Slumerican show tons crush cans aluminum linolium yum ym, yum yum, yum yum yum yum yum. Error-slurping nerdy gushy, move it with my Unit in June Strange Music boomin. Yeah`yeah. Shut your ass up shut your whole ass up talking all that money what you did where you been what you did and all that it ain’t add up so shut your ass up mother f***** so stupid mother f***** cmu’s going to go crack up try to copy us that’s me don’t want to see you I’m a G feed or any feed we all eat beef aliens agree that we need to go cook some din-din and live in sin sin let me see that thong girl, I like those white bumps on your chest like a puppy dog kisskiltme like that trick Mela Giilbbons or Lisa Simpson always got.wat im missin if we kissin then we huggin n sumthing what us love sent. Ayeah`yeah cant tame a proud ass slut mang, we up in outerspace aniffinTang Ecto-Cooler Blue Hair, fine big ass bud the aromas so sweet and fills you with love. Jugga Poet unfolding Ouijia Macc a fat stack of mp3s off YouTube, damn! TRASHFIRE EP. and the March of the Juggalo performance 40-50 in the cut, time to drop ship super music tubes not on you. Its true i dropped three today and i didnt even spikk the Sauce hey what’s his Hawk I’m about cuz I can go real fast I like to a Type S Sub last Miss Celine on that s*** what can you do on a stick like this insert dick pic just kidding but that’s what it said on Rittz mix when I caught him tripping up in his sentence on this little Jam I called nowhere Clowney just a little EP not even matching Ouija a little demo reels of my DJ skills I ain’t even developed into rapping good or earn my respect as a rapper just to some lime CD but I love it so f****** Hell & Back so if you don’t like it come see me. I’ll sign it for free. And refund your purchasing fee which was the price of a few bits on The Wire, yeah wait up wait up hold a minute cuz we bout to get up in it, all I can think about is your note and all the things that you wrote I really want to ride in a Lambo while I’m looking like Rambo but I’m just so jugga look up blow the movie cuz it’s really a good show, or you can pull it down from the internet so precocious if you purchase a 99-cent ferocious loaches leech stream, you notice I ain’t even hold in I ain’t even fold in cuz when I rolled up blog I said I was all in and so that’s what I’m going to try to do is keep it flowing, where am I clicks on my ads where my purchases where my damn mother f****** set up fund on a GoFundMe page that’s so f****** dumb trying to raise for Milian, everywhere I go to people’s got the hands are like me saying what air what air it’s a wrist wrist on his fist fist or a fist fist rock fist Rockfest f****** the best but you can’t touch a text presents on a block party drinking Bacardi but I don’t go there I wish I could though but I’m stranded writing blogs trying to get the message of love to all of you son of a guns and ladies who trying to have families raise babies, and all y’all Young have a safes G funkeira ouida green book what you knew this,?
Not maybe I just sound so precocious because inside I feel my ghost is taking a hold of remote controllers and changing the channels and make him spokis, maybe it’s just the weight of gravity coming from inside of me I don’t really know gee but all I know is green green green Green that’s the color we live on dot org lbook ibook ibook green book green book green book!