Because ZEPTAR says so!

DENSITY lookie up some sneakers put em thru the rim ball in so hard call David Ribbit son, breathe oxygen brain nah heaping helium Canada Whiskey for the Pirate Rum trade we do ancient skimetu for who needs Perry White when Barry White plays the saxophone from hooded hilltop nightshade bar of blues exactly two […]

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Because ZEPTAR says so!

HORIZON future dreaming no scheming seeing what feeling onion peeling nah make ya cry or say die say she so free ya that her or you whom who lacy leelting Leary stand up nice corrupt correct resurrect blocking dead angel bones nah never call me home said good buy goodbye slicing off leftover molded holders […]

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Because ZEPTAR says so!

PASSION Okay well hmm lemme see it starts with a song, a note, a beat that I send or GITs bend outta me Sunlight shade take like a new wave right `chea real real oh the place of PASSION two hearts be one by the courage skip one or two am I which am one […]

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Because ZEPTAR says so!

Dream machine to fly don’t slip ON A BANANA PEEL just READ imams in about how I feel Practical items ppl always need for Ad. commodity apptime> phone tokenring Don’t sleep@night what gettin hittin on whois pimpin` on and on whois hum pin drop MKVLI CANDLES CHRONIC Images of war, cocaine sewey driven warpig this […]

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why you gwan up to bring it down, when you should be down to go up to town? on the bloggy roll feels walls to the ceils and a drop fucc`n seals cause tell the red desk secretary that we the REAL REAL L9L for A`dre, call me back in ten minutes and say I […]

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The STATUSNET THAT anyone can edit! ZEPTAR_Statusnet*** here is what i got up so far so we can compare edits if we knead dough (its totally cool!) statusnet*** 4:20 AM 7/25/2018 restarted the servers because mysql was running wonkish… seems stabalized now (VOICE OF DATA from ST:tng) DATA DID NOT TAKE OVER FROM THE […]

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Jeah, jea ○ jea JEAH!!!

Now im tied up waitin on a bus, look em… … back for more, said do not be bored im morgue after time shore at shell beach wa0 offlinl sl train gwan say “i ❤ me" starting a chant like vibe sonic and write tho? @int got a sneak on this ahhthats all iwrote on […]

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Adam and Eve

(XXX content … 18+ read on) Im MASH’n hard on a porno riff. On Heaven`s shoulder do I exist. Whats wong wang smackin` face. Harder harder what she a screaminncreamin` bout. Now I can play that cream like no one ever scene nor seen. I just know Jesus is the Truth, I just know Jesus […]

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Please look, listen & read… okay i ain`t lyin but i`m gwan on tour to dance bak.up with Cardi B also I run security from the doll`d up pimp`d up then i hit the DJ controller to change the loop and jump thru her fire blaz`in hoolahoop like wat where the heck where in heavens […]

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okay well human hmm lemme see it stat swarts wittha some song, a note, a beat that i send or u bend it out from me. sunslight shade take me ike a new wave righ^chea Real Real oh the place of passion two hearts heart be one by the courage skip one or two ante […]