Mask Off Remix HQ.

All I can think of as I put my cigarette out is I love this mix I made back in 2017, oh y’all haters want to know what word is bond I just find y’all it will be a lie if I didn’t love you everyone let’s get gone, end of the day quick post […]

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Thug Frog

76 yo web server it’s the Beast 4015 the attached thin client never ending string nah cut is called the sticks that’s what year the sending me back from Full from that dark matter pool that weather gravity responding to your wavy machine, trying to get to my planet zeptar, was dedicated to the cause […]

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RITTZ` Shin Jung jeans

Here’s another Rittz remix straight for the hits got to hit a rope ganja snope for your folks check my head doctor said I’ll be all right now, just cut back on the caffeine, we all got to learn to cut back on that caffeine throw it to Uncle Jimmy and it’s stinky wheelchair pillow […]

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