Because ZEPTAR Says so!

MKVLI.VE lette statusnet fool ya slime fly is over now time fa more droolin` make a Kool fool ya the cool kid sumthin 1+1=2+1=3+2=5 DAT knockin at door uh, nah poor, love to sat on the floor get in touch with Chinese eyes cryin feel fingers crawl up slime spine o/ dank rhymes always on […]

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Please look, listen & read… okay i ain`t lyin but i`m gwan on tour to dance bak.up with Cardi B also I run security from the doll`d up pimp`d up then i hit the DJ controller to change the loop and jump thru her fire blaz`in hoolahoop like wat where the heck where in heavens […]

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Please listen… i dont even know where to begin, but Insane Clown Posse has been part of life in strive in strife in pipe tobacco green any fucking thing, you would know lemme spill it out, OUCH! man gwan way back hurts emoji talkin bout since 15 we had the Riddle Box and Great Milenko […]

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I’m obsessed with this freestyle from DonDada, he killing the raps out straight he may like 5 million views ain’t no stoppin this dude I might be handling my mixes a little sloppily but I dropped them properly follow me on YouTube subscribe whatever i ❤ Mixxx, watch the video hahaha just playing you never […]

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