Rambo Rainbow Dance Craze Daze

Aliens plead rainbow blood aliens bleed rainbow blood futuristic chemical process is energy cell ratio, THC UFO back quote space! Lead!

Hovercraft ships Landing everybody listen to me, Cap`n Smirk, missing two in my mic booth at Xmas time down through the roof y’all got to be dogs of little use?

Tell the people the truth ET alien C`MW THRU. I bark when I mew. Many called Chosen Few cream of crop Verizon through keep dreaming don’t Sony my walk don’t censor my talk.

Discombobulated 24/7 Jacob’s Ladder to heaven straight error slurping rap burping Fury, throw that slurpee at the wall someone slip and fall?

Hear the thunder see lightning eyes in the sky mean good site Lucy in the Sky with lasers top cellular and pagers BPI 911 VA phasers b**** I’m a laser gun!

Level 1 set to STUN!
Level 2 set to FUN!
Level 3 set to RUN!
Level 4 set to CUM!
Level 5 set to SLUM!
Level 6 set to BUN!
Level 7 set to CHUM!
Level 8 set to CLUMPLUM!
Level 9 set to OBLIVION!

Humans. Choose…
Aliens cruise…
Me 2, GNU
One Love and single too
Be my friend it Neva End
Me pro, COBRO fo sho.

(CC4.0)a ZEPTAR.ORG 2018.3131

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