im starting a page, and i have started several other pages on ZEPTAR off the main page, separate from the blog, and i just started giving them some such luv and lou dogg is barking and im just imagining how this is not gonna be a total attempt of a stab in the dark, no not at all, im gonna back it up with real science and i am DJing a huge ass CLUB RAVE right now laid back, whoever dont play Snoop is whack, everyone says it ruins the mix howevver whomever oh yeah say Predator Police Force, nah they aint Police, thats right! they are Predator Outlaw Immortal Panther 5.0 Dream Team Saviors Rougish Clumpiest so whatup clumpys aint it time to get down now and uncloak and get that skull, hhh uhh do not comply i am not cra zonic phonically phronting on a pickup coil drop pcm dub so thereffor sum subract wait multiply divide wait exponents multiply divide wait who needs school when you just work fractions on beats hello oh i got through the trunk to pipkempski! ZEPTAR

Hyrule Meadow

no nip to the air, saw u there, felt a small fear, konqueror here, last day theory, cant let u pass by me, hello how are thee, me, she, we continued for a breeze, lingo at ease, puff puff please, know these, care to blow this stack, why not, u win me, sunshine now, please, patience, at ease, on breeze, up for thee, he, we, she, schoolin me, now crease, few lease, me millys, summon me, for time, brains.

dreads, si, what about these, spanish town rules, hip hop too, what that ebonic espanol roll yeah special game for hyrule, ride epona all the time fool, pull for shure cast light of red follow me when ya see me other way around i had to play slayer just to see you, ah its mixed with Tupac, white chicks dig it somehow, the homies just headbang and smoke crooked blunts cause it fucks them up, bong rip number nine they all fall in line. buddha of love school time. can to remember to everything we need to, no need to be instructed although we hear the ones we be lovin` so small a time to share i got two more run to the bathroom and give it a run, duck from my love gun im nice at everyone, no no no just one, and these bullets are spiritual made of dolphin echos, rick james production like ha ya i feel good whats new with you pussycat echo side speaks well of you i cant get through mask on when no echo back on phone number 1 cups to your string leaves me wondering what my internal voice says except they say we are crazy i dont doubt that baby, magic vision twisted through time cant believe i didnt pass by, everything i said hop was fine through that f word sorry vocab of mine, saw the grind quickly made fine, on the blog roll again intermission fooling cant say cant say mask on i came home one day and someone well lets no foolin cannot complaining need a direction for me, would you like to direct one for me? cannot take it anymore, sublime is knocking at the door, at least i left off one light for you i know you take the sunshine too, what can i say about them legs i rub up down with my minds eye go for running when i think about that day hope we can party oh wait u my only friend show up i can bake a pie too for code brew did i mean cold ah thats the salt no one can stand my magic im Posidion and you are more than a mermaid let me drown you in Caribou Lou got a big soft why sleep in the halls wake up wake up im here today tonight is my birthday party for my CD release track number 1, they all get a birthday party and thats why maybe each track now takes me at least a day be with me, be with me, you are selected to the birthday party on track number 1 on the new album by ZEPTAR called “Run” okay you gonna meet the Hun, furniture get here just send something deliver furniture by day saw off a log at night be snoring tight, breathe it in smoking is cool we only like 3 eps in and im gittin it in with you tonight i got music i got drank i got food i got it all just watch need an interior decoratior im an Einstein yall see my music miracles i hope can be for you keepin faith in hope and hope in hope you got any friends we paint the town white and already got the house please dont say lucifer oh snap i just did i feel insanity painting 187 on a cop car, multiple subjects just show up and wouldnt ya know it, last minute cancels from all the crew but you they trippin playin lazer pen instead tonight ah girl you look fly me i look wonderful tonight in ya eyes make em shine just wait till i can really look at you there just sit there and stare dont fall asleep you if you wake up i will kiss you and make you my bride bugle beaver heater cleaver meater leeter than the last lette that died of heartbreak just to make me feel bad feel me fa real im no creeper although i got some for we, me nah trick we, me honest see, fith dimension is now seven but a star shape provide sunlight for green that we be burning from green to red it goes some magic shows open up flower of life and pain it all goes im open to you where that eye again treat you so so nice and lovely you be aall to me, im writing futuristically to you and me my someone special you know who you be, tell that bati man be quiet, not for him ya man she be with me, me rasta, tenemos un bailar, ever been to Canada turn a geeese on her knees make her honk for two hours on a level me say crazy thangs me tell you everything that i think if they look for a confessor see illuminati see my faith in the grocery market shopping for her, you, she, no computer flavor, need her for my production no care about the freezer isle except for pizza which i love to bake and eat, what do you want from in in the nicest way i pray humble this bailar goin down somewhere, echo side see me there, me not know whats fair but the wisdom in my heart say its all about a girl she my world and planet zeptar that i see oh now there are two I and I where is my third eye to look at its all sunshine, let it be down to coffee with the One Love my world will be always grateful and will stay up.