“Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him.” Psalms 68:4

Soul Rebel PoET that taught me some dance blits. Mr. Music Marley Mon taught me how to poff it.

Chilipeppers may have had more than one guitarist, They say the Marley Family Band jams the land out the farest.

They’ve got a Tent Show lile ya never saw, They tent look-a-like a Space-X Rocket, TALL!

DAMIAN “JR.GONG” MARLEY is a family man bass master on tracks that need upped, Check out “Tuff Gong Presents: Damian Jr. Gong Marley, Youngest Veteran” and feel hom sound, feel pumped.

I got longer prose than fools of old you will surley see, A great big tree is no feat for Haille Selaisse, JAH Rastafari.

JAH Rastafari must be the number 8, “Welcome to Jamrock” was great and here am I & I, I come back from Heaven`s Gate juice party to the House of Marley, no eat tainted grape, nah swell on Bacardi, Nah Mon, me teach and preach TRU Angel seed, well?

How could I know that you all better run from Damian`s keybard menace as he writes with NaS 4 phun.

“Distant Relatives” was surley a success, Heard the whole album on Internet Radio, before the YouTube showlettes.

From Jamrock, Kingston to Jamaica, Queens, Damien rocks the jungle and the streets.

Peep`d his work and now I`m worth more from listening to his shows.

It aint strict Gospel, and it`ll verilyilly lift ya blues to an upscrew`d n chopp`d fun loving attitude releasing Creative Juice.

Dark Carnival cut off they dreads been told, I wonder why? Me think bout rollin` with wax from bees, doctor please ai need green medi-scene for meditating. Chant bold, unwind, speak Kind.

Listen to this anthem roll, Liberty Bell.cracks cold, sold!

In more States than only 5. Encouraging you to bring the Healing of the Nations, #Planet swaying, let us be bold and unfold the blindfold off of Lady Justice eyes more and more.

Norml-ize y`all!


Moar? Solve D-Wave puzzles with Lamb`s Bread in ya zedhed!

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