Africa Post Up! Africa Post Up!


Stopped by many strikes I have been away from keybard and everything got put in place before I left, the wallpaper bkg xset to Michael The Archangel on a DJ Set, exact pose as the Angel is the DJ jaintly obscured, fondly in love. Well come on in events cash them catch the fiddle traction “Ben Wayne Music” on YouTube. Burning Spear giving me side mind dem Marcus Garvey nah side mind Garvey, nah we talkin` Mr. Garvey. That`s Mr.Garvey. Who all you all catch them now. Me Marcus ah Sun Dem Come. Me stop and Revelations and rebuke dishonor of the Honor of Marcus Garvey. Horns Release The Piano Roll Orgeon. 5:02 PM 6/8/2018
ON THE TV SHOW “HELLS DOGG” I was the dog for the season and I had poodle hair mats. It`ss true YAHWEH.

You A. Me? Aww, hey… hey, hey. Yellow Horn Section on New Wave Blue Riddim Sounds Smooth Seriously. Full Screen MON SANG “What a blind day what a happy happy happy day! Oh yea! Wave the Banners, Orange, Purple, RED, GREEN and GOLD. Rainbow Country! Jah Rain the what a come day brotha and happy day my brothas i like to say broodah`s like yall my snake guitarist back there, Jim. Dont mess with Him. He`s buying an Old RatgGOMG Guitar. Sounds like backdouijia for cobra, thats xmen and alll that was down with the Emperial B 520 vs the Xterminator ACTH-420. Rastas, “JAH RASTAFARI” JAH RASTAFARI, ALSO SAY WITH SPIRIT CHRISTAFARI! Christafari Sssh! So Brand New!

Leave you say Africa dos mile Africa Post Up Africa Post Up. Get Down Get Down the Heaven Drop, Get down the rain I Am The Victor I Am The Champion I Still Have The Final Word. I Can Be A Wrecking Ball. Oh Mah Boom Boom. Yes Words. Frequency Mic Squeal!! Peircing. Nah Body Understand Tho. This Is Jah`s Plan And His Word. It Came In Like A Wren. Wreckingball.