Zep Solution

Please listen… well me gwan rub it on her back like a loose lock swang it around the back as if i was hog legg boss hogg stole the General Lee ridin 3 deep thats me and 2 shawties they good sports *at least one ‘er says that) and thats all i need… bwah, muwa, […]

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Public Switch Telephone Network

PSTN Waiting, waiting by my 1987 Bell, call me here MINE EYES are blurry and poker tells like FA REAL FA REAL what the deal? Bet! So simply dreams are made to be ultimate respondents of ‘sed’ lemme ‘gawk’ like a hawk wonder with whole gladness of heart of when how oh wait I kinda […]

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ZEPTAR GANGSTA DANCE II WARNING MAY CAUSE GANGSTAS TO BOOGIE AND SL111DE ON OVER THEM HIPS TO THEY GRIND ON THE DANCE FLOOR WITH STRObes AND RAINbow array full of lazers all up in your head and the shiny LED LCD QED 8K Plasma Burner Transmorgifiers twilter yer minds as we find a little bit […]