Because ZEPTAR Says so!


lette statusnet fool ya slime fly is over now time fa more droolin` make a Kool fool ya the cool kid sumthin


DAT knockin at door uh, nah poor, love to sat on the floor get in touch with Chinese eyes cryin feel fingers crawl up slime spine o/ dank rhymes always on time so sublime in rhyme, meter, tempo and such, dance for lunch gotta hunch and caught a crush that's one most day closer and more pay, call scandalous but the CCTVz cannot handle us

how’s it hangin, Yeah, Yeah! Right cheer bring a beer have no fear, I'm a LOVE post, of feel mad, honest LOVE turned  2 clownvic stayin o/ da 2 


da Z free on a candle party lite so bright brings psychosocialrecords for the socialite Don’t jeer it just knock back on the attack o/ a k111er fukn hustle no one can stand it goddammit like thumper the rabbit 

o/ that Gambit Babit call Rainbow Rambo Dance show as perfect sail prose and make an all froze like GITs the perfect plasticity on the form at her the storm


Rain so nice having seen a drop since ice storm had vampires time purrs, baby we could GITs much higher, C# my tunnel ‘O’ LOVE c’mon up Yo! up above o/ LOVE




Please look, listen & read…


okay i ain`t lyin but i`m gwan on tour to dance bak.up with Cardi B also I run security from the doll`d up pimp`d up then i hit the DJ controller to change the loop and jump thru her fire blaz`in hoolahoop like wat where the heck where in heavens where oh my May I. See eTAR dance machine learn`d sum moves from Drizzy on the lean oh yeah, she on the dance roll I called up a RAVE she like smok`in gnaw mean like ARGGG!!! Aye Matey, yay yah we can see!!! ALRIGHTY ZZEN double up on double D`deedz rollin golf course next to me she be, I`m like yah I read ya piece bout how ya baby call golf moves cause she be like when nah next to me Jah believe me! Dear Lawd, on insta saw her BELLIE pics, …

i`m like nah Bartier make him or her play golf only this time beat everyone on the course gample gamble all him or her be hittin` all rows on rows on rows on rows like ZEPTAR DID!!! RAWR!!! look idk but imma call it, it might possibly be a boy, but ianad on arollie like a sucka but im her sucka Cardi Bartier, like wut you mean, step on gas, MASH the SCENE, look at my gimp hand if you don`t believe I fucc with CARDI BARTIER LIKE ON NOTTV, this for the real punks 4th) smokin on the bloggie roll, go ahead and repost i ain`t hatin folks so wut good day good day hello can`t touch it its so hawt like im her lo she my lette hit it on a red carpet, switch from the word to the beat okay now slow dance for her and me, BARTIER wanna sing?~) me know ya been writing writing writing all blessed days,, that we may have upon JAH`s Planet!

so hey wat the Aliens Are PPL Too, thats an APPLE AD for the PC`s next too. Same same everythang think different like me and you. Be grown be grown sow that seed it`s Planet Six, sittin right next to you, what comes after Earth, Science 101, i aiint even know cause it`s ZEPTAR now all I see, gravvity wave so much closer me! im the one ya ate hate me love~)

umm like okay SEVEN let`s not MOB THE ANTI LUV, saw that on a home movie on the B-Roll like credits on a video who does those? all the pro`s on the diff eq EEK THE CAT YO!!! make sure you get thatt on DVD show it to YOUNGIN stay away from GIN i be on a wake up beer JIM MORRISON. Like hey grandpa Poetry wat it roll, like a YOGA POSE hittin season four. take it all take it all take it all here it comes. number nine what planet? don`t do or not say ICE PLANET PLUTO?

up or down SUN DOTH SHRINK or DO IT GROW? which way is up, gravity wave can i measure those? im like yah by the LBS how much 1 weigh, saving those for VENUS that be planet eight. so if I dance for CARDI and play her songs on stage, you be from VENUS and quell all these h8er`s rage. l8r…. ❤ zeptar

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Please listen…GREAT MILENKO 4

i dont even know where to begin, but Insane Clown Posse has been part of life in strive in strife in pipe tobacco green any fucking thing, you would know lemme spill it out, OUCH! man gwan way back hurts emoji talkin bout since 15 we had the Riddle Box and Great Milenko plus all the bonus discs yall know this recall the one with Question Marks that was like Bizarro before Bizzaro, maybe we had Bizaro not Bizzaro, who know, well check it it got the Nedins wet on the phun side, check tho 2pac was a Juggalo too, and you gonna not say he was just east or west cause he is on this phat tape released str8 to my site saying HE A JUGGA LUGGA RO`(ll) and he recall the days ppl screamed Brooklyn In Da Haugh!

See they were not just disc`s that we posessed, The Juggalo Family held us up and we were basically farm kids with no claim to this Farm or that Silo, well maybe that one chick under the sign in the rain was showin love but to A`dre to share this LO N LETTE drop top corvette called LBC and thangs would be the sickwiddit to my wang ain`t no phuckin phone phreakin cept linin up a real life GIG. DJ ZEP ON GUITAR LIVE ON 7/21 with some 85 bux an hour for encore if the crowd lette it! (up)

Hey you And, Uh you and you and you, remember the post about the van before you? Yah in the van here who how we do? Me n You of course, not the blessed homegurl, are you? You cant quite stand so we do sit, me n you, its a mobile teepee dig a whole lotta holes cause they CANT STAND IT MAN!

Ouijia Macc not on this tracc, but you know I be rappin buring wrapping paper from last Xmas, cause SANTA DID IN FACT EXIST MON, but did I have a rice of green, that was all I wanted, I think my head caught a ping BIG UP! actually I was grateful can`t say db9 wasnt on time, cant say db9 didn`t boogie woogie woo on anyone fool! If I had one last chance to even see you outside my EVIL EYE from afar, you know what I would do, call a crisis line and say ZEPTAR got an URN turned to an axe on my chest, bleeding heard of the Blessed buried in my chest. Oh yous, well ah, and uh, I saw something from a far, I was like LORD JESUS there the baloon at the fair please pop it for me and win me that LAZER LIGHT!

WHAT THE BOOGIE DOIN? OH YOU MEAN ME? IM BOOGIE WOOGIE WOO, what the 9 in db mean man? It`s an ode to TECHN9NE cause I`m in STRANGELAND! BIG UPS TO THE CLOWNS #MMFWCL from above, or below I named my place Hell`s Pit, but it really cleans up!!

Now where ya wanna meet or what you wanna do? I`m talkin to a gurl now thanks for coming through, and if you axe where it comes from I might tell you that White Jesus “RITTZ” beeped a 911 on “wrizt” talkin like ICP lights burned down when they on that stage sayin YEAH that was ZEPTAR boomin down. So uh, tell the clowns TRUCE im fighting for the Dark Carnival Magic Powers that Big Hoodoo runnin from now! And Big Hoodoo runnin like a train, he a scary hitch hiker dressed like a black hobo man. And, Uh, hey A`dre… let`s pick him up, i got a feeling about this one, we got some extra vittles in this hittle, give him miles on miles to where me an` you are gwan.

There`s a bridge to Jamaica now and bridges round the world, you sailin with me in my 64 VW van, maybe we can turn down the Hatchet Hooter vibes and sell this guy some Jesus and put his pwd in the PAM. First thing when we get him in, just be real still while I get a feel and see how his intentions peel.

Oh I wreckonized him from mile marker 420.1 we at .9 now and its an automatic phun, cause uh, I saw some snizzle on hiz nizzle bud in the front of his face and i’m yrllin ys hittle rider in the backseat comin off one man, he need BEEF JERKY stat amd a VAT of JESUS JUICE, we got him singing halleluljia, “I was gonna bless you with #MMWCL just for slowin down and i got to get to 1 mile cause there a concert goin down with the FAM!”

WE LIKE WHAT!!! He like “yeaZ” knew ya on my geo ip just had to flag ya down, and i was using the big axe that i was holdin just to relay the fact that the next mini van that passes was going to help me man.”

WE LIKE NO F^^^^^^ WAY!!! Thats where we going, here our VIPPY passes dont say BIG HOODOO now” he like “NAH Im the surprise” and then he winks and says you seen OL EVIL EYE? NO WONDER HE SO NICE, HE HEARD OF THE ZEPTAR, we phresh on road trip three azndf our phone homie damien666 is meeting us man!!! Oh and his lette cause the girls are going shopping for every item of AUTHENTIC SHWAG sincr my CLOWN TAPES CAME OUT MAN!!

SO I PUT IT ON THE RASP PI and START TO BUMP THE THUNDER IN THE TRUNK we vruise to 1 mile pull up on a militant Damien Marley riff. Then BIG HOODOO meets the Marleys and they use his talent well, that bitch snizzle nizzle? WE COLLAB WITH SIZZLA NEXT MON!!!!

HOPPIN HOOTER BUS hits the 3 wheel motion and gotta say how many times when I pinched ya skin girl, smoother than my lotion. :o) ❤ zeptar

Baked Ziti: Hold the Ziti, Because Microbus Fantasy

Please listen…microbus

Around three years ago a special friend came into my life at a place that ain`t church or nuthin, but Uh, And Uh I was like needin` a ride, and this GNU gurl was politely asked on my behalf to drive me home in her personal vehicle and I got the chance to tell her some of my personal story and how it felt so gory and this war story that was forrayed stuck with her mind as she reminded me of it the other day.

Now I ain`t sayin no names or giving anything away but I think that all accounts best go down to her I thought that day…

I told her how I put a backpack through a window while sneaking one through the door, saying a quiet prayer about being unsure whether I was a thief who entered by the window or was I like Christ, the wisest and knock softly on the door of the heart ready and there always prepared for whatever we say when He appears there. Made it obvious that past mental health issues were there but somehow I am aware that this hottie driving me was out of reach like the Tree of Life, now I wish if this was like that and that was this and, uh somehow showing I wasn`t dumb because uh, the car was GNU and ran on Raspberry Pi MINI. For all the bells and whistles it distracted my story but somehow she heard the gory details of my frustrated broken mind, which I recall she recall total recall … “Let`s get our asses to Mars,” I yelled out the window to a passer by!!!

So this was a ride to around the same place, where I still recall the look of curiosity on sp/her/you (lookup sp/her/you on google for the sed or awk reference NFS puff puff pass)

I take you back in time in the vision from my eyes, after the first class, nah wait pass. Should I share this?

Her is here now is when, I take And, Uh back in time, the curiosity and eagerness to serve her overloards was first thing on her mind. Her job, her ride, her choice, our time.

Don`t you see how this unfolded, I always was very fond of her from that moment out. This week I`m going hard for all oozing love, even sum that can transmorgafry thoughts and brains to urge toward some big big lubby dd if zero could write then fill me with the command to write them zero`s write. Kamakazi sublime on my mind too much personal life? Yahbadabadoo Caveman time!!

Just to gain her trust I bought a microbus future prophection vehicle with airplane mode for her and me. Get her inside for a 9K tour, she can be the snooper check out my Chong fuzzy beads around the topper, oh wait o man i forgot to club her out!?

Hopefully a beat on the boombox can get the head bobbin otherwise my secret power 993 will have to do the job. oh how man secret powers I got 1000^5 today everyday it grow exponentially, as long as YOGA FLEX, my next short diddy prose will not be the fake cat spiller on TV.

so the next verse go like this, oh grape slizzzurrrup spill on ya shirt!? mini washing machine and dryer next to my TV, in the back of my vee dub mini microbus, even lazer printer for ya syllabus. .. so what up girl you then one! the ocean fish im fishin throw em all back cause you the one, now do bite that double bubble shirt off and look at the tag, dryer cycle gentle clothing, here is the USB Tea Brewing Machine… that`s right it`s all USB Three, but if you rock an apple the Firewire charger cable adaptor will work to transfer our Studio Capable Hiking Video Exploitings….

In fact here we go to the future, iPhone X can we get one!? I give you all budgeting cept a few pennies for me, also check it out the Movie of the Plot is Blair Witch 3, cause the 2nd (although good in it`s own right ) Anyways, this thing can vroom to the woods where we gonna shoot the 3rd Blair Witch, movie crew is me and you, And, UH you got iTUNES cause I only use VLC Player, got no time for them haters that want to own the sound that is free. And, Uh I got no beef to walk about being paid as an Artist, c`mon let`s get up off this memory foam of grey felt carpet. *(-0 ❤ zeptar 5:38 AM 7/15/2018

I’m obsessed with this freestyle from DonDada, he killing the raps out straight he may like 5 million views ain’t no stoppin this dude I might be handling my mixes a little sloppily but I dropped them properly follow me on YouTube subscribe whatever i ❤ Mixxx, watch the video hahaha just playing you never know when it's going to blow up big thanks to d o n da da Don's on. I Can't Stop remix seeing this and so many songs with it, it really speaks to me and I ain't even really familiar with everything he's talking about but is it sounds so dope fresh tight on point totally rad cool Hood news.

In my opinion the gang gang 1 needs of some band passing which is some effects that don't have right now I'll have to see if I can get something patched in from the thrift store or RadioShack a holic's to make it more smooth cuz it's kind of a rough air there's a lot of air in it and needs band past for any of you EQ Geeks Flicka da Flicka. More draw m*********** straw hat live cable all 50 states underwear commercial, all ladies swallow sweet cheese with me making moves sometimes I have episodes of insane nightmare terrors so I just stay up and write music blogs poems sometimes worst to worst sometimes funny about to drop some more on y'all after yoga.