FUCK RADIO! DvD (full review)

British accents in a room or a panel describing the project from hell this be volumes they be pumpin. They got maximum rap.force with DJ Unique going long on the DVD which volume? All. Florida and UK factual AM FM live. Hotel rap intense parties OT writing being shared, ppl.bootleg.CDs of dese seash, ive been … Continue reading FUCK RADIO! DvD (full review)

Fuck Radio DVD Volume I, AM-FM Takeover-Phun!

This dude called "Griminal" be on a hiphop DvD, support and respect. Make known modern day Guerilla Sonics to freak 5 years old recording HOY!. https://youtu.be/9zZI_KkjeX4 on YouTube but the DvD u see harminous hungriest hot takeover pirateradio, 5 block radious signal turns GNU on its zedheds, looking to do hot radio, aka pieate radio, … Continue reading Fuck Radio DVD Volume I, AM-FM Takeover-Phun!