I love cats as much as Alf

I love my little Harmony Ellis d every time my cat looks you in the eyes say hey there what’s up inside every time my cat walks by I always make sure to put it on its side not to say I’m petting your cat but what I mean is when my cat walks by I always grab her and say hi the more cats the merrier pet them all and watch out for them carriers

If you can’t ever if my cat ever lets out a moan I say something yelling at me I always reply with a hey you or okay just to say I got you Maui

Sometimes we play cards and our favorite game is war she likes to see me slap slap slap them cards on the floor so far the score is that I’m wanting more but you never know when the guys are going to roll the other troll

Anyways well I’m trying to say I always always do is if she sitting there staring pretty at me or even lets out of Mew I make sure to say at least hey yo

My cat is always there to sleep with me at night usually she never misses a night she’s always there when I wish for her to be near and that’s very dear to my heart just like getting her food it’s a way to her heart and scoop her Dew good everyday like I do

There are times when she’ll run away and not want to play but that’s okay cuz she just likes to nap during the day she’s active during the night sees many creepy sites who knows maybe I go inside her body at night in my spirit comes out of my body and controls the cat while I’m asleep that would be really neat she don’t like cigarette smoke cigars are okay she seems to be fine with them I can’t think of any same way to take care of a kitty

Just make.sure to.apways include.kitty in ever itty bitty keep it.safe.from the city tragfic cuz crosstown traffic. Well ot can.be tragic damn mishaps. Perhaps they reborn agin in human form to face Dante`s Inferno like this `lo ya know kick it on hits.that already giot sent riot gear sphere wierd.edits.dont GITS mailed nice to have.i been sleeping at night thats why i didnt write a`ite? Keep it ote.