Because ZEPTAR Says so!


lette statusnet fool ya slime fly is over now time fa more droolin` make a Kool fool ya the cool kid sumthin


DAT knockin at door uh, nah poor, love to sat on the floor get in touch with Chinese eyes cryin feel fingers crawl up slime spine o/ dank rhymes always on time so sublime in rhyme, meter, tempo and such, dance for lunch gotta hunch and caught a crush that's one most day closer and more pay, call scandalous but the CCTVz cannot handle us

how’s it hangin, Yeah, Yeah! Right cheer bring a beer have no fear, I'm a LOVE post, of feel mad, honest LOVE turned  2 clownvic stayin o/ da 2 


da Z free on a candle party lite so bright brings psychosocialrecords for the socialite Don’t jeer it just knock back on the attack o/ a k111er fukn hustle no one can stand it goddammit like thumper the rabbit 

o/ that Gambit Babit call Rainbow Rambo Dance show as perfect sail prose and make an all froze like GITs the perfect plasticity on the form at her the storm


Rain so nice having seen a drop since ice storm had vampires time purrs, baby we could GITs much higher, C# my tunnel ‘O’ LOVE c’mon up Yo! up above o/ LOVE



Zep Solution

Please listen…

well me gwan rub it on her back like a loose lock swang it around the back as if i was hog legg boss hogg stole the General Lee ridin 3 deep thats me and 2 shawties they good sports *at least one ‘er says that) and thats all i need… bwah, muwa, her ways and her ways i cant even say. it`s this twiztid fantasy where they on me we like a triangle in body formation. One love, yeone leans on me sideways, real naughty while the other on front side left hand wrizt hand … wait im riding four deep the last but most cute little great sharkie of the meat (meet) iwas she says always ub in my blinker blindspot that im always forgettin… tell pray tell oh someone so swank.. the times the they change… i cant get ten flippin cents on a pickup coil over something sweet voice maybe jacked up one more by 10hz makes quite a difference when the dank rhymes of sweet voices come in clearer on a breezy .WAV or whatever format these things talk in i brought my 1987 Bell for comparision on the fubu way it was made for humans.. getting someone to… play with my fist is better than a fudge sundday double dish.. surrender time so many options so much to do, to be honest imma figure out and skip to rule number two. i owe an explanation to my readers and i really really do, ive got more than this project and that is what it comes to.. i would have a baby with another i have never been blessed but im trying to afford that solution for all of my kids… now Shags says he got 3, no one ever asks J.. he be the judge signing papers wikkid phun clown phreaks talkin all like, escape in the fog, today is a good day to be online and uh J is like why did you cut out a pic of me gettin high this is my f*****` court today today today ITS THE NIGHT, watch out ITS DAY, hold up SPECIAL JUDGE FAVOR might just may, what Im trying to say is THERE IS MONEY FROM THE FUTURE, if we can all be okay with one update per project per day, and look its not like i dont have nothing to do, however my Bi-Polar (bear?) ism sucks just like one of my 3 deep shawtie female spy crew. well maybe they rotate and roll schizm slants and slants are slips and cut smut is bout a dime a pence big shoutout to go for bringing her through that all that free clips from the past can be my money too, no stand it tha way but i heard your philosophy and put me on in Nevada once on the Salt Flats in Death Valley where everyone get… Now the time is changed im all through the times when i post about ten today for making up is like making love to UTF-9 instead, yeah we go up one forget 1252, cause I made a special Polish Hotdog just ffor you and you and you.. I`m grillin` 100 hotdogs for the crew like i said and really oh really the bills are over my head, so how want yours grilled, wrizt say to you, ya i speak like Yoda and I`m one I`m ZEPTAR’s crew. Hot Pink or So Black The Skin Peels? Tan ones exist. 😉 come back before them after those and get these digits!? Twilight…



5:55 AM 5/16/2018

9:54 AM 5/16/2018
i am too busy to answer whys all the time except for time again traps are not gay and if they are that means they are ciggarette machines and they got marijuana rollies in them for a gold dollar so if you are escaping with cntrl x11 which is a go copy a book or something and practice typing like I do, I am working on my vocabulary and finding myself, i like how Cardi B says in one of her many fabulous songs “Aint no man trap me1!: im like take it off me busy b here in the hizzouse swillin some yak nah Green crown and sayin Mooo! i go chakra meditation when im zoning out and spraying paint on the ccomputer encyclepedias im laying consider these all the shorts for now cause like Wreckonize i might go Michael and turn ya in the dance like a tornado viral spiral. Im news im not new i am GNU i am through to choose all the booze i abuse when i am solving a rival survival peer mediation session cause thats all i am ffor yall in betweeners sigh deep breath thog thump my bicycle for 20 mulla token green buds medical lie down and bash the thing up. im like yeah but im
dry on the gin for like two weeks splashy with popcorn on freezer and salt in the fridge, im what !?

10:03 AM 5/16/2018 – three
fourth one let go




call it the chi or the force we all in our lives feel it loud and clear, at which times may be disturbing and some for all or some intriguingly scientific. whats important is that we all be. and able to be to be is to yearn to be so im saaying to myself just be. this unholy nightmare gives way, 2pac starts the “mkdance” with Cardi B taking you away on a psychadelic rap holiday love trip where ever you are. sharing my music with yall never been afraid to put it on wax with Smalls, other sounds you will hear, hope its loud and clear, my boofer recorder caught some stuff. watch the tubes too much gotta bank on them if this beast ever goes. hopefully never ever down and shared a lot by now. yet no need to fear sitting in the darkness still with cat near mewing in my ear for the dear of letterbanks plastic click hear.

anyways i get stupid on the keyboard going where i must not i am just focused on the blog, i was hoping to join an IRC chat sometime if you want join me on freenode in #ZEPTAR, im on there all the time its my wacky toolshed where i keep jerk chicken recipes for my blog, who knows how it will turn out.

all the ladies who in the place, tell em with the backup on the gucci belt that you be havin my baby, if it was up to me, the safety fun, product starts dance is a lot if you just keep up with it, the ending is crazy its like a jalopy whats once it gets enough joules of energy there is no limit to where it can go. i got to go get my crate together for the next mix. making the music helps me like therapy and all my listeners repeat me, “JAH RASTAFARI” it mean a lot from way back, smokin on a hooter stack, watchin offset roll back, all i talk about is myself, WARNING: GANGSTA DANCE ALBUM

HOPE it goes over well. Im sure it will because its a love story, duh, as with everything i do is all about love. thats my main perogative is sowing love so it will fly around the sun and come back to me. there are two versions to this i dont know which one to post, i think the dirty one should wait till later.

Awww, dont be sad it will form online in a minute on youtube im trying to be independent but the web is a great tool and why should i ban a useful entity that i find useful and i swear its daunting but someone has to pretend to be Whoopi Goldberg while they be sending me to the back of the lunch line like some modern day Rosa Parks, twice! boycott started but i still need a few things so i have to break the bus boycott like i never stopped on here a stack things getting whack aint no doubt about that who knows where these things from i aint run to the trunk for the duece duece huh nah wha, i aint circled courage from the currents so boofer another post show me how to do it.


YEAR: 2018

Jugga Poet

Chugga poet J u g g a
Hey I’m not going to lie to youx your love I can’t deny and it seems like from any other f****** person it ain’t real. And the f****** world girl, you know what I’m saying that’s which world you know what I mean, lalala. Hey yo it’s not about y’all it’s just a little thing we call them like Booze game in my crib, but every time it’s always something different now I write love fire love swag love z use the tracks you know it’s all grat get back I’m on these other Maps great we going from state to state.

That’s an old feel that’s the old feel, come on come on… I’m hot for, want to sex your body unlike any f****** body, I’m on the lyrics and I’ll be like yo girl you got to hear this and then they be like WTF this is whack, who the f*** is you? I said I’m just in the mic boof rewrite my wraps a few thousand times but that’s all right. It goes around time after time that’s how it do for me and you, millions of times it can be found every f****** day in the mode of the Zone where we got to got to go, on this Motorola you know what I’m saying, zillion dollar Motorola Hollows go to the Acapulcoz, where you at huh yeah I’m getting dissed on the track yeah what you got what’s your magic what’s the f****** Spellbook switching magic Warriors b**** take all those ditch and turn them into a hitch cuz me and usual open to Vegas, that’s me though cuz we’re my righteous s*** huh where my dark s*** huh, it’s been real quick alright.

Listen for damn alright. Well if that’s what you want at home I block the light there’s so much insight but it’s hard to sleep when you ride all night and the sun’s out need to slow down cuz you know I’m Full Speed Ahead and I’m going to crash and burn Karma get eon, when you pass the Earth f*** good all good from Diego to the Bay in the outer Lanes of existence flames, isn’t that what they say out in the California way where they got weed women of sunshine, every f****** thing blow your mind, yeah I’m down with OPP yeah I’m down with LBC yeah I’m down with OPP yeah I’m down with the slum company yeah I’m down with sublime’s Black Album G just for Snoop do double g track number 5, yeah I was hitting that s*** off the internet off of T1, know what I’m saying back in 9881 was something to be on sun, Beyond song, know what I’m saying network haters, all y’all f****** back spare biters Slayer, I’m a backbiter to 1 2z got some bad juice for you did you hear the word how I was going to slice your ear with my melodies? I don’t even know how gang gang Migos instrumental goals but that’s how I want to flow on my b roll. Zoogly googly googly Wiggly’s whatever’s Flicka being Flicka Flicka Flicka.

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