0kay so I have to admit I sliced this mixxx after I met this girl nothing became of it sadly but she’s still a good friend of my life want to make my wife but not happening at least that’s what I thought was speculating on that late day when I decided to start making mixtapes.

So basically what we got here is a glorified mashup but it’s done and DJ software with timing and bpm’s and BPP M and effects and all kinds of things that are arranged and recorded by me I think I did this one on Android platform I have some cool DJ software equipment as you know kind of the second game but who doesn’t like games I feel like this piece came out really good I want to listen to it I reminisce about looking into that wonderful magical summer walking around Falling in Love because I was treated wrong from someone, that’s putting it lightly.

So it’s basically a Dave Grohl piece from Foo Fighters mixed with an instrumental and I’m sorry I lost track of the instrumentals and stuff but I can’t keep track of all those tracks I’ve been so many of them I want to make some again but I want to get some Vetter Equipment white techniques or I don’t know even learn to do it on vinyl that would be cool I think that’s what DJ unique uses is vinyl because computers give out and s***, like what do you do when your Serato breaks down that’s when you bring the one real records out and do a 79 styles.

On the turntables on mobile in her sake I’m a lunatic on the tables too, I’m sitting on over 50 mixes I think that’s as big as the United States I wait we got 52 that’s right, shut up sit final NJ, doubles devils one championship hockey game. Summer summer really sucked actually let me just tell them to some real life s*** for a minute not f*** it forget it.

Anyway I don’t know why I fell so deeply in love with this woman that I didn’t even know but that’s how it goes when you have a broken heart and you just anyone that chased you nice you know how you feel about things for. Then nice to you one time and you can’t get them out your face your mind thinking about them all the time for no reason or rhyme, make a ninja want to get all healthy start learning scratch and become so wealthy Richie, you know but I didn’t even finish school so can you tell me? I’m not even going to try to say something to her maybe.

Wanted to give her a little kiss on her cheek for Valentine’s Day because I acted out Anna potty way yeah that’s for sure I don’t know what you trippin for I’m not hiding from Nazis maybe I am trying to have a coffee I’m like get off me anyway I hope you enjoy the song I think it was I wrote it for the aliens too.

(c) redbook 2018