Mkvli Metal

So I spent today making some tracks mixes no other Destiny to choose for the day I was preoccupied with music Anna still in I got Beats so I’m glad she’s with it. I got so many music ideas they could be profitable if people would get behind them like the record labels or whoever owns the pieces that I arranged as a hobby for my blog and I don’t know a few people listen at least to the zeptar live Channel there’s a few I mean SM Lewis possibilities quoted that trigger happy DJs AM FM lightning bolt I got some of the name same habits as my hero DJ a.m. I didn’t even get to finish this documentary about him but it was pretty cool I can see what he’s saying about getting involved and some kind of support group needed in my life of course but how come up here is judge me cuz all these years they never loved me they want a straight hand me a sentence do you want me to chop or do you want me to do art? So I just packed my phone cart my DJ stack around taking breaths out of people’s dancing rhythms anyway this is all MKVLI Metal, zeptar MKVLi is different than that DJ that’s on YouTube but he’s shining he’s got like over 5 million on my last count so there’s hope for the best hopefully enjoy these yeah I recall I loved making them puffins live dark talks off tuxedos got the dolo b**** double O7 nah at 6 just kidding, I didn’t listen to any Rittz today which is unusual for me but I’ve been going hard on his albums for like s*** times Blown Away like the dude has a freaking dust are pointed at my head he gets too scary for me but this is the creative route I went tonight so y’all should have been reading your books last night cuz I didn’t have any crazy stories to share but anyways soon more crazy blogs without a care Dare 2 Share stories about underwear and my funny hair not dread yet anyway I’m blowing it out like Snoop like I got a perm Russell City no tell the boys from the girl but that’s just a place that’s the Safe Haven for the kids that got smacked out and lost track of their time and misplaced because they were faking again I think I did this Thrice cockadoodledoo Yahoo Google yang and yen make sure to do yoga it really helps and unwind after you head bang to all this metal s***.


Did you say thank you to your Droid today?
I made this mix and it features Tupac. Some people say is ninjas are hot-headed cuz we like to trip, well that’s cool they tryna copy us ime who wants to be heartless like me? The songs about was just a DJ mix I’m trying to pontificate on what could proliferate through the mix of the sound waves. I’m trying to slow down on my riding and right wing but you know I want to bring that hardcore punk s*** I’m Beamer up with my laser beam, cuz they chasing Tangers is bangers up in my body is sleep ain’t no doubt about it ain’t nobody ride here to me. We are computer chips we don’t see no devil feeding on you black blood which can change so let’s get litty thing. I’m ripping eyes out if they don’t pay so ninjas don’t play with me I’m talking Boston shots Bucky green look not man seeing its alien. You don’t give a f*** about dust you’ll make the world stop you think I’m any different it’s a chore shots make the world stop shots make the world stop shots make the world stop shots make the girl what up slow down World Stop World Stop World Stop World Stop spend down.