exertion to prevent wrong or hurtful thoughts just by chance, broken. can you get with theses dragons and find something in common so we can get along be one with myself i am five i am one i am five i am one i am five i am one i am five i am one. i am one with myself. i am the fifth buddha, the buddha of LOVE. have no fear, i have desires of mercy being shown and no professions of slave dealing or anything be not feared by me. i am and i want my will to be my will and my will is my will. i am a buddha full off desires, you can check it on a youtube wire. i think i sang about it once, when i was in a monkey mind trance. i am easy to maintain, write me once a day by reading is the way to help me pray. to where, oh where oh where oh warez would I. to the outside of my nirvana if it must be applied. i survive, they say as a child here in nirvana the man in a bubble, can you care to step and be inside with us, im forming a pleasant aura every burning day and nightimee is for Nightstalkers LOVE, for i am like a cat with a hat walking like a watchdog, but i prowl from the jungle, lovve the bunnies, nah ya ask how me eat, you know i am sensitive buddha of love full of desire, care for war? I assert the chi energy that you see in aura land burning full of me, you see i am conflicted and i feel God lend an ear to help if and when it may need appear, the science and the signs, idk you are in all disagreement the science of thoughtful announcement White Tara Sadhana back at my an opulent more than i can imagine what does the buddha find meaning in, the absence of desire from all, so how do i stay in nirvana then its a word called self discipline arching yoga prose and stretch, its more than a genuflect to me for exercise and mental accuity trininig creating minds eye give reprise. Jah Rastafari. ioa