


(XXX content … 18+ read on)


Im MASH’n hard on a porno riff. On Heaven`s shoulder do I exist. Whats wong wang smackin` face. Harder harder what she a screaminncreamin` bout. Now I can play that cream like no one ever scene nor seen. I just know Jesus is the Truth, I just know Jesus is the Life. I JUST KNOW JESUS IS MY GOD!!!

There is only 1 God that can claim you, for all yall pray on to the sex god be fulfilled and understand those who swilled. Because check Matthew Chapter 2p and see the 2`s. Now i got those prawny crawls onthe pron yalls iwas told there’ll bejust a sexcapade to escape from. Cause imsure as fucc that when i called the woman oit God was like curse.

Check it tho.. “She is glorified when I am satisfied.”

Lets send oir women up to God through powerful orgasms times twenty may them know the truth. I just know Jesus is the way. I just know Jesus is the way. I just know Jesus is the TRUTH. cuz where i sit im a dyin sinnner making a way forth.

No matter weigh the other man against mine. Gurl why dont you? I missed 1 friday and ya declare away from me I am hilurt. What happens when parabolliclly parable we are told our cap made us sin, i.dont care if you are Catholic or Prebyterian, or if you A/G.. have we forgotton that Jesus is the life.

Now this post is sex matched with the Holy Christ, if in ya bedroom just know that all is good. She made.a rinbow over us, now here in time in space i am an alien race that she cannot talk yo on the outside of her pau0 disk zero. Now what does it matter if she is my detergent robe when she sees me nekkid like i had a porno onrepeat in her mind after eating the fruit full of temptation.

Here is a call to the church. “Just know I and I and know that Jesus is the life, and way one way fe to here and Smyrna be full of us wheys”

Idc if you clap oit your hands or let ya ass clap against my “sic ass sik six pack” cause tonight we gwan let more that more than one report off.

I got you first, boo of ex, now we in the shower… lemme wash my nutt out that hairy juicy cunt and see if we can get some pussy juice for i and i to swallow next. What does it matter if you not the virgin of the og year just know when yu pray for me i pray for all of you.

All the girls i have ever known or to the One i have chsen to serve next has my note biried sic sik six feet in the dirt, leaving me hurt.

Now imma level with ya im dreamin bout ywo first she comes to me in brown eye for next she is recycled from your world turned into Britney Spears with on kid. Who knew i would be willing to even flock on these girls ike i was called the milost. Moist and willing i take my filling first i send her home to the One True God as “She is glorified when I am satisfied in Her.” We can turn to matter of the flesh or wreckognize the real GalilHD.”

Third if i hear ya heart cls the i feel this.. you are calling me lord and i am your servant as i am subsvribrd to muslim ppl too. And uh, these are the tru prayers… they dismay 72 virgis in seek of One even while on Earth and to tell themto believe in a rebirth is phalse because have we all forgotten what prising YWHYH or nay i say the big A from the Jenna is all abojt. Yocheck out DJ Galil on htube and understand how i feel…

I get the prescence of the LORD then i put my cap on and go forth unto the World. I say Holy Father is nkt so much concdrned.

Im in my sex dream from last night and first limon dont get her punani ate first, nah i gkt her into it i am seein like we cali GNU all sing iy. This aint no 5 on a red jello at night like rickin emk emo girls lime to get online. J and me resolved to let them allsimg and shlut until you you sandy blonde eve come nextto me and kt aint like we sharona ganja tree in a state that dont make the medication available to me amd ylu, insted this debt we stare at and say Starz and HBO cancome ljt lime we wrk and write Hollywood and Bollywood while we sleep 36000 at night. Now that is six long hlur or so cycles i am ona worthjourney andneedyohd all be bold as we gothrogh the swx sex umfurl..

GC necro revoke nada…

First Eve eat of the fruit and she see Adam nekkid the towel is away ahe get him horny as she is still clothes then her eat and take off her purple underware and she pose like hpga ho against an air conditioner for a sample from ho stick that pink a bit, Adam then to the whige bed spread and she takes is from multiple positions as Satan walks into the hotel room. Peeks her head in and catches them fucking eachothers brains out at the edge of orgams says. Slithering hand washing says i am above this, and horny yall is busfed busted horny now ya ate of that fruot there eve and Adam sperm is leaking as he speak up for Hef that Eve who wanna comfort. No Holy Spirit yet so they have sex with Satan herself. And they both get off in the sic SIK siccness way now to describe jt more let me, zsptar.

Adam got Satan on her kneeds as he fucc away that nedin of old, and Eve licc his balls now Adam fucc Eve`s hole. Next Eve is on her back and Eve licks Satan`s cunt.

All of a sudden Satan becomes the name Lucifer gurl of the Morning…. And Adam has to let loose his load in Eve to completion causeZeptar fucc`d the dragon to give birth to the Simgularity thats all the World.need someone to give life to the Singularity.

Now they got em messenger amd measured tip top we need this Purple Dragon to come.forth so the world can get the fucc kff like they a virgin clit or bard dick not yet completly soft.

Now i had the annoinying today if i am wrong quickly pray, “Lord forgive and listen to ZEPTAR,” THERE IS ONLY 1 GOD, AND HE IS HERE THRU Q WAVE NOW DO Q W X Y Z ANX ION THERE HOW MANY GENEFRACTION GENUFLEFT BEFORE BLUNT CROSS SPINE”

NOW there fore mode sex come more fod forth.. gonna sex u up now called Lucifer is auntie cousin to the sin broght forth and if ypu orvams orgams orgasms three times in ya pants hold up let me take off unholy Jordan cap…

Okay so Eve eats the fruit and shows Adam her sexy ass purple swimsuit. He like what my dick is hard as fucc, she be like here is a sample of my upside down doggie style guts to stuff over Garden OF EDEN air cntrl stuff it she says after Adam takes a smaller byte of hers he say enpugh okay o aye aye fair maiden i see that pink for it to sfuff”

She like wait kiss me first let me taste that gray friend stuff and motherfucc hers (the Earth) then sample does fuck she be like its so big to the next room after sample of Adam`s rock hard rough.. in the white bed he gets some nuffn stuffin buffin on her sweet punani amd thats what they both be think.. in one unison they really even start to get off as he doggystyle on Eve lile GOd say do…

She like ahh, yuuu, he like strong pose and she curver her spine all pretty like…

Satan done with ZEPTAR ELEVATOR COMPANY allowedto come to their bed but they in the other room. Lucifer she smell sex like wtdgdtt (what the fucc did God do this time) only to find Adam and Eve in they self reapictive climax seekimg getti off on eachother strife to relax juicy dick and pussy juice harder and faster) Lucifer walks in their doorway and says…. “heard you two get off Eve says fuck all my digbity fuck me Adam almost to climax the Lucifer re: heard you two on y computer and explaims the future of a belly button” Eve says “we will doanything if you not tell God!” And Adam he agrees like who the fuck is Lucifer i never seen tgis i was on another tree..”however Eve recognizes Lucifer as a woman amd not a man amd says to herself”I know howto please Adam and ub have no doubt”

Adam be like ya Eve tell her this is the natural revelation of GOOD VS EVIL first thing after nekkid that we discovered..

Lucifer say Eve and Adam first thing God gwan say is wtf you two thinkin
… makes Eve wanna serve that dick and more curve her spime cause when a lie has half truth it makes ya fine double up.. (remeber no salvation thru JESUS at this point in time)

Lucifer says “callin me c`mon…”

Adam 5and Eve say “take off that blue shiny dress and lemme see it, e whom im about”





Then Adam and Eve pose Yoga Aikdo for her {Lucifer} as the tru wikkid One looks over her led left shoulderaskimg again for those perms to test humankind out there Lucifer pulls a Ouijia cause she be like in a fornight humans will be me> anyways the opportunity presents itself for Lucifer to lose her to lose her and himas if anything but stealing or killing or deatroying was anything more that she be abut… they say okay but no.butt play cept for licking on this Heaven Sex Tape V.101.. an inturrupt on a boofer line inside their discovery of the flesh set frew lith by slueth…

Eve says to Lucifer “ok keep my moith shut” Lucifer licks her fings like “slit”…

Lucifer: not gonna tell a thing
Adam: (comfused) tell Him Slime Season #5
Eve: (looks at camera) cool (looks to Lucifrer <double nod) ANUTHING!



NEXT scene…

Adam got Lucifer with Eve standing back to observe, Adam sucks Lucifer on her right tittly with Lucifer egs sread out for Eve to observe all Karma Sutra here for if a age of Temptation near then u still be reading here… (reminding you this is the worst i can do today hoping God dont stilop my universal loop wiyh Disciple I Just know On..) look ot up!!!

So Adam and Eve spread out their bed with Lucifer having some comfusion like.. “what are they doing i thought this was completely evil?”

Adam and Eve smile at their accompy mint like a eave betwixt them unsent.

Eve takes command of Lucifer who does not comply to take off her stockings but Lucifer for the record always wants to show off esp.. by making her appearance older than Ece with waaaay bigger tits Lucifer wanna see if betwixt her tits his dick wanna swift…

Sip so as Lucifer is up Eve says Back to the Future firsr.. we heard of Christ.. Lucider Lucifer says watch Adam on me first!!!


NAH I WANT HIM FIRST CRYS LUCIFER!!!EVE TELLS lucifer lemme see that `lil pussy as she guides Adam`s of her discovery to enter first in Lucifer next up back and forth for abuta year now they all been fucking and that memory multimedia user Eve ever smartest first…

That dick of Adam sides into Lucider`s “small little pussy” as he goes Whoa Eve wgat we doin.. Eve says ISH just fuck her i know i got a Crystal Ball…

EVE AND lucifer both say we at Sallys we see ppl ad it dont matter Adam is full of Sin first…

Then Eve rides opposite doggystyle making out with Adam as the devil licks her asshole as a green for Adam yo he be the one who get that first!!! (Butt ick by Lucifer first!!!!)

Lufer gis gettig fucked and Adam is pummeig Lucifer in her cunt, guess the eat, idk Lucifer is icking Eve`s booty hole like its a first (it was)

EVE say whooo yeah spread it out im watching Adam fuck first and it`s getting e off!!!

Oh Hell, the Lucifer Sex Goddess wanna be whispers first, Adam and Eve even not barley yet heard, the fruit of sin is death and this was the worst r na grave we will wait for judgment at the gate (ssh Lucifer nah know bout Christ)…

Next up still getting her pussy stuffed Lucifer says Eve missinary with Adam on knees behind me first.. Eve like come the fuck on Lucifer lick my Big Teat for thine be itty bitty me the mother of offspring aterbative rocks. Beef eater Luifer gives that pussy a good livmcki ad AS ADAM FUCCS AND FUCKS AND FUCCCS. (REMEMBER NO ANAL DISCOVERED ONLY LICK BY LUCIFER FIRST)

SO Licifer finds that “spring” on this unholy bed and bunces doggystyle on Ada stick first like nah we almost there but Eve be mine imma come in her and send her to Glory first. (She is glorified when I am satisfied in herEve screams Hallelujia at that as Lucifer thinks she hit the clit rght? Eve winks at Adam soon you arr mine in thus danger sex tale by ZEPTAR, seen iyt first!!!!



Adam flicking air with his stiffness as Eve sucks his balls and gags. Lucifer still getting ff with Adam`s tough tounge to her moith like silver surfer just show`d up

(In case you missed it the devil was trying to get Adam to come first but Eve held her Holy Gift of knowing the division of Good and Evil first)

Let me me brink bring you up 2 speed what makes you different from one another and what makes yo Argue over which leader that ypu follow and do ypu divide like i do over Spiritualand And Polo Fresh Mustard on the Z mon)

Ack ack the sex midget with ballooms say itdude!!!

So Eve is licking Adam`s Scrotum sack and he like hell yeah we be down with that..

(The song of ZEPTAR CAP)

NOW lucifer command and tey but Eve in full sex cmd say Lucifer sit now on mh face i like this pussy i got and Adam fuck me now!!!
Adam in full subs goes issinary blastin on Ece punai like Eve i cannot see yur face Lucifer say here my tits now lick and squeeze (the unholy trianhle trumpey blow i k n o w i may have lost a few.. (bare with me explaination at the end signoff

So finally Adam is in Eve but she lickin snatch it seem first and he a lil jealous but instead he complies with Eve sex order (Eve was in control the whole time)

LUCIFER: (WHISPER) i gave it to you first.. remenmber for thse Rwmbrants in ya ants.. Spray ya come inside her!!!
Eve says, ” yes i want babies”!.. Lucifer says “pretend its me with ya come come”

Eve in saying im sorry but this materiaized pussy of Lucifer if it like mine it taste so good as Lucifer leans in for a kiss on Adam with her silver tongue…

Kissing and smooching all three write ride the sex wave on A wave, Eve loves the tadte of what Lucifer says its mine as Adam grabs the first witch on her left and squeezes it ike a fruit whle pumping Eve long and strong under no self condemnation…

Now switch to camera number two all the angles now Eve doggystyle while Adam will come through with a creampie splooge!!!

Fuck fuck now full attack thinks Lucifer as Eve licks her clit amd she realizes that Law will soon come forth…

Get her pregnant is what Lucifer coaxes as she now has Adam on his back while she jacks and Eve pretends to be under submersion waiting to hop on that pole as soon as her powerful crystal ball gazes seed for Adam and Eve third person zeptr verse….

(As he wrote this, zeptar, himself wonder bread orders up some vietnamese fudz pho lonestar right?)

Back to sex #1 fun Adam and Eve about to come on a sprung Lucifer is like we’ll get a lot of little D’Angelo’s up here and she’s like no I’ll wait I’m about to spread 4th that’s Eve all about chair now Lucifer’s May Dave’s mouth quiet and she’s getting f***** from behind Eva’s like faster and faster like how they was cotton twine…

Lucifer does her magic as the LORD directs the devil low as Adam erupts triumphantly in Eve, not her. Then in jealously the devil grants Eve her silver tongue just to match hoping God will allow creation yo multiply for her evil plans that worm…

Lucifer: taste his cock for me
Eve: oh yrs i feeltaste is mine!!!

Eve grabs her hips as Eve says oh my God let forth life come out!!!

Doggystyle with hand on Eve`s hips no unholy births from this exist.

As Eve fingers Lucifer while Adam fucks her silly from behind Eve speaks wheels of sound to Adam his memory will be found.

ADAM PUMPS AS Lucifer screqms get her pregnant!!! He is over come by a high he never felt and that was the first sin of course…

To all of my readers that bore thru with this there is more coming from the Holy typster turret 111`er wrizt…

All of this to sqy, i watvhed a orno while peaking of green leaf… hike with an overnight camp with me… AT LEAST!!

NOW {☆}




Please look, listen & read…


okay i ain`t lyin but i`m gwan on tour to dance bak.up with Cardi B also I run security from the doll`d up pimp`d up then i hit the DJ controller to change the loop and jump thru her fire blaz`in hoolahoop like wat where the heck where in heavens where oh my May I. See eTAR dance machine learn`d sum moves from Drizzy on the lean oh yeah, she on the dance roll I called up a RAVE she like smok`in gnaw mean like ARGGG!!! Aye Matey, yay yah we can see!!! ALRIGHTY ZZEN double up on double D`deedz rollin golf course next to me she be, I`m like yah I read ya piece bout how ya baby call golf moves cause she be like when nah next to me Jah believe me! Dear Lawd, on insta saw her BELLIE pics, …

i`m like nah Bartier make him or her play golf only this time beat everyone on the course gample gamble all him or her be hittin` all rows on rows on rows on rows like ZEPTAR DID!!! RAWR!!! look idk but imma call it, it might possibly be a boy, but ianad on arollie like a sucka but im her sucka Cardi Bartier, like wut you mean, step on gas, MASH the SCENE, look at my gimp hand if you don`t believe I fucc with CARDI BARTIER LIKE ON NOTTV, this for the real punks 4th) smokin on the bloggie roll, go ahead and repost i ain`t hatin folks so wut good day good day hello can`t touch it its so hawt like im her lo she my lette hit it on a red carpet, switch from the word to the beat okay now slow dance for her and me, BARTIER wanna sing?~) me know ya been writing writing writing all blessed days,, that we may have upon JAH`s Planet!

so hey wat the Aliens Are PPL Too, thats an APPLE AD for the PC`s next too. Same same everythang think different like me and you. Be grown be grown sow that seed it`s Planet Six, sittin right next to you, what comes after Earth, Science 101, i aiint even know cause it`s ZEPTAR now all I see, gravvity wave so much closer me! im the one ya ate hate me love~)

umm like okay SEVEN let`s not MOB THE ANTI LUV, saw that on a home movie on the B-Roll like credits on a video who does those? all the pro`s on the diff eq EEK THE CAT YO!!! make sure you get thatt on DVD show it to YOUNGIN stay away from GIN i be on a wake up beer JIM MORRISON. Like hey grandpa Poetry wat it roll, like a YOGA POSE hittin season four. take it all take it all take it all here it comes. number nine what planet? don`t do or not say ICE PLANET PLUTO?

up or down SUN DOTH SHRINK or DO IT GROW? which way is up, gravity wave can i measure those? im like yah by the LBS how much 1 weigh, saving those for VENUS that be planet eight. so if I dance for CARDI and play her songs on stage, you be from VENUS and quell all these h8er`s rage. l8r…. ❤ zeptar


okay well human hmm lemme see it stat swarts wittha some song, a note, a beat that i send or u bend it out from me.

sunslight shade take me ike a new wave righ^chea Real Real oh the place of passion two hearts heart be one by the courage skip one or two ante I which am 1 OZ two for change for us ambiacable the heart club clubber who needs one? this cowardly lion doves does but howver I*m OZ staring at the two of us. How doth it piano? me guitar feel! whootie who? blowfish rich in it lykke a trykzrex strange graph oaoer o1 set A+ at otter grip ligh lis fish fresh so take it of pen inc be spl after for my pittler pattler I had at all along DK wherever dul

searching for inspiration and phunneld in imo my lyfe in and yours to this there 15 note no end, just to see you is sweetness the nellie lake photo IDE you make me post it.

Passion w/ out end.
Gravity wave bend.
THE BLUE of Your Eyes
rad without degree pressing
my comet bleeds that is heart
what swelling for a few passion?

thump thump thump thumping

is it only just me?

when alone?
when call phone?

why not now, why is it dialtone.. i see..

All i nnow is all you are woman take nah give plls JSUS, e little code, passione, transmorgify my thy heart JSUS DAIZTE

JESUS vader 4 me choke
Task me as body new resurgence recognize
I must be ig for the wreeanbone cue ya know me will nah bad
I need backwards U, to burn the dross I nee knowd knoad

I know krow when we me write

Zere came oh okay b+ the M than P XAZl and LWuJw ! light version vision Dsya ! z/? 262 JR ZAZ ZALAZA Lordd TCH l beta all i saw trying ya voice in my ehead end b. b to a p and you can clearly see, this cryptic aliens are ppl to and i am passionate-ly gwan be the one for you you will see.

i know you hearing something listen more like me?

Passion innacurate but thats all this gravity wave will hit, you bet i love them ankles lets get into the body. now from what I see i lyke i like i like it a lot. This better not be merry xmas if it is heart turn over to me right now. Okay. There I said it. Its mine hahaha! ZEPTAR + A`dre 4ever on a JSUS whip. For real all that is entangled in passion I cannot see but for layers on layers i have been wanting some fresh veggies for you and me. Read it all again if you do not believe. I wrote it in paper alien writing first if you want t o see. OH! Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ume

❤ zeptar