im starting a page, and i have started several other pages on ZEPTAR off the main page, separate from the blog, and i just started giving them some such luv and lou dogg is barking and im just imagining how this is not gonna be a total attempt of a stab in the dark, no not at all, im gonna back it up with real science and i am DJing a huge ass CLUB RAVE right now laid back, whoever dont play Snoop is whack, everyone says it ruins the mix howevver whomever oh yeah say Predator Police Force, nah they aint Police, thats right! they are Predator Outlaw Immortal Panther 5.0 Dream Team Saviors Rougish Clumpiest so whatup clumpys aint it time to get down now and uncloak and get that skull, hhh uhh do not comply i am not cra zonic phonically phronting on a pickup coil drop pcm dub so thereffor sum subract wait multiply divide wait exponents multiply divide wait who needs school when you just work fractions on beats hello oh i got through the trunk to pipkempski! ZEPTAR

Jugga Poet

Chugga poet J u g g a
Hey I’m not going to lie to youx your love I can’t deny and it seems like from any other f****** person it ain’t real. And the f****** world girl, you know what I’m saying that’s which world you know what I mean, lalala. Hey yo it’s not about y’all it’s just a little thing we call them like Booze game in my crib, but every time it’s always something different now I write love fire love swag love z use the tracks you know it’s all grat get back I’m on these other Maps great we going from state to state.

That’s an old feel that’s the old feel, come on come on… I’m hot for you.ug, want to sex your body unlike any f****** body, I’m on the lyrics and I’ll be like yo girl you got to hear this and then they be like WTF this is whack, who the f*** is you? I said I’m just in the mic boof rewrite my wraps a few thousand times but that’s all right. It goes around time after time that’s how it do for me and you, millions of times it can be found every f****** day in the mode of the Zone where we got to got to go, on this Motorola you know what I’m saying, zillion dollar Motorola Hollows go to the Acapulcoz, where you at huh yeah I’m getting dissed on the track yeah what you got what’s your magic what’s the f****** Spellbook switching magic Warriors b**** take all those ditch and turn them into a hitch cuz me and usual open to Vegas, that’s me though cuz we’re my righteous s*** huh where my dark s*** huh, it’s been real quick alright.

Listen for damn alright. Well if that’s what you want at home I block the light there’s so much insight but it’s hard to sleep when you ride all night and the sun’s out need to slow down cuz you know I’m Full Speed Ahead and I’m going to crash and burn Karma get eon, when you pass the Earth f*** good all good from Diego to the Bay in the outer Lanes of existence flames, isn’t that what they say out in the California way where they got weed women of sunshine, every f****** thing blow your mind, yeah I’m down with OPP yeah I’m down with LBC yeah I’m down with OPP yeah I’m down with the slum company yeah I’m down with sublime’s Black Album G just for Snoop do double g track number 5, yeah I was hitting that s*** off the internet off of T1, know what I’m saying back in 9881 was something to be on sun, Beyond song, know what I’m saying network haters, all y’all f****** back spare biters Slayer, I’m a backbiter to 1 2z got some bad juice for you did you hear the word how I was going to slice your ear with my melodies? I don’t even know how gang gang Migos instrumental goals but that’s how I want to flow on my b roll. Zoogly googly googly Wiggly’s whatever’s Flicka being Flicka Flicka Flicka.

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