okay well human hmm lemme see it stat swarts wittha some song, a note, a beat that i send or u bend it out from me. sunslight shade take me ike a new wave righ^chea Real Real oh the place of passion two hearts heart be one by the courage skip one or two ante […]



12:00 PM 6/8/2018 i wake up i take care of myself i go to Yoga i make a song or mix i make artwork for the music i write about how i feel i publish it or schedule for publication i take a break i stretch i medicate hardly never pots empty day and night […]

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as i turn slowly and wrrite JAH in the fogged up window the party loud no worry no need to see ID. 9:30 PM 5/16/2018 silence. oh hi. can we shown? tell a love you miss u send a note and Delray who riding black truck not me girl aight said i wanna dance all […]

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busy b, busy b im a busy buzzy bee for cardi b, walking with me dark redcarpet lane why is the SALT cold said the self to the armor i was like hey me what we doing for cardi b? cardi b likes a lot of stuff my letter to you and me, dont ever […]

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