Because ZEPTAR Says so!

MKVLI.VE lette statusnet fool ya slime fly is over now time fa more droolin` make a Kool fool ya the cool kid sumthin 1+1=2+1=3+2=5 DAT knockin at door uh, nah poor, love to sat on the floor get in touch with Chinese eyes cryin feel fingers crawl up slime spine o/ dank rhymes always on […]

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Zep Solution

Please listen… well me gwan rub it on her back like a loose lock swang it around the back as if i was hog legg boss hogg stole the General Lee ridin 3 deep thats me and 2 shawties they good sports *at least one ‘er says that) and thats all i need… bwah, muwa, […]

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IMAGE PLACEHOLDER, COME BACK SOON!, okay. 5:55 AM 5/16/2018 9:54 AM 5/16/2018 i am too busy to answer whys all the time except for time again traps are not gay and if they are that means they are ciggarette machines and they got marijuana rollies in them for a gold dollar so if you are […]



WARNING: ULTRA DANCE ALBUM call it the chi or the force we all in our lives feel it loud and clear, at which times may be disturbing and some for all or some intriguingly scientific. whats important is that we all be. and able to be to be is to yearn to be so im […]


Jugga Poet

Chugga poet J u g g a Hey I’m not going to lie to youx your love I can’t deny and it seems like from any other f****** person it ain’t real. And the f****** world girl, you know what I’m saying that’s which world you know what I mean, lalala. Hey yo it’s not […]

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