1998 Wu Tang “Killer Swarm” SlANG BANG THE WAX!

Another day in the fast or urgency to swarm back here this camiguin a gun that fires 10 species African killer bees two Choppers thousands of these guns are made every year everybody knows people die from bee stings they’re the African Killer Bees then aren’t they the African killer bees

Get your mons ready mind to the Breath of Life resurrected Christ what you got to say sacrifice I want some other s*** just take it to the Mothership you got some plans and the Covenant you loving it some olive oil you rubbing it through amateur the warmer get for every kilometer Rises a cheap pressure I could I measure you dropping bombs from Brasilia agents to read the pages was born in Molokai Psalm Just Between Love and lust as it is with me and I Rust in Peace washed bus book but back and reverse Barnabas be the man to see what’s in my mind too I see his lawmaking Hindu part battle the courage I see Islam and Hindu mixed with a million others in Sri Lanka to as well might as well address need watch the sacrificial I’m positive care to keep my mental Scott tourism above the lids energies and my error is always correct G now and forever ninjas is editorial and rhetorical I am before achill it breaks down your mind it trips historical check the knowledge study in the land the Earth’s crust.

Farmerama gravity Killa bees the Swarm that be given them more Sample for before considerate just a little word to stretch my morning verbs thanks be to Killer Bees Wu-Tang skeet skeet mental radar d’isis deity want to be on the track real buzy Beez cheese!

Beyond the horse feel that’s Let It Go the mental, that’s all I’m just he caught up in the middle of the devil’s list, bars review this. Protons electrons tetrahedrons the centrioles take a nucleus of the center of the known complete architectural visual sound Spectrum the strikes into the physical into the mental. My parameter donjo diameter from escaping let’s see in a box from Mexico up from Canada, get your mind, Braveheart purple courage battle to the seminar, Authority watch my God will be always correct fan of the air rule that’s ER RoR slurping it’s the s*** are you royal family straight Legacy? Get your minds ready.

And the jungle starving everyday you know you got to eat you know you got to eat in the jungle start and everyday you know you got to eat you know you got to eat and the jungle starving everyday you know you got to eat got

Everyday you got to put some shade on the s*** eat some cornbread with the syrup suits not to them my little dude girl she cry and I know why under the sunshine moving as one sign Monster High dolls Al’s the most say we Hyles on top of the miles my name is sweet I got to eat Pete little doggie or Kitty I got no dogs all of them are dead smart ass says sucks f****** everything.

That’s the one of them all assist Beast as long as Warrior show me bombastic on floral squirrels books from America smoking Peddler Stick it to the Predator realistic go getter, my Rob’s ignite one of the site it’s true my crew are all ghosts now pretty much you no and I know it down nice shoot dice drink juice and Crown Wilco this tight stylist Define attic you don’t want no static are the rabbit go you got to rumble with the weed angel said we got to eat, in the jungle you want to rumble with the Bee Gees bes bes b e e s

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