Steppin` Rave

Laser gun sounds BBB BBB ain’t no use no one can stop them now sing with me, give them an inch they’ll take a yard give them a yard to take a mile, the checks tomorrow but once a man still a child, everything is just for a while, bringing it seem like total Destruction, only solution yes.

There ain’t no use no one can stop them now, ain’t no use no one can stop them now.

Checking the real situation, Nation war against Nation, seems like it never began and it seems like it will never end, , Wars ain’t fake seem like total Destruction only solution, , yes ain’t no use yes ain’t no use juice.

We can’t stop them now he can’t stop them now. Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb laser gun sounds.

Revelation reviews the truth, Revolution oh yeah.

It takes a revolution to make a solution, too much frustration, so much confusion. Hey! I don’t want to live in the park, ain’t trust no Shadows after Dark. so my friend I wish you could see like a bird n a tree, the prisoners should be free.

Never make a politician so much confusion, say I don’t want to live in the park can’t trust no Shadows after Dark, so my friends I wish you could see Ike of bird in a tree. We must be free yeah `yeah never make a politician Grant you a favor they will always want to control you forever. So! If a fire make it bun, and then get back and make them run. Rasta take on top so them can’t predict the plot. And lightning, ooouu torture, brimstone, fire, lightning! Thunder, Brimstone and Fire! Kill cramp and paralyzed, all week heart conception come out of creation. And eyes is red.

(CC4.0) 2018. ZEPTAR.ORG