Public Switch Telephone Network



Waiting, waiting by my 1987 Bell, call me here MINE EYES are blurry and poker tells like FA REAL FA REAL what the deal? Bet!

So simply dreams are made to be ultimate respondents of ‘sed’ lemme ‘gawk’ like a hawk wonder with whole gladness of heart of when how oh wait I kinda did make it start.

well it really was my fault to take a pen and paper while gold buzzy bees danced in my head like a Garcia funk vision the words appeared then escaping was baking juicy rhymes shake plenty what is the fitty prose under those you knows, i had to impose.

now my phone was tied up if you tried to dial already but try and send a signal unmixxx`d like my table. im able to stand an answer of creep, however my science like a meep quiet guitar gently weeps your name. No joke, get in with that, any concert so far can say where my minds bent.

now this last hurrah of torture explore i pray to unfurl and the divide is separately purposed. every week is i look forward and pray for more power in moments of passion take it further run fast into each other.

our time in progress now i own clean you know me, its not like i can just pluck you off the time tree, plotting and scheming to the last little bit but my pocket streets only pull from my mind`s City of Lint.


how long?

My heart is heavy today. IDK if it`s just because of this crazy life. i hold on tight to all ive seen and heard in my life experiences and honestly I have not been motivated to write anything. If anything i just want to be. Just be.

i know i want to say i dont need any fucking body. the truth is i feel like i do need. i need a special woman in my life. wanna lounge around and sell draws (underwear) why not? because worldwide mom figures aren`t hittin 10 cents on a pickup coil for me. like what? c`mon you know that I, Z, am very relevant like Robin Hood`s gold aint nothin she wants more is this clown.

im on a deathwish dishwash like Charles bronson. known for doin skandlous deeds makin my squad bigger, need that special worldwide mom figure to rain down that summthin sumthin.

Outlaw Ridas beeotch.

b**** you don’t give a s*** I don’t give a s*** either

I strive for change not in resolve position I see. For you see girl, my heart map not go on long in the struggle of the city, I came here faithful people here have never seen one like me thank God for that yeah.

Woman where you at? My other part not mind control, I and I see that your big brown eyes bouncing Violet red shaping and seeing my inner being I feel.

Age of time Immortal those to swell lies pull me through space Power tractor beam I cannot stop my radioactive feelings for the truth in front of my eyes and face. I o Cyrus! The lesson of this bird dreadlock understanding man is no chicken of the yard but God I must confess. It’s major.
The power flows like the force all day I pray and sing alone and I would always do what I must do. I’m over being LSD guitar major ellipses?

Period a total breakdown of human positive to negative I raise my red gold and green red white and blue whatever Scion flag ellipses stop shi shi shi shi shi shi shi shi Beach.