Hood News + week 7/16

a, Please look, listen and read... New Kohika Mounds Discovered Under Abandoned Bldgs: ISO9660 Astro Astounded By Metal Plates That Recorded Space Light On Our Hemosphere Okay all down? gather round... uh, Kohika Mounds, now what went down in the past from last week now? im still in the dark with a piece of my … Continue reading Hood News + week 7/16

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dj-zep.net i dont even know where to begin, but Insane Clown Posse has been part of life in strive in strife in pipe tobacco green any fucking thing, you would know lemme spill it out, OUCH! man gwan way back hurts emoji talkin bout since 15 we had the Riddle Box and Great Milenko plus … Continue reading html enc=”en_HATCHiT”


  a....before Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on anonradio.net on Saturday nights is "hardmous" which is furious hard straight DJ ON live at anonradio.net, now I know I have not talked about this Internet Radio Station before, and all yalll that even know I am associated with the movement is them/those who know me as "zeptar" from … Continue reading iwm