Because ZEPTAR says so!


net(metaslayer) > # uprisze –go /dev/md127 /mnt/SanDisk :// 
allocating meta tarball… 98% linked
continue finder scan… 76007

992.22GB AVAIL

Query time 8ms
WHEN Mon Dec 03 21:20 UTC
traceback /var/warpig.log {$PING}
Groups wheel, sudo, admin, metaslayer

while true; do catk ‘jabber.txt’ +x alphabet.csv;

input streams 0 and 1 to outut; done 


while true; do typescript ouput > fibonacci.csv until exit(‘true’) else tar -c -gz fol’COM’; mail {$USER} flower of life .tar.gz &; finder run emulation formulation SIMULATION on flower of life multi planes of data that is satisfying for increase further kingdom all for knowing geoip applied science reading of anylytics with smart math wave sometimes so big it increases potential wherever industrious ESP happens in you and you and you oh I seen a few some hands down now the number grew

statistics and ratios under probability laws attaching and transcoding variable data in waves of catk111er thunder pattern cause certainty for the Uprising on the exact call to action that brings justice to our CAUSES are scientifically accurate information provided about the mot log as we read the geoipfinder devop dashboard hit Venn diagrams, letter, word, idioms, phrases, ‘Logos’ ultimate truths regarding the material and researching all null hypothesises, null theories and retesting true logics then speed date a few thousand millionaires and billionaires solving larger and more complicated problems that humans themselves have created amongst the world and each other especially being total sums of our own personal corporate agendas whom most are duped into an I’m working but my goal delays and fails to fruition of the good I want, the money I should earn more of, and ultimately my happiness always high in the pursuit of life and liberty and the pursuit of aforementioned artful balance of power in the Economy and Anarchy making money and common sense from all and every relational database schema unfolding sub space to light. Uprising in the pursuit of life is inherent to our achievement unlocking and it is uprising against ignorance without missing any of these SCIENCE agreed facts that arise from our intuitive complex wetware bio carbon life form moving and thinking and feeling having and moving and being in our higher power equipped with faith in what makes us more good than bad, it matters BECAUSE matter matters and all that matter to those who matter matter to us then we build the computer scientific process to on the fly calculations unlocked in fractal processing through logic and potential and intrinsic value of digital information you wish you could do more of it right now! it’s 5:20 somewhere let’s get medicated for round retina ray rep lode runner victories against harmful dragons in our 3D environment to 2D up to 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions as God accepts my hax as justified as a member of the ZEPTAR.ORG ARTS ORGANIZATION THAT HAS TO DO THE WORST HACKING INTO A NEW HOUSE OF LINCOLN LOGS to build a cabin with a roof and window, a chimney stack and whittle and shape all the real importantspecifics of creating life hacks for Uprising around the world. o/ zeptar


ZEPTAR – “Like You”

35:37 (JESUS RAVE)


If they same say say me the lamest, imma just be and take it. Nothin, my leg. Whole team. Game over let go. Jesus be walkin with me mang so how am i really LAME? Tell my momma that I`m good when me ~.

No cocaine no ketamine no rollie rollie gonna stop me. I aint got no stylee and me holdin back with the punctuation-ing got be me pausing who ultra octomorphing thats a tetrahedron by octohedron with three red connectors and some grey connectors and brain fissures are melt ya!

got a new method, follow all alone, givin` her a chance to come to my home. free from my robot soul in a 15 Petabyte server now. Can make a sail code if i had a card that was folded hold it homie zoned on the phone note, like Napster P copied “KEEP IT REAL LO`” what she thinkin to me. Gotta new method and callin JESUS building new world any room for her like my YOGA PLANK?

STOP RIGHT NOW?! JESUS HOMIE!? BIG GOD big guns gunner 111er the gunner come out now.

kill my kali in killa kali its the city where they dumb dumb and run run with tv sumthin sumthins and seems became the cradle of civilization for my pen and standards we be holdin as the USA and abroad *sigh*

so this post is called JESUS with a salacious by line, oh by line, thats mine its ZEPTAR in this land and separation from my own friends is a major dilemma, it might not sound like much can I count on you a whole bunch? Jesus he promise yes. Put all your hope in His Salvation the best is for those who turn to Him first. The inner peace and freedom of THE LORD HALLELULIJAH is something you must feel.

And I know MY HERO Jesus already saved the day and HE is coming back again.

Because one day He be like, “LET`S GO!” and it`s already been counted. We must shroud our lives with CHRIST and allow him to be our INVISIBLE HARRY POTTER CLOAK not so we can sneak but he must become our MAGE he must become the HEXEN DOOM II IDDQDKFA CONSOLE.

I admit, I am following a skim milk way of living. To die is gain so if anyone asks what I give my Melchezidech ten percent to then its Christ and I must, in my growth of getting my faith strengthened back, put ten percent in for Him and no more, wait, no ALL given to Christ because He walked and talked like no one could ever do. That is more than any Western or Eastern University. IVY LEAGUE to Community College.

Showing me stuff I didnt see, every time I read. I like you reader, chngfoc % to those days I look forward of seeing where your shoes go and to JESUS this applies solely.

All I see is me becomming DJ WRISST or WRIZT on tour with RITTZ as his main DJ engineer extroidenaire i know i can make the air of the forum sizzle crack and flair with ZEPTAR channelling CATK111ER FOR CHRIST!