Single Demon, Rival: Women; Writes Monster Sh*t!

Just a white boys throwing These Bars from these worlds my cat’s till now on so I thought I would spend 10 you on there f*** radio sets.

When then talking I want to talk more so my Rhymes and words come through to my neighbors want me to throw my cat out I’m sure cuz it’s late and she won’t stop meowing

Just give her some fresh snack in the still on the radio say he fresh 2 Buzz f*** radio so what are these guys doing sitting here and I got no justice bigger than that you got a snitch sends a b**** now that Ninja be me screaming you know I’m fly man, I got my Love ninjas ready to blast and squeeze, and I’m going to be like that and I’m going to be like die! Who the hell is that some of that guy, yeah everyone knows OG oh geez listen to that oh geez gotcha G’s where over a rat you should know bringing retro to all of your shows we know my favorites not Checkers it’s actually chess I hate checkers Chubby Checker’s the school to be full of dance moves.

Snow snow no no what did he say what did he say I don’t know what am I saying what am I saying I got to make a phone call what am I playing? The things they say from the top 10 are hard like what did you say cuz what did he say.

The things that I saved onto the top of his head like a ring of fire somebody said that you said you’re playing war with your cat now when I write bars down it’s like printing paper you got to match your money now rain pouring tough and I’m sleeping like I’m the savior won’t catch me I’m a real quick changer trying to raise me stall the storm speak to the wind who you think’s firing on this typewriters drinking gin nah man tap I’m not normal you see I’m special like a guy I was born like that dude in a minute or slow down and save yourself a favor.

I’m like Ouija any chick that want to get down got to sign a waiver, watching that hot s*** on YouTube and jelly watching them Rock a cut like 40-50 bodies ain’t nothing to be cutting in the cut something next track Maybe back to this bootleg and militant blacks from the UK and the Mexican DJ or whoever the f***

Speaking of Mexican all my God I had the best Mexican food for lunch today from the Taco Town Lounge kind of greedy beef but man I was spicy. Nothing new they got unlimited. Lyricist 10 steps ahead of them. Evan, both proven Choice Lee the manager special recipe. Specials for children. If I got my truck wrong just read your map. Where are my cap while you’re staring!? I went Wars in an instant I make more than a difference. My clothes can borrow your sister, I don’t pack anymore I just stay real distant, leave you slack in the morning in an instant. I’m not scared of a shank if you wake me up, Lumen and moving I’m a distant Target she work hard for this like a fat man farted.

Get your roof garnished for the holidays that’s next. I’m going to G on the bits and run the lake man so get closer to this function and feel the word assumption. Technology is bilingual, symbol change your agenda give me something more lame yeah I play a fret Strat Ninja straight gin on the bottle bins you can create any station with any agenda starting December awake and a hospital with policemen and armed henchman around you can’t remember. Look 3 seconds at your Nations agenda and forget The Pretender Nintendo I’m bored yes let’s cut the bull f****** enemy Defender. Yeah I’m a real toxic sender. Just type in the box and press enter.

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FUCK RADIO! DvD (full review)

British accents in a room or a panel describing the project from hell this be volumes they be pumpin. They got maximum rap.force with DJ Unique going long on the DVD which volume? All. Florida and UK factual AM FM live. Hotel rap intense parties OT writing being shared, ppl.bootleg.CDs of dese seash, ive been reluctant but looking forward to.writing smooth new shit all the time this be full Fuck Radio DVD review i cant find on Amazon just some chara mon.

Camera staring while rhyming be heavy now everyone. Say Fuck.Radio we go to WESTWOOD. 4 years in a 64 strong when 16 ziggylife what i hear is write about free base in case the money from.big rap samples nah payoff. Big up DJ Unique this be the format where the readers be rwppin rap like advice to make ya think twice about the mainstream radio dream keeping a select few on.spunding threw to you and ya crew. Now i.know its hood but listen to my idears and dispell ya fears rip lip on this aint no slow Geezy leather SoundCloud shut me fuk dwm but they be the same as established radio nazis.

2 eeryone who say me the cheecky critic cget thisa babylon needs Fuck Radio song. Autofill. His 24 high on them heads. Baldheads been said ran outta town by the Marleys. Not really maybe he’s who knows LSD won’t quit meowing he’s talking about being depressed I’m about to bus like some heat off of sink hot heat sink Just 2346 you feed.

This f*** radio mixtape is so cold you can sugar coat it with a bowl of catalog catalog of independent artist and star of new blog roll or label DJ unique and griminal are unstable.

These are in Caesar mix on the road and perform the stuff they just wrote cold that morning I don’t know how they put it down in their heads like that but I write so much stuff I can’t remember it like that why not let’s all join and become f*** radio Stars FM radio stars of radio Stars hear the similarities and similes and the dark carnival.

He says head home something laudable thought you should know and that’s kind of how it rolls it’s very intense and it’s got a roll and goes with the beat like the beat will be like dun dun dun and then it’ll be like a Sprinkle and Melody sprinkle and Melody and then it’ll be like don’t don’t don’t think of patients were the drums are real deep that’s where the vocals hit real hard and dry to hit the rhyming words so that’s pretty much the style this music is kind of like a little bit of story and then a boom boom boom on the first beat let’s keep listening.

They talk about how we’re not ready for this real top top rhythm, talk about boy pick up a drop drop One Stop Shop press rewind fast-forward I’m looking for Gremlin unique and that chick or whatever kind of bald head militant British that’s like we got the snake we got him settled down it’s f******.

My cat wants to record right now she’s on a non stop meowing Fest so I think I should stop and record a little cat conversation with her okay hold on. I guess she obviously knows when I’m just pretending to record a show and when I’m actually recording a show she’s a smart cat more on Smart Cats on the tag cloud with about cats and Felines and stuff low Rittz is on the other radio keep it real slow cuz it’s late keep her down cat keep it down Harmony LSD he he he

Man is bragging about us vampires Monday 1 o’clock he’s like wired cuz it’s probably the time difference to UK so that’s when they must have took over the radio throwback that Adam Sandler movie but just imagine a bunch of militant crazy black dudes with a crazy DJ taking over the radio for like 5 blocks and he can’t nobody can tell where the source of it’s coming from until they all look around and go to where the pumps pumping from and there’s criminal in there with DJ unique and they have every radio station taking over for five block radius am and FM that’s what I imagine that’s f****** awesome s*** trucks driving around broadcasting.

Tested talking about red is where he comes from d r e a d That’s dread dread from Babylon I was thinking about dried my hair let’s keep.

Now he wants my Damon to let dump on them and I wants my damn in the thumb pain but it’s just a damn recording I don’t know let’s keep it Goering.

People asking him about where did he eat it’s a got a weird diet because he’s from overseas so he doesn’t speak about what he eats.

Space is gone looks like a real blood from my cat’s meowing non-stop it’s so fun fun, Susie I got bars for days but he got bars that are a month strong that’s why it’s so hard to jump then cuz they got the muscles a month-long damn put me on self you read this back me I and I yo yo yo lo l u l c z.

Let’s talk about bills you got all of your own some got none of their own like my little cat except she pays her dues by which recording on the radio with me see cat killer calm it’s all about conversation and community and some other c word with these guys grimly’s website is Advanced at your own risk HTTP only link it’s sucks that the only way we can host website says with HTTP and to get it gas and cryption it’s got to put some Gangsta s*** on your machine.
I’ve got a lot of anxiety he’s talking about that kind of stuff it’s making me anxious this kind of music especially late at night but let’s keep going it’s the advancing of this music it’s a message that I can’t believe I found but that’s a sound that really goes with everything around take over the radio and fuk radio my cat won’t stop meowing I’m starting to frown here’s a good tip for cats get a chunk of some good wet dog food that they sell at Walmart or Amazon and give it to him for a little treat cats it cuz I got a quiet or down.

Basically the actions he likes him he talks about how pumped up you gets for the music and I agree with him this music just totally get you into some action mode they she want to lick clean your kitchen or something you know makes you want to do something good for somebody you know take control take charge it’s intense music it’s great positive

Bragging about the DJ I’m a DJ I brag about myself I can identify he ain’t lying to who wrote this s*** lying on lightning m*********** straw well my f****** down with wrist.

Riding bars is 24/7 ever since writing supports a life I just read about Edgar Allan Poe I wonder what kind of music he would be putting forth with all his death Encounters in his life and being used as a return Rick reoccurring voter at the end of his life good thing you didn’t die a TV would have tripped him the f*** out f*** radio the DVD get it it’s on YouTube

None of their mixtapes ever got Fame but they’re back here they say in this DVD on YouTube living hard life as a writer games respect seems like working a regular job get you punked I don’t know this check back in on what he’s talking about

let old school f****** MC Brains with fire the set I told you when it was much straight give your cat some milk is not a good thing cuz they can cause a gallbladder inflammation and Stones so don’t give your cat milk after it’s 7 months old more cat Knowledge from the DJ Unique tribe fold.

I don’t care because nobody else is admission coming forth out the sound got more honor that are flat top Edge maybe it’s talking about the bald had wash their head with mineral water do you want to hear her this is yeah me too I got a time in mind.

Banana take off place you sound like who you think he’s going to say let’s see rims stick swim together like Jim f****** awesome stuff now so sweet real real.

Backfire from him you don’t hear it I get this kid Swift get his kicks s*** about the flick a Bic at this s*** see what’s happening all right this s*** is dumb yeah.

Criminal is in the building selecta select door rewind selector Beavis and Butt-head ghetto having birthdays yeah whoa whoa he took seven through ya hey when game all day we’re going to get busy Wyn game Cyn game portable huxtables I’m with Claire over there.

Let’s go alright is that the band and it’s at the bandwagon f*** a Chuck Wagon is that a bad man and a bad stand in a bad way and I don’t act like I’m Babylon because bad b**** I don’t stay if I did I would keep in a bad manner in a bad way and a bad day but not like the bottom on say The Haven smoke a joint on point f*** dew point chilling miniature black top Green Day band oh yeah where the black plug just make sure that we’re not the Carlos Santana listen how it goes maybe he says the pros

amulet dangling you know what amulet green bandanas know we’re up for that family team that’s Grove Street if you know this on the circle riding a bike around don’t want to working out going to Club to sucks and then saying what would sir like going to the garage and getting their whip fixed getting cars parked in your garage going on a suicide helicopter mission and jumping out at maximum altitude with a parachute on thank God.

YORTY ZEPTAR IS A global leader in the world no matter what you and I say this because it in till ya lung and the movement was growing i just thought you could text it and email to the end zone.

Came out the game around 99 or was 98 about the same as me, if you want you can sleep or you can Slumber and you’re under wheeze either Wide Awake sleep or Wide Awake.

On top of the Rhythm I got that vision and on top of that I would like to say I’m putting them together I bet it’s none better than the freedom of speech, you going to be reading that twice cuz a big man splits and a big man Wanda’s what I’m getting from her

Saying it’s over here but it’s over there over here it’s unbelievable lyrical and 16 on the Killer the I’m reasonable and I kill em I ain’t got no gimmicks and I f*** like a purple grimace, big zits your lights get finished off this who knows backtrack make the thinnest you know Graham he’s the grimmest. Hammer on my chest as to thinnest I must increase Fitness like grimace but why the f*** is he wearing a great big coat online it’s cold and right now I guess.

Move the laser pen for the cats of left in the illest my dearest get busy like a l i z f a r e a l e s t don’t give it just feel I’m the best of the critics I see no limits far from staff me up far from Office me up hey it’s 5 p.m. time to get off OfficeMax about you and read on the internet again.

You get beat up for free Homie don’t try me you see that I’m winning, I’m killing I’m in a war I don’t think twice, dedinite 5. Smart to come trap part 2 you will see there’s more to this this s*** is so Raw thank God I started censoring 265 words and this.

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Show much mofuku wikkid clown luv! #MMWCL We Control This (feat. Devlin & Griminal) [Explicit]

Fuck Radio DVD Volume I, AM-FM Takeover-Phun!

This dude called “Griminal” be on a hiphop DvD, support and respect. Make known modern day Guerilla Sonics to freak 5 years old recording HOY!. on YouTube but the DvD u see harminous hungriest hot takeover pirateradio, 5 block radious signal turns GNU on its zedheds, looking to do hot radio, aka pieate radio, risk of detainment fo rF FuckRadio. See FaradayRF…

iHi 1time carside 187 spraypainted on door icp by trAim trax, select GUnit lose it swad o cum from me so georgeous hair crud snile Duff on tap back snake hete Cobra me he see fleash hrot-5 fucx SoundCloud sorry cheecky reporting xauggt me seeding not availee in us-ee eh? Intention find a PC watch blog for mp3 recordings see now me find one for ye me like zillion zeptar strong long on me live shit. Yeh im pissed at SoundCloud www territory scold write them no go been told busted hard YouTube holds 2 along zeptar live website plus im just starting tonight so Sat reeders BEWARE watez wirds inbox birds flip signal owl towel on my palm. Me qrite on and on… DJZEP on and on needs a live rap sesh, instead its dumb lulz, much luv just not chasing it atm, then again this be Grimleys pice going out like a.beach party.

Alright i know.a lot of ppl are involved in the DVD but im giving firsts to Grims he made the breakthrough vibe swan. Ballathon brotha 50K twipper clippers modern word. He be scripter wiffer magical word gifter on this hitter i found on a word binger last December I remember.

From my imagination they take over the Radio. Somehow mobile modern day takeovers i heard of as a youngster. Ghetto myths are TRU. The intro is like 9min explains who all involved in this movement but it explaims.a lot of shit so lets hit it…

(creative commons) 2018