If I rolled rollerblades tell me would you still be there too, I will keep it 100 with you but I don’t got nothing I got you you give me a run for my money, make me feel bubbly, all over you all over me is 100 * 100 * 100 * all lovey dovey rub a dub and the back of the tub like a reggae dub I want to hold fluff just love me just love me, I want to be with you I want to be with you, would you please come into my world already, I trust you already there too, functions getting some nice song putting a night on out saying come on let’s get it, get you all over me you know what I need come on this love and never end hydroponic lettuce in the back 333 on specialty young Hydro on the track, I’m just hitting you back, no pressure by the way it’s the hood remember BBQ by the pool I play the music from my little DJ booth double Ms. Wolfe come in with the cerveza of Truth, bubbly feeling lovely we got a situation like we need the doctor of love to write a prescription for something above bale on that hay, stack it up for a second and then it’s all gone away, all we need is green weed that’s love baby thinking creatively forget about cheating on cards I got something to relax I’m going to rub your shoulder latte me give me a run for my money I’m on that love thing, bad juice something to see something to feel from me you know that you fiend for that thing, flip up that Ms. Wolfe Borget Studio camera Ron Ron Ron Ron Jeremy, technique tongue flipping, Flicka da Flicka da Flicka d, I am so slow in this sipping on bubbly gum IES percent about 21 take one puff of Alien OG I ride the ship with me it’s my body inside of a computer well not really G, it’s another world premiere when you beside me sipping bubblegum 21 strain of green weed we need to be together today fresh in the hood, if I’m in a must Trust my shoulder going over you I’m watching you need, got it all on DVD, sipping Alien OG 33.33%, that’s next Hooks and show from 1993 Netflix and chill what sea was favorited d, I put that pressure up on you women that Batman will spray paint flying Town Halls no one notices me but they sure seem I pledge these words of script not Banksy, however my style is felt like a pool table surface low, sipping lovely 33.33 Alien OG want to be with you and me want to feel that love and come back to me Lord knows I sent out enough for about two or three hundred keep it 100 cuz if I don’t got you I don’t got nothing hold up we go function the punctuation is nothing, there is no money issues you see I’m finances can be sippin lovely 33.33 THC this one blue dream, oh I see you just beat me at 4 to 0 at 4:20 saying nine-one-one ASAP rap at your door do my shoes at the sign of you approaching straight white wallet with toothpaste make them squeaky clean so the next time I’m cooking I sound like a basketball team, you’re part of my team you’re part of us I love would know is if you would just open it up, of course you know I would you see me do it, hey what you doing trying to get them all pockets trying to get them both and knock it Bolt lightning on you thunder call me somebody.


Trying to fall in love again as mundane as of day fishing giving love to the birds trees Lake & Waves with only catching a soggy log, need someone to Pour Some Sugar on my Kellogg’s who knew it would be you? Night is Day Day’s Night I don’t even know your real name but hey it’s all the same I’m in to you for reaching out with your kind words and a smile, as I visualize the next mile, turn that sugar teaspoon into a sugar pile and I will do art Anna lost me over that char, pi Roundy Roundy why are you full of Doughty Doughty another world just goes roundy TeaWorld they said the Dolphins bomb The Pearl, Kamikaze on a Japanese island I’m like a samurai Ninja, when you’re around I don’t even know who you are but I’m making the sound for you to come in, you know what’s cool, I know let these words are not true they are for real that is even more then a false negative blue turn that into 3 + 2, does not equal negative 1 so you have to take the zero and one and do something fun girl you so fine I bet your numbers match mine all the pain that I’m in we’re just wash away versions of copies of DNA strands, listen to wine without a question port Two Shots off out of the pipe The Strain is called portmanteau Australia kangaroo drone unfair I can’t leave the couch now like Gorilla Glue, it will be so fun but the pain drain down and my past is behind and the future is you and my mind, stumbles and hurts, fumbles and flirts, I take off my shirt, give out of the dirt, call me Captain smirk, do you want your name first? Hop in your chair record over there, I don’t even know how you came on to me I was just sitting there listening to trap mix of Queen, fetty WAP kills it used to hashtag that s***, thinking of music makes myself free, making it mastering and mixing and Plastering it whatever you have it to do a sound blaster action irq number thumblr to get the bits to come through, here’s a love poem to you whoever you are my emotions all alone but I know oh oh oh 00 something numbers 76 where you got us still roll on that Steamroller are gravity particles for me and you, invisible person and my desires of tea are you they are we, are you for me and I’m like of course boo turn that TV to panda landing strip cotton candy say to popsicle nice dream, zmag really really easy grow when you come through on the flow n chill with me. Thanks for the company 🙂