Mask Off Remix HQ.

All I can think of as I put my cigarette out is I love this mix I made back in 2017, oh y’all haters want to know what word is bond I just find y’all it will be a lie if I didn’t love you everyone let’s get gone, end of the day quick post here hopefully you don’t keep me too long, I’m glad me and Google got to settle that I was a dude and not a chick, baby what’s I’m going to do it’s never take my mask off you can only see me invisibly cuz you can’t see me unless you watch mine live can’t stop my eyes I’m guaranteed like a big food stamp in my sock, listen for the tick tock, hung that clocks for m o e all seven of them I could have been 6 for MKV Hi-5, I’m like every other artist starving and just chilling on the Block making fat snaps Eaton stop with that Ratatat tat on the baseball bat, Louisville family be shy town everyone I see, they put their heads in their hands as they dance it must be some new craze call Stevie Wonder see me please. I spoke to all these touch them in a weird way, not sure if I can even say what day or year they were made, but I got the product and I’m getting better, f*** that b******* ghetto D not the album I got mad respect for Master P I turned the most to a p for him, wishing I was bumping from the Third Ward, I took a real view Once Upon a Time as some real third world s*** what’s Poppin all around me, it’s too loud around me, people trying to be quiet with their kids and people I don’t know blog on crack, ask for Promethazine from doctor silly sneet, gave me clean Builder prescription, said get back to that thing, Daily Grind to do me good, so I’m writing all the things I can, I’m treating it as a serious thing, but can’t give up for mopping cuz I was swept and swept and there ain’t no stopping, take it easy as what they saying keep off the caffeine as much as you can, stay on The Chronic cuz that’s the real medicine, at least my doctor and nurse both agree for my safety, it soothes me in a way that’s more beneficial than the Klo of pens, need to get this on wax paper, so I got to run just wanted to show you what I got what I did for fun, just wait till the new stuff kicks in with my juices kid, turn it up turn it up turn it up! Change direction if you can’t take it I’m out of here I got a girl waiting on a yoga mat for a lesson she’s my senpai, just teacher only relationship for all y’all single girls, I might write a love poem for her after yoga and breakfast, heading out to the Waffle House for some smothered buttered covered that means shrooms online hash X4 925-789-1914 54678 so I’ve got to work 1,008 voicemails are still piled up? funny Greenbook drama. Ridin my Park-Pre to Gold`s Gym today, cant forget the titanium chain forged in Fallen Angels skeleton marrow.

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76 yo web server it’s the Beast 4015 the attached thin client never ending string nah cut is called the sticks that’s what year the sending me back from Full from that dark matter pool that weather gravity responding to your wavy machine, trying to get to my planet zeptar, was dedicated to the cause of the blog sphere Karma was low feeling so low and rainy outside medicine draining away for the next dose, so my doctor argued with him the most then I hit him with the high five I told him I was praying with him by doing the yoga slide cuz she would just some snakes inside with the some other states they can off on the other side and LSD the cat want to go for a ride

prolly cuz hit you with the car show up to row sorry Google Voice mistakenly said that I was a girl, when in fact I’m a single white mixed black Russian American and of the male gender who loves women, I’m looking for my soulmate and I’m working on my body I got a body you know you need it I want someone to love me, even a stranger in public told me I needed a girlfriend, so I think I’m just going to go pass out mean Mighty Muggs with my website on them I want to spit some bars but for some reason I dropped into combo mode c o n v o m o d e, car show coming up. Yo check it out I’m also going to get painted up later tonight and do my first Wicked zeptar clown clown show my mom said I couldn’t be a clown so I’m going to go on YouTube and be a juggler juggler clown you know what I mean get on fan Twiztid is mother f****** s*** and the whole family is where I got my faith so if Brandon and peaches is out there yo hit me up please, subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me please I need to reach maximum critical mass to come back to the year 0 0 0 0 it’s part of the from the outside I’ll tell you all about it but I’m only doing the YouTube teasers for the website so I ain’t getting punked and sitting there like for 2 hours and like arguing with the chat room on my website, these were just some notes that I had laying around how should I already did that one okay so I’m establishing a study work routine with the blog and I want to promote more and I’ve been told that where people are they don’t want to spend time on my website and want to spend time on places like YouTube Facebook and Instagram soundcloud…

whatever the the major apps are Snapchat all this I don’t got time for all that Twitter is just sitting on a wire taken deuces so trying to just get some digital worked on but I wanted to let you know this is wicked s*** I got it s*** right here to prove it I’m next it it’s the s*** DJ Clay big props thanks for the DJ kids ICP k i t s for the DJ for us to play on, I got a DJ app that I use edj find the rest on the Play Store or Apple Store but I don’t have wings for that s***, Serato should be banned, saw it on a t-shirt when that be cool, we can make it happen tonight thank you for being faithful I’ve been on the blogosphere for a long time and I know a little bit of stats about how you guys like long long articles and how about how long long articles get all the play play play and I see the traffic only comes through like a newspaper it’s like news so I’m glad I put a disclaimer on the site and I’ll just keep that wik kid clown stuff on the DL because the freaking FBI are spying on kids at the mall saying they’re painting up like clowns I’ll remember that one time when there was just clowns should be a man my mom said I can be a client but she said it could be a rapper so as I continue developing and filling out with my yoga routine and my nighttime and daytime activities learning how to breathe learning how to just make friends somehow and not be used by the dang world, I’ll know one of those peace on Earth a l l m o e wanted was peace on Earth, that was her dying wish, I sent off making love to Bob Marley secret mixtape on YouTube he was singing about snake and I was well era slurping the Galaxy, next girl though you know me, okay don’t forget the wicked clown dude needs an editor okay I mean you would seriously have permission to go in and even delete s*** if you need to you can get rid of all this negativity and you can really be an admin editor and you know I will approve your edits you know but I’m going to give him something to do s*** if you want buy an iPad but if I Apple doesn’t want their name next to curse words on the internet that makes sense I’m not thinking like a businessman but again all these business man on the front sides of the internet I want to say man I mean people mankind humankind the Earth the whole earth when I say man I mean humankind the whole Earth and that includes the Federation of all the stars in the galaxy if there ever was one and no Federer’s and all the websites whatever protocols your on even if your body goes into gopher holes to check for booty that’s high, alright w i k k i d c l o w n oh you T 1 love Rastafari yeah that’ll do soup me big shout out to f*** radio! The other mother f****** s*** and die slow Anon radio NEC net I’ll show you the Bobby Shmurda dance it’s called Hoppity Hoppity money money thanks Cuz Bad Bunny, I’m mixing up your traps for my big company Bobby Shmurda dance Rasputin chance that’s me, dealer Rhyme Time how’s he dramatized trauma time? One Love Jah Rasta far I c e p h e d z scpt self.

RITTZ` Shin Jung jeans

Here’s another Rittz remix straight for the hits got to hit a rope ganja snope for your folks check my head doctor said I’ll be all right now, just cut back on the caffeine, we all got to learn to cut back on that caffeine throw it to Uncle Jimmy and it’s stinky wheelchair pillow

it’s like my fingernail burnt with green substance, just in time, for flowers in the springtime I think you’re so cute how about mine, rain showers rain showers all around rainy day make me think of you like I’m missing someone now, I’ll just say no promo just for Rittz about my love poems to, look if you ain’t in the circle yet you bout to feel the love come through, laying in the bed, comfortable stretching out, just cracked a batch obnoxious, sit there and stare Observer, that was weird you should listen to the Nuggets pouring into this amount, Tink Tink Tink to teen teen teen, you’re over 21 so why don’t you drive, and thanks for the flipside smashy Dashie back to my frog pad frog pond if I explain every picture I own you would really see what you think I’m on, it’s called creative arts, I really feel like I’m playing my part, 1/2 if you with me, Nick Becca caffeine, what’s your screen name so what’s up NB It’s Me 2 3 you in the chat with me and you look like you can’t believe everything that I’m saying, I see that smile I seen before I know it’s more than a concern I mean why can’t you bring it.

Bang? Are you just going to hate on me on Ultra system get me some mittens scripts and passwords just to get my reality check, and you can take that our to added up kind of stuck it true, ouchexclamation trying to keep you from getting your backpack wet get closer run with me like a Atlanta Falcon jet running ladders to get who dat promoting websites and where he go and being, I don’t want to talk to have to fly Chris say back when you send his son to spit go to my website and listen to my f****** s*** who we talked about again talk about some meds talk about some Ned and fact was neighbors get the f*** out my s*** come on do you got a warrant, disbelief in the streets, rioting major cities, they call it a Coupe DeVille 69, watch them bamboos hit the news going to blow up the atmosphere with my news Only Hits a few actually thanks for supporting my heart spent, put in all I had, for the morning, interrupted my yoga, didn’t even phase me, toast champagne for an update!

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