Heres a GNU twist on comedey thoughts. Remember the great comedian liver remover belieber phan with polyester pants? Ya dat guy well my cat said he says hi and a mew i couldnt make sense over RITTz rappin bout tappin and it happened i trapped it iz what The Man In The Moon, That Jim Carey guy yeah i met a groupie of his who swore she blew him ya i claimed Kaufmann would be a l337 trap artist cause hus multple outfits but if had protool tweet deck he would joke the minds world with an LED gossip pirahna pool like GNU Social!

All liver miracle aside the point was he had faith inside and it helped define the way he lived his life. His dissapointment with phalse healer tricks ia what everybody faces in those dark places, tryin to find Solace in the medicine from them who statiatically holding heads under and not let them wonder about vitamins and minerals 100% Total mixed with RaisinBran blam! I even eat ham, but damn, cant we have a fish fry and GITs by a lil longer?

O lots of love to share today so allow me to copy my script from earlier last week even though that love has went to sleep with 0.0 chance of a romance, in fact, it.was a way better dream than wrangling the logeatically complex rendezvous move. Rain dimes next time, A`dre so fine, hopeless flirty crush black heart of mine.

Mmmm.. mmm, breakfast time!
Total Whole Grain Flakes, 10.6 oz (pack of 3)

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