Happy Easter {HOME}

Hey what’s up I did a seance channeling and Molly and she was talking about Emily and I was like what’s up Twisted family and I was like before the whole family eras C and all I want you to know is I hope you had to have it at I had a happy Easter see because I made it back home to see some ham dinner with them fake-ass relatives that began in cash forever, and I even wrote in the white Beamer, cuz I’m going to travel in finger, and you never ping me when I’m riding on a Greyhound bus see because I’m rilla Ninja Blade Cuts Pila I’m at 111 or on anybody that wants a dump on her, and I eat it even got a girl right now, but somehow my put my Jimmy flip down right now, and that’s about as real as we have right now, cuz I’m mixing MKV GLI, Makaveli Don Killuminati, m k v a l i, not the DJ but the rilla from zeptar what’s upsers, I’m uppers, enjoyed my Easter day off, glad y’all still on my blog, not the same m************ that want to hurt my status net, can’t see me riding in a drop top Corvette, or a Lamborghini that’s on top of it, how does bat wings flap off of it?

Got to keeps it burn in on the road to Zion man, m o e be with me so y’all ninjas need to run when you see me cuz z e p a c is Indy record companies want to be with me hit me up on the Tweet feed or something cuz no message is getting to me they frontin, I’ll be in the Google game, Google gang g a n g Google g a n g g a n g, boogly boogly boogly, take your glasses off girl when you see me I might not be alright en, writing in my journal for the world to be seeing, cuz I went worldwide and you can color black independent, if my Heritage is Black Russian got some Rumpelstiltskin I don’t think so put some l Chapo game with it, yeah I made it spent it, and dying like a f****** starfish, cuz y’all be getting my Corral drawings, out my 4.0 that was spawning, you going to get it with the stoning, I am the prophet f****** two ending in this pwning turning them hoes to a p and piece to a no I am the Beast metalak you should know, e l e c h m e l e c h you should know, and push off all your jealousy my ionosphere is what I wanted to be, I send out waves to abuse authority, and all you see is guerilla radio in me I am the Beast with authority, find your courage when you deal with me, I am Authority like the Prince of Persia made in America Born to Ride with Master P and all the alien emojis Don’t make me say Eazy-E with the misleading slushies s**** see me I downgrade tragedy to an uprising of Glee, Emily she ride with me n m o e is a zip you see take off the filter and take a pull on the road to Zion mom whip out your tit and feed, in this world of calamity fake Internet bridges made of rainbows and tragedy I’m in my temple, I have authority so just sebum erised don’t mess with me, single moms I give you my charity no more hunger only Prosperity see, cuz I had to and then you gotta pay the motherfuking rent, are you brazy don’t question the one who made me see I’m drowning in the Holocaust surrounded by Graves G and I told Sam he can f*** the wall but he got a busted jaw and now now the suit is law to soothe as mother f******. Daughter motherfukers, I Got My Mind Set On You you can’t see me when I ride through, of the Ninjas pay attention because I was the one that sent on November 5th you see him, that’s me then I’m the mean Lorde and me and me Lord Give It Up to Tupac not take away the two just call him m k a v l i that’s the name that’s coming through and so what they made a fake DJ he’s only got a few followers that’s how you can tell that’s gay but just be happy and smoke your cigarettes because when I’m about to flex next is something that you can’t miss.

Never tried Dylan because I did the math, I needed Loop so I added up what you needed to do, I got to get some more disk space for you so I’m doing what I got to do and don’t say s*** until you walk in my only pair of shoes my Chinese knockoff J and my Shin Jung jeans listening the only way, Nothing Left to Lose I’m singing you the blues a it was a dollar man.

Why’d you slang crack, who sang crack? Justin full trying to get home when he drunk little punk, but he hung out with the mama Lord and that’s why he got back as Ford.

Birds be singing their charity Aldi’s oppressors get off of me, that’s where the cookies be, don’t worry about me I got food pantry, what you need from me, I need me Bill paid off C, PA El Sixx it’s the code for my nighttime ritual, Rhonda around and 32nd Street and watch all these haters cut off at 50 once and Troost that’s where they do Stills try to boost, and cut the tongues out my m************ head, instead of the remixes for they folk check out this Black Label that I wrote, ghost riders for your folks, you know we in on peace mode, that’s for your Jesus Piece, game won’t even get me off hold, I don’t know what he’s so busy with but let’s go hit the YouTube switch and I’m going to be watching the game some other f***** what’s insane and pox say that’s in Moby so what’s up mkl VI MKV GLI III.