His & Her`s

His and her`s rotton black cotton underwear.
I got a way to move around answer when i will neep beep and them big `ol baggy brooklyn to the bay of San Fran, when them pants come off its silky soft brands of all types for the girls in the world up here on my billboard above the world. But then aqua gin and tonic served, im paid like 12M`s after taxes done, oit with the sickness bulge in my drawers in front of ya vision swirls on a fly ass blog i hope i showed enough but just enough.

Ah to my surprise, when i slide my hands down ya jeans to ya thigh, poof same color as my mic boof veil, ah yeah im macc`in on you moove closer to my poem, come over to my home at tbe reverse of dawn, c`mon cut it on when there aint no moonlight ill tuck ya in fuck ya in then im up all night writing something to pay the thrills of statistical brille for this whale i said 12am 12M`s 1 2 im in ya thinkin. Bet so, im a underwear model psycho psychic rhythm on my webm gif with sound picture. Hear the buckle unhook and fall like theLEDLCD blits shifting through Internet miles kilometers so far this lil animated underoo blog from Aol, they stand for Advertisments On-Line now im flickin foickity flicckity flickity flikity petting that kitty as the camera tight pan zoom into the label brand right at the end as we kissin thunderlove stricken n lovestruck and thats all the world sees until they tune into my IRL MTV FA REAL CRIB pay-per-view on chanel 2222 on HBO and Cinemax at 3am local broadcast as the ad takes you from whatever view to the one neqrest next to you.

You cant tell me that my 12 milly poem cur on sex dont sell briefs boxers panties bras, just em lovin like i love you no underwear inbetween now. Better stop reading before ya get moar more wet and wetter from truly yours. Subscribed at worry time for smoking.ad u sittin all aloone reading my poem its not like i dont lust too, might as well let em see my commersh for Hennesey that matches the color of ya weave its dark as fuck like ya little panda landing strip from a por to a drip then i start to lick we drinkin off each others bodies bendnding solid focus of the colors matching labels to the unders.

Pour out a lil liquor and free underwear we cyn ya nook book Kindle FIRE WE MODES FOR THEWORLD WAIT TILL WE GET TIPSY AT THE SHOKer error-slurping straight Henn on ya thighs cdeased puddled cup and they gargle when ya move and let loose on the shoot, we get paid for marketing and making love and thats ya car show from zeptar with new overlay tunes they dont hear me or you if ears in the room, see ya in June on Jud Lawwe`s talk show on SiriusXM #420 satallite advertisements can do a lot towards a Black Bentley Pickup Truck all in all by then whats `s moar more more cause ihi and been working on my core, next commercial is on the floor, but let me backup and let you see the technology of poetry, dont trip this prose aint even a start of my sex word paintings clocking 12 milly like mkvli and Tech9ne instrumentals keepin to my mental on my ad blog cause uh i do not move LEG tasks on m6 ass just to flex em for you passing in the hall of Internet, read my words and be Disturbd by Mudshovel`s Bass Riff thats a Phantom Lord Dark Carnival Halloween smooth matching orange for you and blue foe you to peel off Adonis painted up like a Wikkid Jugga Poet and you get down wid dis clown, trust me ya inow how fun thwt sounds. Dont worry we shoot each other on Android iPhone`s in the complete total privacy of my pwn home, remember way back two double paragavraohs ago in this M80, im seein babies im clockin gravy have a nice lunch. The ad is postedbelow inder way under at the bottom of the Web 3.0 Menu, do you have it in you, click or tap that mous to start the soundEFX i rock in my Hanes Flex.