im starting a page, and i have started several other pages on ZEPTAR off the main page, separate from the blog, and i just started giving them some such luv and lou dogg is barking and im just imagining how this is not gonna be a total attempt of a stab in the dark, no not at all, im gonna back it up with real science and i am DJing a huge ass CLUB RAVE right now laid back, whoever dont play Snoop is whack, everyone says it ruins the mix howevver whomever oh yeah say Predator Police Force, nah they aint Police, thats right! they are Predator Outlaw Immortal Panther 5.0 Dream Team Saviors Rougish Clumpiest so whatup clumpys aint it time to get down now and uncloak and get that skull, hhh uhh do not comply i am not cra zonic phonically phronting on a pickup coil drop pcm dub so thereffor sum subract wait multiply divide wait exponents multiply divide wait who needs school when you just work fractions on beats hello oh i got through the trunk to pipkempski! ZEPTAR

Unusual Kind

There goes the song now love is what I got now, natural Mystic I’m on the edge remember that love love it’s all that I got listen carefully now drums Guitar bass all in the face early in the morning I might just hop up on Yo blessed chest Give It Up to charity to DD that’s me DB9 DB9 on time if it went to dance get hot word mighty on suffer on suffer you in feel it in the meditation feel it in the air everything you do get vibrate irie love is what I got holding in her long fitted long fitted filtered water 7Up in the showers down call me Austin Powers you think it James Bond working for them and now 12 strong hope you are recording early in the morning strong strong strong yoga yoga meditation is a little secret yoga tx.org check it out money get high like a motherfuking ride it in the Midwest surrounded on the coast everything is the best so Hold It Up’s real strong you might get run-over or you might get shot but not me I ain’t a pedestrian they conceded it it’s within the reach strip from Long Beach put the red one on that red thong on Lovin is what I got remember that remember Brad from LBC forget that other phony that Mark ass be CC 4.0 right to the Rock that’s creativecommons that’s what all this on let the love and Roll On and On I need another source while I’m groove on hold on we’re coming on strong.


I just front on the competition with Mom fake news attention Cruz black blue under the druze where my shoes the fake knockout Jimmy shoes mother f*** that was a boxing match so hurry up and get off my b**** cuz I need to smack the trick stood out motherfuker getting bigger and bigger and bigger and tell him over shadow went all of y’all.


I’m going to start typing if you don’t do what I say Google because I got a million motherfuking close to sending you head shop motherfuking sudo shop motherfuking s you do on that motherfuking cherrytree b**** you harass me motherfuker f****** ask me for m*********** m*********** I’m Morpher Morpher and you fre refr Eazy-E hell yeah we kicking back chilling cuz ain’t no reason to get Ellen on the TV because everything she touches turns to Krispy Kreme just playing not turn off this Cliff Burton let Rittz flow cuz he got to stereo Brewing some f****** s*** that you be Slough in tough bro.


Cuz all I do is right bro you know what we do change your colors from Red on yellow two yellow one red and then it’s all about fuzzy bees then kill it for the fees and that’s how we bees buzz buzz buzzing rain showers common type of person Taco Tongan slurp sometimes my mind press rewind always goes ffwd never backwards I remember sometimes too times funny God’s in tribes but I seem like 10 feet high and the darker all around me and then mother f*** you can’t get on side, it’s too much f****** light in this God damn spot forgive me m o e just to know just to know you can blow your nose in it though cuz it’s on o page page and everyone’s on the same page conversation it’s all this me, AI industry tricky tricky million million zillion, the transcribes to a string that you never f****** read, let’s make it negative one plus a family ffwd my mind goes so fast even when I’m trying to be chilling sorry I haven’t wrote for a couple days but I was feeling Ellen i c k y e all about flat on my face hardly move in front of me dead on the box spring, take about this Bean it’s so big and I’ve seen I’ll be Flicka da Flicka da Flicka Flicka da all day and I mean now I mean tea time I say every time T Street T-Town t love t-shirt E-40 word t word chutney LSD the cat, thank you for reading about that hope you bought an iPad just kidding but I just pray pray to the ones that you trust who don’t stomp you cuz of the way this one was looking at you it was like so awesome yo just everything that they say is scary isn’t scary it’s love on the other side in the dark you see what I’m saying when the spirits come out and all you haters about the I can’t even speak because it’s not about that wondering hello im thinking halo holders catching wav as much as could be wanna see the tyling im sick of autocoddecting2455th.live curb  street blank all yall wanks pointing scopes.at me i cant even say how im feeling like Jelly Roll im bak with the weed fuck a CABHOBO yall suckas understatement style is wack try mine i aint got no stylee i aint got no fashion? In my underwear at wally world for the website ahwee pop and hips all ya lisps lips check this ring ring teletub time machine i know Internet travels time no questioning Greenbook authority Page Made With Hemp LED LCD fibre its a real thing not mebtioning NORML-ize US and oil for the machines we got. Right there hear.


Heu there little lette, Giggle-slap the cards again. Another round joked, joked them all around, Passing from my hand 2 yours.

Another game of twilty-whirl gurl, Caught me cheatin`? Back up girl! Know `bout the LBC Carnival, right? Palm Trees… Rainbows… You? I know U the least uptight. Girl U must be 2 chillyilly with me and play.

Uh, okay, draw 5 slap right? Right? Write? Rite!?

Inside my headphones mind-eye picture movie wheel, All thoughts suddenly surreal, if I could tell you how I feel fa REAL, fa REAL…

Let me tell U how I feel, A fivey. Look at me so lovely is where I ask now to be, in that moment so sillyilly.

5 cards again up in the air, from a phat phreah phresh deck, whut`s next, if U lose I bite ya neck. A`ite bet.

Game again, toss my floss, throw a slurpee, U the boss. My hand XNTS worse of course, on the low ship.stays on Morse. Sublime Hawaiian my guitar, the time seem far, SanteriaJam2004. Smile Mafia $5 at the door.


Basic bio-chemistry when U with me, poff on sum Sensei with me, the real real AlienOG, thats 33.33% THCmobile zillion dollar Motorolla golder than Aculpoco, saw u check this `lo, makes me say hej.

U know I got u boo, ya IHI. WANNA ride with me in the backseat of a Caddy? Nah, aint no shack up, u know I act up if I can`t Smack My Bitch Up. SEE my Prodigy mind got u in sight and we aint even gotta say what I like. Me u find.

Cuz automagically she cures my S.A.D. immediately boosting my P.M.A., 7Bats and I`m soaring, Life is procuring a kitty a floors me, Break down them Doors, beep beep that Morrison for us. TMI? Exuse me, do you believe in LOVE at 1st website?

DAMN RIGHT, can I get eyes at the end of the night? Take whats mine, found a silver dime, you so fine. LANDMINE! Im in your mind, my Corona nah need lemon or lime, beer`ll make ya phat, drown a vat NEway, when we GITs down turn that upside down frown and feel this clown. A! Eh! A! Bb! Mostasteless beezy is the mofuku mofuku. How do you like my grasd stash? Just pass the docé to the left hand side, at night inside forget the bubbly. Bubble Gum buds what? At about 21 percent worth a golden nickle, bet I GITs it 1st, FWIW feel free to come forth and reverse my curse.

Images of War, Cocaine, and Suicide. This aint me. All I need is a :-* from a stranger.

Danger! Head Banger! mkvli alive inside my mind tryin to find green slime b4 Devil’s chimes, dont deny, at least I tried big as Clyde.

B4 u split for YouTube, back on my view cuz what I`m `bout 2 throw at you be more and moar chedder boo, TRU in my mind image movie show everywhere I go same ol smile and ya big eyes groovin with me… Oooie…
Oui! So sweet, glad u digg my pen game and sound .wav what I want? What I may? Hey, Can I hit it ?

Lette be what me missin` one scandelous faboulous to handle some stuff, Maintain like no thang, sink into ya neck with my fang. Vampires feed e`ryday. Harming Army swarming a warning?

Just come to my door at about 4 past 9 at nite. Try 2 be on time cause I got candles n wine, baby I aint wastin` ya time. Sure tricks`ll drop.a dime, hey ah hey, not playin no games, tonight let`s go insane, We nah lame.

Discombobulate membrane, it`ll be the end of a good day and u aint gotta buy anythang.

Let`s just blow some Chronic and go Ultra-sonic meditation levetation on Acoustic Aculpoco, feel each other dance to each other`s rhythms within.

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