12:00 PM 6/8/2018

i wake up
i take care of myself
i go to Yoga
i make a song or mix
i make artwork for the music
i write about how i feel
i publish it or schedule for publication
i take a break
i stretch
i medicate hardly never pots empty
day and night i medicate like kid cudi passed the Oz.
alpha trick crazy for nutso`s
more than so-so
80s crazy hiphop craze
Beats they catch and start to wave
i said with my eyes dance not fuk
wink dip my pen in ink close my eyes see you and start to think
what a slip meant, quarter fold
what do i sand walk or stand to lose
not lookin to just knock boots
no shame it the game GITs ya GRIPs on RIGHT?
aint to shame a Bell story
Ring ding ding as fresh as a Canova
Gold as ya blonde bombshell
Thats a glimpse of what u are to a
intertwined dined, inclined?
Said that, you move me.
Ya gotta badass body and we can rock slow jams softly till the brink of ya catch me intently fluently swaying our hips to the lofty aureal rhythm sent in
We got it
No shade
Out skiing tho
Wait ferverent
On Heaven Sent
Danger Danger Cuidado
I want all my ppl
Contemplate with fervor
No more nevermore?
LORD lead the CHORUS.

Never doubt but I get an intent.
love is what I be
aint got time for lovin?
i got a lot in my heart.
so remember that.

(had to get that out of my mind. thanks)