Mask Off Remix HQ.

All I can think of as I put my cigarette out is I love this mix I made back in 2017, oh y’all haters want to know what word is bond I just find y’all it will be a lie if I didn’t love you everyone let’s get gone, end of the day quick post here hopefully you don’t keep me too long, I’m glad me and Google got to settle that I was a dude and not a chick, baby what’s I’m going to do it’s never take my mask off you can only see me invisibly cuz you can’t see me unless you watch mine live can’t stop my eyes I’m guaranteed like a big food stamp in my sock, listen for the tick tock, hung that clocks for m o e all seven of them I could have been 6 for MKV Hi-5, I’m like every other artist starving and just chilling on the Block making fat snaps Eaton stop with that Ratatat tat on the baseball bat, Louisville family be shy town everyone I see, they put their heads in their hands as they dance it must be some new craze call Stevie Wonder see me please. I spoke to all these touch them in a weird way, not sure if I can even say what day or year they were made, but I got the product and I’m getting better, f*** that b******* ghetto D not the album I got mad respect for Master P I turned the most to a p for him, wishing I was bumping from the Third Ward, I took a real view Once Upon a Time as some real third world s*** what’s Poppin all around me, it’s too loud around me, people trying to be quiet with their kids and people I don’t know blog on crack, ask for Promethazine from doctor silly sneet, gave me clean Builder prescription, said get back to that thing, Daily Grind to do me good, so I’m writing all the things I can, I’m treating it as a serious thing, but can’t give up for mopping cuz I was swept and swept and there ain’t no stopping, take it easy as what they saying keep off the caffeine as much as you can, stay on The Chronic cuz that’s the real medicine, at least my doctor and nurse both agree for my safety, it soothes me in a way that’s more beneficial than the Klo of pens, need to get this on wax paper, so I got to run just wanted to show you what I got what I did for fun, just wait till the new stuff kicks in with my juices kid, turn it up turn it up turn it up! Change direction if you can’t take it I’m out of here I got a girl waiting on a yoga mat for a lesson she’s my senpai, just teacher only relationship for all y’all single girls, I might write a love poem for her after yoga and breakfast, heading out to the Waffle House for some smothered buttered covered that means shrooms online hash X4 925-789-1914 54678 so I’ve got to work 1,008 voicemails are still piled up? funny Greenbook drama. Ridin my Park-Pre to Gold`s Gym today, cant forget the titanium chain forged in Fallen Angels skeleton marrow.

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Mkvli Metal

So I spent today making some tracks mixes no other Destiny to choose for the day I was preoccupied with music Anna still in I got Beats so I’m glad she’s with it. I got so many music ideas they could be profitable if people would get behind them like the record labels or whoever owns the pieces that I arranged as a hobby for my blog and I don’t know a few people listen at least to the zeptar live Channel there’s a few I mean SM Lewis possibilities quoted that trigger happy DJs AM FM lightning bolt I got some of the name same habits as my hero DJ a.m. I didn’t even get to finish this documentary about him but it was pretty cool I can see what he’s saying about getting involved and some kind of support group needed in my life of course but how come up here is judge me cuz all these years they never loved me they want a straight hand me a sentence do you want me to chop or do you want me to do art? So I just packed my phone cart my DJ stack around taking breaths out of people’s dancing rhythms anyway this is all MKVLI Metal, zeptar MKVLi is different than that DJ that’s on YouTube but he’s shining he’s got like over 5 million on my last count so there’s hope for the best hopefully enjoy these yeah I recall I loved making them puffins live dark talks off tuxedos got the dolo b**** double O7 nah at 6 just kidding, I didn’t listen to any Rittz today which is unusual for me but I’ve been going hard on his albums for like s*** times Blown Away like the dude has a freaking dust are pointed at my head he gets too scary for me but this is the creative route I went tonight so y’all should have been reading your books last night cuz I didn’t have any crazy stories to share but anyways soon more crazy blogs without a care Dare 2 Share stories about underwear and my funny hair not dread yet anyway I’m blowing it out like Snoop like I got a perm Russell City no tell the boys from the girl but that’s just a place that’s the Safe Haven for the kids that got smacked out and lost track of their time and misplaced because they were faking again I think I did this Thrice cockadoodledoo Yahoo Google yang and yen make sure to do yoga it really helps and unwind after you head bang to all this metal s***.