Rittz, Insane Clown Posse and Danny B mix here from yours truly, Let it be known I’m troublesome with the DJ stack I just must admit Rittz is my favorite rapper right now and probably forever besides mkvli not the DJ anyway bringing this to you being bold with my music skills thought I’ve gained over the years, it’s really fun hobby time when you get a kick back with the Brew and try not to spill it on your DJ’s your crew from way when you first knew about how to mix things started with just dumping types back in the day and I’m slowly increased to the computers and software sand that’s about all I gots for mixing now I don’t have any hard line equipment like Wheels of Steel pedal come to them how you feel kind of stuff so that’s pretty much it I hope you really enjoy it as much as I may have fun making it here’s to a lot of hits on YouTube to make me feel GED Z musically cuz I never had any formal training except for clarinet back in grade 3 and I dropped out after quarter two or three to go back to PE cuz I was bored of memorizing staff sheets as a matter of fact I used to just write the letters of the note over the staff and play by letter instead of reading the staff lines.
It’s art and performing on my shops here and dropping blog a blogs about my life be life am I hopeless romantic Heart full of strife so I’m going to both then drop a little blog drop some music I got some good news sounds good news good good news and that’s all nothing but love it’s a Green Book of Love filled with all kinds of weird things. Cuz it ain’t no thing just to whip up some mixes what’s going to take work is to try to get really really good at it and splice up some of my own tracks like I did on the some other stuff I don’t know if I get around to sharing it but I don’t want to review it just yet I’ll s*** already did the song one personal list I don’t know what I’m trying to hide from you reader but I see the hits and it’s nice to know got a few who like things my heart sings. I swear to God I caught this part and is Rhymes where you talk about ludes not the big red pill I’m talking about some ass anyway just thought I’d let that in there and see if you catch it when you hear it pass, Rittz is bad like totally f****** awesome bad ass mother f***** makes me get all the hype and intense on some days if I don’t watch it if I listen to Too Much Rittz I want end up just like jumping around and getting loopy is Silly Willy Ali Ali Ali willy willy willy silly silly silly hilly hilly hilly I Bolly Wally’s so watch me squall with these digital LEDs of characters better than the internet and 1999 right before Y2K crash every computer on Earth but they kept work so we went forth now it’s 2018 and they all still working even the new ones since then and that’s my little dork rap that don’t even make sense, and the whole time I know I’m making this all about Rittz but I used to instrumental off the track when I’m clownin by ICP and Danny B from Detroit City and that’s like nice to be able to get without having to reverse engineer it on Audacity but there’s ways to get these instrumentals and that’s how people make them it’s a technique where you invert the waveform and isolate the background noise and take away the vocals there’s YouTube techniques on it tutorials anyway,, I was hoping to hit more trap Style on it like I did with another one I did, I love trap music and I love Strange Music and I love the dark carnival music and I like the whole fam era totally tight, when I mix it’s like I’m drowning and a bunch of music and I love all the sources and waveforms then I’m feeling as The Beat Goes On and the song and I’m putts with it on the Green I make it so mean but sometimes as lean times with low disk space on the line that limits the time that you can provide for experiments on tracks, and that’s pretty much Clowning Around on some DJs stacky stack. Stamped it.