A Visit In The Midst


when you visit you cant be actin strange in the double seven oh is where you findin me, a reason to live that hard that soft that perscription for ya mental even holy ghost presidential backwards credentials so much nah need organizing. bet we do. bet we need leaders. bet we need people to look up to. so what do you do when you have an experience that is spiritual but you are still caught up the same activities and behaviors from the block to the cut.

for one thing i am just trying to worship the divine through everything. and even though those human qualities are hanging on the sin nature is still strong howvever under Christ we are take over the sin nature and put the helm over our Christ minds. basically, if you worship and seek the lord that is good, but ive been let on another secret to the Walk with God.

talked to a huge pastor, he says i need to build the walls of the foundation which is my faith, i believe. im so eager to hear more direction from the LORD and i feel my weakness is seeking Christ more.

you see i have this idea that Christ is a badass awesome mofo that wants to kick butt in the realms, however i think i had a misnomer, i dont know how Him riding on the clouds and shining like the Sun, well i kind of have an idea. God is going to speak and everyone is going to know He is the Lord. okay so i dont have to worry about that. i guess thats what this was starting out to be some kind off offer for yall to see what i experienced so far away

i love you as readers as i dont write much.

sorry to reign on your parade but its #raintimes and feel these THUNDERLIPS, ahh now i wannna rap about girls. thats the main reason i started blogging was because of all the oozing love that was cominig out of me and now im letting my internal struggle with faith pour out on these pages so after this blog we will get to more love i hope…

but even in these just know God loves you and Jesus is beckoning the wreckoning so wreckognize JESUS CHRIST, let him drain down ya soul and feel refreshed. while the others dont understand and let them just go away….

this is my #raindance. imma let it rain till all us clean and the dirty history of the world is washed clean. only a few understand what there is to gain when you underneath the black sky dancing in the rain.