Because ZEPTAR Says so!


lette statusnet fool ya slime fly is over now time fa more droolin` make a Kool fool ya the cool kid sumthin


DAT knockin at door uh, nah poor, love to sat on the floor get in touch with Chinese eyes cryin feel fingers crawl up slime spine o/ dank rhymes always on time so sublime in rhyme, meter, tempo and such, dance for lunch gotta hunch and caught a crush that's one most day closer and more pay, call scandalous but the CCTVz cannot handle us

how’s it hangin, Yeah, Yeah! Right cheer bring a beer have no fear, I'm a LOVE post, of feel mad, honest LOVE turned  2 clownvic stayin o/ da 2 


da Z free on a candle party lite so bright brings psychosocialrecords for the socialite Don’t jeer it just knock back on the attack o/ a k111er fukn hustle no one can stand it goddammit like thumper the rabbit 

o/ that Gambit Babit call Rainbow Rambo Dance show as perfect sail prose and make an all froze like GITs the perfect plasticity on the form at her the storm


Rain so nice having seen a drop since ice storm had vampires time purrs, baby we could GITs much higher, C# my tunnel ‘O’ LOVE c’mon up Yo! up above o/ LOVE




WARNING GET THIS TO THE MAN HIMSELF. NO TIME FOR ILLUMINATION! To Rittz Only and all who it may edify.. RITTZ YOU ARE LOOSED. Project X is complete. You have finally done enough. Look im sayng my lil message as wrizt, an honorable and respectable Artist, much like you without your high limit no limit reach But this is not just a lil white bwoy fan letter. No first I am saying my part then I am hoping and praying that my writing gets as heavy as yours in a calm and gentle firm grip like a loose lips seeking White Jesus, on the real real tho… I am a huge fan but more than that I am not a mark cause I make the Art for the bands and Ive proven myself by listening to over 10,000 hours of RITTZ nonstop with segments inbetween after i was so shocked by what was being put through the terminal. All this at end. If you found this than I hope you keep something near cause we got to talk about these head things, its not just a zedhed thing but right left whats the matter matter? You know. I do not know but RITTZ to wrizt is like a fist for some sshhh… I put together some tracks and this is kind of about me as much as I want to worship your work as a Rapper and Artist, i in fact predicted CNT before it became a logo by happenchance of misreading your lyrics or soomthing of Clntl and thought you were going Country Music because there were all these videos of you online with a silly look on your face saying you might have outgrew the 816 and uh, dont worry bout them buzzy bees for Cardi B, cause Im an awesome rap writing machine. Now I hope you got the message about that stuff upstairs that matters cause its grey and it forms in the brain kushy, said ya man I said I love Plant. From now on all you like and want HOPEFULLY no lulz is Plant. When you meet me you will say, “MAN THIS WRIZT NEEDS PLANT STAT!!! MAN SAID HE LIKE PLANT!!!” okay I am being too infatuious, but that is nothing GNU on this ZEPTAR`s feeling blue and uh wish for somethings GNU, again, but





drum looping is second nature first though how bout a moment of silence for this chronic break im on… i uh made something for the fans and ive decided mya s taking over the music industry one mix at a time and im far more of a soundscape artist than a technical precise musicial type of person, what are you into cause most people say they are just listeners of music but i love making music… whats that i cant hear you over the crowd of the club lets go for a walk at outside somewhere so i can smoke oh that its a silver locket in my pocket must have fell out, do you want it oh yeah its small and shiny dont strangle me for your birthday present i said you could have it and reassured zeptar is in the middle when you open it, spaceship brought it by, oh yeaeh ive been taking by yoga classes in fact i have one soon just a personal routine at home before bed and when i wake up and in the daytime if i am sore but thats for ZORR ah yeah well heard it was anyways thats too much yoga i do not think so but n wat you do is what you do why are you reading my newspaper online? because its the best one in the UNIVERSE THE GALAXY and you are where i need you DJ WRISST to flyer the website a few more times in parking lots and stuff wherever thanks for the new RITTZ MIZ!




You = realize it back then but there was milk in those Pirahna eggs afterall and i was so lit that i had that caviar and sour cream on Rittz crackers, being an Oreo cracker myself. wiggle wiggle what i see se of sizzle, wind it up wint it up about to twirly catch my gazed glance, looked away right exact timing of chance, caught eachother looking perchance? im like uggh, oops, felt a skip, but now on the other side i like the surprise on the other sides face when they see me lookin but this aint no one its not just a front its just a way to do this that and this and that and uh, if this was like this and that was that then this could be this and that would be that. letter to your mom your barn has the best yarn for my kitties the spiders keep it soft and spawn brings up the screamin banshee demon thunderstorm like a wave form, built steady and rugged finding no lip to cross, step down up off it this is undertable business, means put ya gun under the table if you come to my house cause i let my rapper entertainment twitter news keep me informed of who to send out the waves of destruction or pleasure, whatever my will is my will, i looked up Diablita and the dude who hopefully sarcastically lurks bkgs and gags on air phalse vli sha who? sha ya ded who ya ded who, herd a shark bit it? 888 stack ovverflow hell yo milky way bulky alien codes comin through full love they are part of it i must remind my owwn pwn selff, got it quit thor loki is tipsy its doubles on the keybard two kittens hittin they gushy man typos control characters and everything i cant believe i made my own bling with alchemy transmorgifiing and i can control anything because i am a human being its true i even have wings big and black i can flap at you ffrom 33 feet and give you a breeze all that is real real and really really the deal TRU no limit soldiers and Biggie Roll through. im dialing up early no when i get to it, its the most important thing in my life and im getting better at strife but Ice Cube says i aint seen nothin yet, dont know what he means, ive been homeless in the past, had to turn to the Christians God Blees them, but ill be pardonded please because i too pay for ffood fudz and !LEWDS for double dutch zigzags i ran through.

as in rows of dim, as in rows of dimensions as RITTZ video clearly indicates to me the FIVE DIMENSIONS so as I am certain of SEVEN DIMENSIONS so far from PLANET ZEPTAR. As far as I can tell everyone back home is good to go again which im like thats good cause the family pet was sick but thats it, my cat Harmony is doing great, Im back blogging and making legit MORE LEGIT MIXTAPES. and before my black homies laugh at me for peddling my website and mixtape, i honestly believe in their ability to reach people and myself, because I constantly want to put my whole life on the Internet, ah yeah i know i said it once but your black uncle keeps getting my mail and he is keeping it for camping at the Gathering of the Juggalos in the summer, ive been saving all my reciepts to use as Kindle INC for the Gathering. I hope to see Peaches. and uh, her lo but he fuckin up, Peaches stole the show, now what Im writing, im telling ya an unravel of what makes a man want a woman to show titties on camera like ya never fuccin nawh, or on a phone or in a text about whats next between them and whatever theair love from above at the time of the chosen smoothing of the tune that croons one to one and you and you and us them when all that needs to be considered is where these devices come from first, they come from the earth and mineral be skin friend but mining for Cobolt at yeilds of an half ounce a day for a crew of 120 to get iPhone Android to you, so i know what they been through but no i really dont but in a way Wikipedia gives me things to say real smart, in setad i send you there if you want to not be a part of my little website here that could be set apart for two worlds, yay three, thats wait four wait five wait see what im saying they are everyone, so back to what i was saying to ppl bout them hippie tittie chick flicks from the back of the pickup with the mardi gras skirt skirt you see where i am going so what to do to flirt? i dont know but yes i do oh you do we do i am dumb dumpy conqueror i see what i must say, so thats what you will say instead of shocking C-Murder and let him out. You see there is a reason and its not just something i heard lets listen to that song and see what happened if Napster P agree. I pray in hope it helps what may come whatever i may do sittin riding saddled up torno uturno me turno Bobble hit the dome or fill it up with energies of love with FIVE STARRED CIRCLES IN 3D FILL IT UP LIKE SOFT CHAOS WITH MY MATH ON BEHALF. I never said that it was perfect my formula for you, With one accord i am one within me almost lost it well almost do im kinda like a small hulk who one day hopes to turn blue in my Bardo tunnel as I go through, I guess no losin this game as long as we get through it, i forsee a thinktank on this page special dedicated double blog roll for think tank ideas different generation. i am building for the future investing into Internet, slowly growing holding, soometimes i feel safe sometimes i feel not, making DANCE EDM now is my main hobby and writing is my thing. i want to start a business online with your or anyones help not pleading to your mercy just thought it made sense, ya im like got my 10 percent at the door and im seeing my profile in my text the code is getting creepy and i think its making sense to me i mean the things that these senses percieve as superior which are somehow we are all things important that Inderdependent Mara Representing. Mask of Majora ZELDA and A LINK TO THE PAST some say that thug frog frumps around all day smoking pot on his little log in the hole but the whole wonder of the world is where did warez go? well im bringing it back, on my website i announce as to quell all yall haters who think im just a bitch. im gotta boucnince out a kind tip hat to the ladies, fist bumps to the bros and skaters cowboys and bikers, thanks for tha GANGSTA DANCE TONIGHT. me and shorty ok to drive plus i got the keys she drank too much, water fountains for me all night, but we had fun at the GANGSTER BOOGIE i forgot they dont DAMCE ICE CUBE SAYS, i danced so much i wore off the toothpaste on my bright white nikes.

I all along why I’m making some camomile tea Superstar from an average Joe Supernatural stepping out looking like I’m going to Fashion Show Kim and send me look at me like I’m in this industry and now you want to see me blow up like a tank of gas explode now I’m high sitting in the back with the Jack and Coke sitting back and coach about to make a full but we ain’t fitting to make a casserole shots fired, like Kennedy was up in the grassy knoll I’ve been looking like a changing talking like I’m changing with a smile all the while I’m really changing looking like the chef just cracked the yolk or just snap some code that I just wrote Midwest psychopathic rydas never had my password vote, because I’m chilling in the caddy not the patio back in when the industry was all a bad about the fashion yo and y’all had the whole s*** locked until May Come and crack the code, don’t really mean to brag or boast but my fans they give me gas to go she said she listens to my music in the bath so now that’s a wrap quote she could chill, yea `yeah.

Come over and blow an ounce all night tap tap my pounce all night I’m going to get up right you know that’s all right. 566K Likes Video section performances stuff, RITTZ cooking, lulz.

Nam back dipping back to the South does Muhammad Ali footwork upper Kalamazoo Never follow spend a couple thousand on shoes how can we lose tomorrow I’m repping clientele you out of the loop these music dudes are clueless who we was until I produced all my own stuff for few joke you some brew on wax was all we know or MP3 if you don’t look like me the movements proved to be brutalized these Blooms of Rock’em supersize, who’s the use is neutralized, my music Boomin super loud bumping 8Ball and MJG up up on the top of the world everything is spinning and I’m feelin lovely and I’m high all right ain’t tripping on the past the afterlife.

Up on the top of the world but I’ve kind of been lately, till the day I was attacked by a couple pretty b****** that was trying to get me to come and f*** them from the back side but I ain’t got time to hit on that cuz I’m just trying to stack my money down up until a million that’s right then I want to come back and pick dem up and take `em down from the back side but that’s why, ain’t got no time to f****** f*** around I got to buckle down I keep my money on my mind and stack It To The Top my mind seize the paper to the ceiling and I’m about to down a cup of that crown and I’m out. South. But sometimes showed up on my radio and that Pimp s*** to ride to,, but the bass vibrate my bass and back to the outer space I feel it in my so far you can’t even feel it in the diamonds of the eyes of a telescope, off and on my body jotting down these feelings like they were the realest s*** I ever wrote like you wanted to see everything that I wrote that’s mental telepathy it’s part of the recipe I’m giving it to you how you like, a biology of a pimp I’m speaking to you and your mentals so you can pick it up the way that you psychic don’t fight it I can make it so appealing the way I rite it. And the passenger side like a big player I’m going to be sitting spitting the big s*** cuz if y’all are coming to try to twist my new homie ninja Rittz slits his wrist twists tits cocaine whip whip whip whip powder b****, what middle of the smack dab and ready to kill you for whatever you’re on with a killer Vibe and a nice attitude so what’s up you better be neutral if you’re f****** with mine or if you dark just play it Sublime we can either talk about it be about it me I’d rather sit back and blowing out talking to strange s*** about sitting back in the cut like all of ninja want to do is just bounce, after hair in my radio sauce.

Take a puff and then it’s up and then away we go another blow that we go it’s right back on the radio  sounds file of the bass vibrate sounds bow with the bass vibrate all and my chest to the Midwest bring it back to the southwest and all around. Out.

(CC2.0) 2018. ZEPTAR.ORG


Im not gonna OGG U so gwanand GITs this mix-tape that got pinned up on an archive cloud.

VLC Player oniPhoesandiPod. Plays on Android.

Snap back, shatter-wax, in again with my pwn Rittz Mixxx Tape I made like 5 on the side, he dont pay me no mind he’s rich.

As a matter of fact everywhere I go from suburbs to slums everyone heard his name how does he handle it mang?

It’s like this tape I got parked online comes alive every time I N vibe in his Rhymes anything he say it happens to me star somehow I got this Vibe with the words flying forth with Precision instant incision to life decisions went on a mission.

Rittz position as far as I can tell is that he got the Death Star pointed at me while I’m a poet and I think I can rap in this blog as a matter of fact there’s some YouTube channels are a few that recorded buzzed on bruise so it sounded smooth and my mic boof.

And this little corner of this desolate web I hope my words can reach through and Rittz could somehow know what I’m about you no more than that wacky phone fan tape they were those were a mistake I think anyone could take a reel tape like that I think Rittz could take it and hit her rolling riff last call riff and make it sound really slick you know what I’m saying I think he could really hit a last call Riff on that rolling no sweat.

I may not be on the same weevil leather bevels as Rittz` on the IRL`s bit in the TRU`s he be born a nut, jus` like I was and Juggas struggles blow like buns bubbles in this world of trouble.

Just acratchin the surface, feel full force on latest release, LAST CALL (Full Album), this album is so lit!. Litty 20 times FA REAL. Listen on Youtube, make sure to pick-up a hardcopy. Last Call [Explicit] from

In Rittz career he raps about many issues facing our generation and he pits out the hating and ends the debating being Slumerican os something i still dont understand a 75K Chevrolet, but uh Ok thats Raw.

Last Call is.worth a spin FO SHO and I bet again if its too slow for anyone just give a call im done playin` hall. Promoted, considered, focused.

Honestly, i am in tone with Rittz` artistical growth and I forever think of him mentoring on his delivery and his sound centers me.

I could go on and on and on, ya see? This B the dude driving people to focus and get the Hocus Pocus Chorus Chant for us, more than Morse. Ppl.say Rittz “can rap good” and he earned respect in the Rap Circuit, shoot off and skirt the Universe in a hopped out SHO Taurus and floor us.

Anyways just a dream from.a poet who wants to flow widdit but aint did ahit `cept blam! Frustration on Sum `puter station lurkin an snakin` on OggVorbis audiophile blit pile.

IPhone, iPad, iPod please use VLC Player, a free fully Open Source app in the Apple Store and use it to download the direct link to the Pure-Rittz.ogg file linked on


VideoLAN`s VLC Player can put music on your Apple devices under Downloads without iTunes. Its good tech. Please dont ignore or snore on a snooze and lose out, boozed out.

Really, really tho, Apple Lossless Audio Codec claims to be superior fidelity to anything FOSS, plus $1.29 a song in iTunes or Amazon store for when Wi-Fi is down and ya bored. I always listen offline airplane mode, outta control flyin` saucers around, error-slurping the Galaxy. 😛

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