When I was in my alchoholic budget
When I was in my blood sugar alcoholic days the budget was crazy I was drinking the cheapest I could find, back then I got behind all my bills were messed up cuz I couldn’t keep my budget up, my parents so what’s up you need to do something and we going to send you somewhere tough, I’m like yeah I like Eazy-E I gotta hurry up and get drunk for my mom starts bitching about my friends, because they all drunkards but that isn’t really the gist it’s just because they influence me to drink too much and bend my wrist up to my mouth pour it down my throat I was drinking like a fish I was eating the cans like a goat, so I move back home wasn’t you know a few months later they wanted me to go, they talk to this Christian Overlord the sword that he could get me on board to a challenge something rise up, pack my s*** up, mom drop me off at the Mission Front, I felt like she was like f*** you you’re not my problem this Christian what’s your Lord’s going to set you on drivable, so I spent five months at the City Mission learning all the Bible that I could thinking that would cure me of my illness of drinking in the hood after that 5 months I went out for a date to Easton Pennsylvania, I was locked up with tweakers and heroin Junkies, I never been in this s*** before I will just drink it and have a funnies, but they was all real strict and had a bunch of rules that I had to follow that help me become better fool, what are throwing this out because the track above is showing East Coast love the only way that I know sending dove release of Jimi Hendrix, anyway I’m not here to rail on how some people do there or how some people find serenity from the Big A addiction, stop serious, seem like I wasn’t doing anything like these people were spraying and we were treated like this and that but I ain’t here to come be complaining, the only thing I want to share is that I was part of a band, yeah it was a Christian band, was so what man I was on stage playing on Sunday’s travel across the East Coast got to get off that rehab camp out campus they called God’s Mountain, I was happy just traveling to New York and not even really seeing a fountain, well one of us shows was in Queens New York that’s on Staten Island if you haven’t heard of before it’s next to Jamaica Queens to we drove through there, I couldn’t believe how many people were on the sidewalks and shopping center concourses, anyway driving there across one of the big Bridges, I seen Ellis Island it was only a smidge and tall and the distance shiny oxidized copper, I know what it was but there was no tour the bus I couldn’t stop her, so I just observe and I got a tiny pic on my Polaroid can 4 megapixel deep but hey I was in the city and that was something else buildings for buildings of miles and miles bridges on Bridges and bridges and the people were cool at least the ones I talk to, to make a long story short we played on a Sunday and then I had to give up my guitar spot for the jam on Sunday night, I like to play guitar in the morning if that’s alright, there was like yep I was training a new guitarist to take my spot when I was a graduating that part of my life the farthest Karma I built I’m sure I believe, cuz after I went over the beta Staten Island I never felt the same way, I even took a pic of a dirty Payphone and send it in cut it on to the magazine that printed on phones and technology and all kinds of things tricks hacks and life skills to further your brain, funny that’s a f*** the phone pic didn’t make it in, I know they got it on email and that’s my win, since then my beliefs have progressed and I’ve had the syndrome come down but I’m cool with it someone call it makes religions unfound, but I saw a practicing Buddhism after the Christian Camp, and my life was never better I wasn’t even on food stamps, but where I guess where I’m going that’s where these two meet, who’s Biggie Smalls and Bob Marley rocking the beat, don’t forget about the backup singers and the artist that’s me put together I shook on my LED LCD turntablism prism, it’s an oldie but goodie when I was in his hitting I’m flexin hell I’m still just a junior on the turntablism and I hope to go far, that’s what I’m doing with green book, I started over on the internet so many times I keep losing in a win only a handful of times, if I was one of the Smart Ones who kept the original profiles, maybe I’d have 58k friends shouldn’t with me on the Twitter wire, gnu social Kraken Captain Kirk’s marks from his audio files I know words can’t help you if you’re offended just know the spirit was right when I started to spin it.