ZEPTAR – “Like You”

35:37 (JESUS RAVE)


If they same say say me the lamest, imma just be and take it. Nothin, my leg. Whole team. Game over let go. Jesus be walkin with me mang so how am i really LAME? Tell my momma that I`m good when me ~.

No cocaine no ketamine no rollie rollie gonna stop me. I aint got no stylee and me holdin back with the punctuation-ing got be me pausing who ultra octomorphing thats a tetrahedron by octohedron with three red connectors and some grey connectors and brain fissures are melt ya!

got a new method, follow all alone, givin` her a chance to come to my home. free from my robot soul in a 15 Petabyte server now. Can make a sail code if i had a card that was folded hold it homie zoned on the phone note, like Napster P copied “KEEP IT REAL LO`” what she thinkin to me. Gotta new method and callin JESUS building new world any room for her like my YOGA PLANK?

STOP RIGHT NOW?! JESUS HOMIE!? BIG GOD big guns gunner 111er the gunner come out now.

kill my kali in killa kali its the city where they dumb dumb and run run with tv sumthin sumthins and seems became the cradle of civilization for my pen and standards we be holdin as the USA and abroad *sigh*

so this post is called JESUS with a salacious by line, oh by line, thats mine its ZEPTAR in this land and separation from my own friends is a major dilemma, it might not sound like much can I count on you a whole bunch? Jesus he promise yes. Put all your hope in His Salvation the best is for those who turn to Him first. The inner peace and freedom of THE LORD HALLELULIJAH is something you must feel.

And I know MY HERO Jesus already saved the day and HE is coming back again.

Because one day He be like, “LET`S GO!” and it`s already been counted. We must shroud our lives with CHRIST and allow him to be our INVISIBLE HARRY POTTER CLOAK not so we can sneak but he must become our MAGE he must become the HEXEN DOOM II IDDQDKFA CONSOLE.

I admit, I am following a skim milk way of living. To die is gain so if anyone asks what I give my Melchezidech ten percent to then its Christ and I must, in my growth of getting my faith strengthened back, put ten percent in for Him and no more, wait, no ALL given to Christ because He walked and talked like no one could ever do. That is more than any Western or Eastern University. IVY LEAGUE to Community College.

Showing me stuff I didnt see, every time I read. I like you reader, chngfoc % to those days I look forward of seeing where your shoes go and to JESUS this applies solely.

All I see is me becomming DJ WRISST or WRIZT on tour with RITTZ as his main DJ engineer extroidenaire i know i can make the air of the forum sizzle crack and flair with ZEPTAR channelling CATK111ER FOR CHRIST!


12:00 PM 6/8/2018

i wake up
i take care of myself
i go to Yoga
i make a song or mix
i make artwork for the music
i write about how i feel
i publish it or schedule for publication
i take a break
i stretch
i medicate hardly never pots empty
day and night i medicate like kid cudi passed the Oz.
alpha trick crazy for nutso`s
more than so-so
80s crazy hiphop craze
Beats they catch and start to wave
i said with my eyes dance not fuk
wink dip my pen in ink close my eyes see you and start to think
what a slip meant, quarter fold
what do i sand walk or stand to lose
not lookin to just knock boots
no shame it the game GITs ya GRIPs on RIGHT?
aint to shame a Bell story
Ring ding ding as fresh as a Canova
Gold as ya blonde bombshell
Thats a glimpse of what u are to a
intertwined dined, inclined?
Said that, you move me.
Ya gotta badass body and we can rock slow jams softly till the brink of ya catch me intently fluently swaying our hips to the lofty aureal rhythm sent in
We got it
No shade
Out skiing tho
Wait ferverent
On Heaven Sent
Danger Danger Cuidado
I want all my ppl
Contemplate with fervor
No more nevermore?
LORD lead the CHORUS.

Never doubt but I get an intent.
love is what I be
aint got time for lovin?
i got a lot in my heart.
so remember that.

(had to get that out of my mind. thanks)



im starting a page, and i have started several other pages on ZEPTAR off the main page, separate from the blog, and i just started giving them some such luv and lou dogg is barking and im just imagining how this is not gonna be a total attempt of a stab in the dark, no not at all, im gonna back it up with real science and i am DJing a huge ass CLUB RAVE right now laid back, whoever dont play Snoop is whack, everyone says it ruins the mix howevver whomever oh yeah say Predator Police Force, nah they aint Police, thats right! they are Predator Outlaw Immortal Panther 5.0 Dream Team Saviors Rougish Clumpiest so whatup clumpys aint it time to get down now and uncloak and get that skull, hhh uhh do not comply i am not cra zonic phonically phronting on a pickup coil drop pcm dub so thereffor sum subract wait multiply divide wait exponents multiply divide wait who needs school when you just work fractions on beats hello oh i got through the trunk to pipkempski! ZEPTAR