“The Computer User xp +S RIENCE”

LAZY WAVY WAVES @Playa_Corona, MX: Android v.1.11…

Okay. First thing. Muevete La Montana. Like to the sand of the sea. Beach in Mexico with one of my bands, that`s me! which one! horns n everythang. sweet thang you n me, nah in beach chairs see!? ahh, lone lone ranger one time said cap cap is the summertime, Coronas … of course por supuesto ICE COLD! crisp heilo on the bottle like ya never know. Oh computer? yah thats the SORT! we dont ride Epona on the beach she for boring morning Shin Jon Jean. oh snap, how we even playin… they said this place a Shitole rittled rocky Vulcan glass beach which might slice my feet… Mo Rolla say wtf we got Sandals ON? Mee lie knope ya know I got my feet covered so SUBLIME! type of shoe, you tell me I will tell mine.. I know you rockin Burgandy and I be rockin Vans like SPLAMMALAMLOT. python nah get out a lot, check check 1 2, uh i gots ta gets up nah ya now! Im onward, MIC BOOF!. Name of this group, nah tell nah GNU, fa shure its for download, nah wait in a QUEUE, smokin stack right behind oh thats me on a glimmer glam stanza put my phone down the back ya pants!!! on the left doce side or my right your left dont pick itup if it rings or look at it, it dont say anythings… SHIN JON JEANS!! double phone oh yeah I send a ping in it, just listen to the vibration with ya flesh all wiggle wiggle wiggle Snoop Lion and Rittz nEXT after MIC BOOF! Yeah a few ppl say, this is an english speaking beach, by most, lemme off the snap and I will conjugate the most! oh know no no two sticks get it on the way, be on the pump i wanna live dot wat????????? umm swimming at the beach, FLOATIES!!! watch me dance around and walk in the sky, till the music hitme and the black magic voodoo jam starts to fly!!! ummm, And UH all the shoes are off at the front of the entre, no accento yet tho, big India type of sky.. oh okay. SO ME DONE WITH THE FLY THYME THIS MEXICO WE FINE!!! High Times we done Yagerbombed acrossed the USA, circulate our rock stylee game did, yet to come say me and A`dre, keep em fiendin for the sound. Rock on! SKA SKANK TIME. Uh i hit the skank skunk beat real harsh uhh that 111 of Collie Greens like ah cough syrup for purple being drunk and singing!? And Uh, I dont think you can handle this JAH VISION cause after about 23 minutes, no no, only a sip for the VINE, so so, WWWAIT, here come the thunder, did you hit the red purpleish button to answer on my others buffers that connexors to the DJ Kit processor? what i mean A`dre is you can rock the show, special secret mission for ya, press go, here come Rittz, see A`dre wat u do, is ACTIVATE MY DJ ZEPTAR FOR WRIZT ON THE RITTZ DJ KIT… BEST I CAN EXPLAIN IT.

So i run like a shoeshoegaze quick move, magic disappear im in the stack now i am dimished but im controllin some kind of best type of rewind selectors and echo minor twerkin tracks off the offline just to bring it. It will work! Rittz just call for it, we will take the NortherN HemphISerW for nada we knaw gnaw wan gwan party till Siesta from the morning RITTZ rap two fuccn albums. Uh And UH the steel train comes through and Snoop Lion is just gettiing warmed up for the DESPUES DE SIESTA FIESTA long long boring midday caterd in for all the ppl only cost two cents for full fudge sundae kept cold on vanilla bean ice cream fried. After the food ya get it, we got lotta fans that drive so they do it way way more effecient than even a drive thru line.. NO SOGGY TEARS, only SOGGY ENCHALADA oh wait soft taco? everything two cents. if ya nah gwat nah money, then get ya wife or famalia somebody to write a note that says, “MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS: “SUCH AND SUCH,” if not that then, “HERE IS MY PRESENT ADDRESS PLEASE POST OFFICE ME IF YOU GET IT I WANT MY EMAIL TO BE: “SUCH AND SUCH” now all caps on that because that is our payment para comida if ya nah pago dos cientos, si? okay!

Oh yeah, it all sanctioned by the Local Citizen Policias Enforcer Team of Neighborhoods and even all the Spiritual Leaders of the Locality say we loosen up for one day a year this time and we agree on this. Smooth woosh of Holy Spirit to La Gente. All lights dim slow to sleepy time no fights or nothing, peace from my iPod, Snoop Part TOP SECRET! Jah Vision, BOUT IT BOUT… iT!!!

❤ zeptar

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*file location is: https://zeptarorg.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/30-minute-all-chakra-ultimate-energy-fusion-energizing_-tuning_-balancing.ogg



JESUS CAME TO US CAME MADE STORIES BBOUT OUR NEIGHBORS once He was my hero i know he saved the day, daddy aint pleased ya mean evil is working but GOD can handle it interchanging nouns now every part of life we fail begin a work of grime to clean and be well deliverence is offered to us, turn and trust. He died to make all things new, by night and while our world is fallen his love never abandons.

welcomee back. im glad you came back again. back to my life thats what a blog is isnt it, hehe i know ya thats what it is. so who needs news!?

alright i slept great on microfibre, if i did ads i could place a shameful ad right there like back when i started. idk i feel if ppl got to know me online while i waste mi vida loca. Paul said if we dont live for Christ then every minute we do not is wasted, Jesus calls us and will break all our restraints and set us free to Eternal Life.

I dont want to waste my life and that is all you are going to hear about God? i dont think so. who is pissed? hmmm? show off im fleaspoonin felix ghost photos on a helf mail. money is single sandwich my time all these fine paradigms its you that should choose life. and i admit dont want to waste my life and move forward to a NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH NEW JERUsalem.

I feel the whole world is the “BABYLON” system. I do not feel it is necessarily the WESTERN WORLD or the 1ST WORLD NATION of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. THE SPECIAL OPERATIONS TRAINING MANUAL FOR THE NAVY SEALS AND SPECIAL FORCES is very Scientific and one time my training was yoga flex next to someone on the LED view she is real TRU, Cole Chance hope these words find you. I dont know why you ran away to Spanish Speaking Dark School but I see you cut your dreads too. Ya mine were Hell`s Dog matted Poodle hair. and uh, anyone saying a Poodle aint nuthin but a sissy dogg check out the fantasy life I walk through.

I just want to be just like Christ. And uh, everyone says that, but I havve this other feeling. I dont want to just be like GOD is want to BE HIM. and its a make believin` attitude i face the lies of Lucifer and uh, everyone who tryin to say FUCK KEAUNU REEVES like me just be free, i say be free. i say it to me but i want my broken life replaced and i w ill take it if and when GOD completes his work of Christ in me, until the day he appears and the WORLD em all end.

Thats right, every world, every dimension, every subset, every alternate life style of you and you and you and you. OK i see a few… Give up all them clothes they dust. God wants his money everything is dust say 2PAC from the echo side when they read the Z-Wave on my echocardiogram, instead they see a Q, nah nah if its Q its STARTREK supremember that fly guy that say like GOD did that times up its over WE ALL IN. if they askin RIP to the old man.

Raised in the twin star cities toured down up and east. Im braggin hard on this right now and its definatley for GOD. I dedicated my guitar to GOD to play and thats like 18 years ago now. Every sound of the string sounds so rich to me in a way that makes the sunshine just like the golden strings on it. if you own one lets hear it, okay well you have and you will.

hey what up 86 on a chevy thousand grwains of sand on the ocean man the spit on my pillow makes a crazy angel or demon collect the drool a nd i blame it on all the pills im on fool. i try to do whats new and wanna go GHANDI 2: THE REVENGE know what I mean, nah mean?

if you dont like whaat i say, this is a quarteer back sneak from the guts of MARSHALL MATHERS, say powerless DOA arch enemy around me trustin in GOD like a refilable script, i know i recycled beef with ICP on anonradio.net and that was beef that needed to be walked again for some reason.

For me, if the episode even still exists, or not, than it was early in my broadcasting career as a DJ for anonradio.net I wanted to put forth a JUGGALO type WIKKID show and I was immature, grossly as a matter of fact and its an issue i talke zelibrum cylinders fire offset 7.83 Hz.

Thats ionospheres on ionospheres on ionospheres. This post if for GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Its also for us to listen and groove too with an attitude that some people, athough seen backwards and wierd as the nerd I doth quote, “Christians are witches and its time for a war.” From a Tetragrammatron (sp?)

May the Lord Jesus bless you.

Uncle Bob is a ripoff artist. ❤ 😉