Jeah, jea ○ jea JEAH!!!

Now im tied up waitin on a bus, look em… … back for more, said do not be bored im morgue after time shore at shell beach wa0 offlinl sl train gwan say “i ❤ me" starting a chant like vibe sonic and write tho? @int got a sneak on this ahhthats all iwrote on […]

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Adam and Eve

(XXX content … 18+ read on) Im MASH’n hard on a porno riff. On Heaven`s shoulder do I exist. Whats wong wang smackin` face. Harder harder what she a screaminncreamin` bout. Now I can play that cream like no one ever scene nor seen. I just know Jesus is the Truth, I just know Jesus […]

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You = realize it back then but there was milk in those Pirahna eggs afterall and i was so lit that i had that caviar and sour cream on Rittz crackers, being an Oreo cracker myself. wiggle wiggle what i see se of sizzle, wind it up wint it up about to twirly catch my […]



ZEPTAR GANGSTA DANCE II WARNING MAY CAUSE GANGSTAS TO BOOGIE AND SL111DE ON OVER THEM HIPS TO THEY GRIND ON THE DANCE FLOOR WITH STRObes AND RAINbow array full of lazers all up in your head and the shiny LED LCD QED 8K Plasma Burner Transmorgifiers twilter yer minds as we find a little bit […]



Did you say thank you to your Droid today? I made this mix and it features Tupac. Some people say is ninjas are hot-headed cuz we like to trip, well that’s cool they tryna copy us ime who wants to be heartless like me? The songs about was just a DJ mix I’m trying to […]

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Im a few days late on weighing in on Tech9ne`s #PLANET 2018. And boy lemme tell ya “Fresh Outta Fuks” os a Pac-man crack trappin` track with awesome build and release to bring that panic a mimic and work the subliminals fa REAL. “Love Ya Damn Self” next on the line in this fine musical […]

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