okay well human hmm lemme see it stat swarts wittha some song, a note, a beat that i send or u bend it out from me.

sunslight shade take me ike a new wave righ^chea Real Real oh the place of passion two hearts heart be one by the courage skip one or two ante I which am 1 OZ two for change for us ambiacable the heart club clubber who needs one? this cowardly lion doves does but howver I*m OZ staring at the two of us. How doth it piano? me guitar feel! whootie who? blowfish rich in it lykke a trykzrex strange graph oaoer o1 set A+ at otter grip ligh lis fish fresh so take it of pen inc be spl after for my pittler pattler I had at all along DK wherever dul

searching for inspiration and phunneld in imo my lyfe in and yours to this there 15 note no end, just to see you is sweetness the nellie lake photo IDE you make me post it.

Passion w/ out end.
Gravity wave bend.
THE BLUE of Your Eyes
rad without degree pressing
my comet bleeds that is heart
what swelling for a few passion?

thump thump thump thumping

is it only just me?

when alone?
when call phone?

why not now, why is it dialtone.. i see..

All i nnow is all you are woman take nah give plls JSUS, e little code, passione, transmorgify my thy heart JSUS DAIZTE

JESUS vader 4 me choke
Task me as body new resurgence recognize
I must be ig for the wreeanbone cue ya know me will nah bad
I need backwards U, to burn the dross I nee knowd knoad

I know krow when we me write

Zere came oh okay b+ the M than P XAZl and LWuJw ! light version vision Dsya ! z/? 262 JR ZAZ ZALAZA Lordd TCH l beta all i saw trying ya voice in my ehead end b. b to a p and you can clearly see, this cryptic aliens are ppl to and i am passionate-ly gwan be the one for you you will see.

i know you hearing something listen more like me?

Passion innacurate but thats all this gravity wave will hit, you bet i love them ankles lets get into the body. now from what I see i lyke i like i like it a lot. This better not be merry xmas if it is heart turn over to me right now. Okay. There I said it. Its mine hahaha! ZEPTAR + A`dre 4ever on a JSUS whip. For real all that is entangled in passion I cannot see but for layers on layers i have been wanting some fresh veggies for you and me. Read it all again if you do not believe. I wrote it in paper alien writing first if you want t o see. OH! Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ume

❤ zeptar

“The Computer User xp +S RIENCE”

LAZY WAVY WAVES @Playa_Corona, MX: Android v.1.11…

Okay. First thing. Muevete La Montana. Like to the sand of the sea. Beach in Mexico with one of my bands, that`s me! which one! horns n everythang. sweet thang you n me, nah in beach chairs see!? ahh, lone lone ranger one time said cap cap is the summertime, Coronas … of course por supuesto ICE COLD! crisp heilo on the bottle like ya never know. Oh computer? yah thats the SORT! we dont ride Epona on the beach she for boring morning Shin Jon Jean. oh snap, how we even playin… they said this place a Shitole rittled rocky Vulcan glass beach which might slice my feet… Mo Rolla say wtf we got Sandals ON? Mee lie knope ya know I got my feet covered so SUBLIME! type of shoe, you tell me I will tell mine.. I know you rockin Burgandy and I be rockin Vans like SPLAMMALAMLOT. python nah get out a lot, check check 1 2, uh i gots ta gets up nah ya now! Im onward, MIC BOOF!. Name of this group, nah tell nah GNU, fa shure its for download, nah wait in a QUEUE, smokin stack right behind oh thats me on a glimmer glam stanza put my phone down the back ya pants!!! on the left doce side or my right your left dont pick itup if it rings or look at it, it dont say anythings… SHIN JON JEANS!! double phone oh yeah I send a ping in it, just listen to the vibration with ya flesh all wiggle wiggle wiggle Snoop Lion and Rittz nEXT after MIC BOOF! Yeah a few ppl say, this is an english speaking beach, by most, lemme off the snap and I will conjugate the most! oh know no no two sticks get it on the way, be on the pump i wanna live dot wat????????? umm swimming at the beach, FLOATIES!!! watch me dance around and walk in the sky, till the music hitme and the black magic voodoo jam starts to fly!!! ummm, And UH all the shoes are off at the front of the entre, no accento yet tho, big India type of sky.. oh okay. SO ME DONE WITH THE FLY THYME THIS MEXICO WE FINE!!! High Times we done Yagerbombed acrossed the USA, circulate our rock stylee game did, yet to come say me and A`dre, keep em fiendin for the sound. Rock on! SKA SKANK TIME. Uh i hit the skank skunk beat real harsh uhh that 111 of Collie Greens like ah cough syrup for purple being drunk and singing!? And Uh, I dont think you can handle this JAH VISION cause after about 23 minutes, no no, only a sip for the VINE, so so, WWWAIT, here come the thunder, did you hit the red purpleish button to answer on my others buffers that connexors to the DJ Kit processor? what i mean A`dre is you can rock the show, special secret mission for ya, press go, here come Rittz, see A`dre wat u do, is ACTIVATE MY DJ ZEPTAR FOR WRIZT ON THE RITTZ DJ KIT… BEST I CAN EXPLAIN IT.

So i run like a shoeshoegaze quick move, magic disappear im in the stack now i am dimished but im controllin some kind of best type of rewind selectors and echo minor twerkin tracks off the offline just to bring it. It will work! Rittz just call for it, we will take the NortherN HemphISerW for nada we knaw gnaw wan gwan party till Siesta from the morning RITTZ rap two fuccn albums. Uh And UH the steel train comes through and Snoop Lion is just gettiing warmed up for the DESPUES DE SIESTA FIESTA long long boring midday caterd in for all the ppl only cost two cents for full fudge sundae kept cold on vanilla bean ice cream fried. After the food ya get it, we got lotta fans that drive so they do it way way more effecient than even a drive thru line.. NO SOGGY TEARS, only SOGGY ENCHALADA oh wait soft taco? everything two cents. if ya nah gwat nah money, then get ya wife or famalia somebody to write a note that says, “MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS: “SUCH AND SUCH,” if not that then, “HERE IS MY PRESENT ADDRESS PLEASE POST OFFICE ME IF YOU GET IT I WANT MY EMAIL TO BE: “SUCH AND SUCH” now all caps on that because that is our payment para comida if ya nah pago dos cientos, si? okay!

Oh yeah, it all sanctioned by the Local Citizen Policias Enforcer Team of Neighborhoods and even all the Spiritual Leaders of the Locality say we loosen up for one day a year this time and we agree on this. Smooth woosh of Holy Spirit to La Gente. All lights dim slow to sleepy time no fights or nothing, peace from my iPod, Snoop Part TOP SECRET! Jah Vision, BOUT IT BOUT… iT!!!

❤ zeptar

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*file location is:


12:00 PM 6/8/2018

i wake up
i take care of myself
i go to Yoga
i make a song or mix
i make artwork for the music
i write about how i feel
i publish it or schedule for publication
i take a break
i stretch
i medicate hardly never pots empty
day and night i medicate like kid cudi passed the Oz.
alpha trick crazy for nutso`s
more than so-so
80s crazy hiphop craze
Beats they catch and start to wave
i said with my eyes dance not fuk
wink dip my pen in ink close my eyes see you and start to think
what a slip meant, quarter fold
what do i sand walk or stand to lose
not lookin to just knock boots
no shame it the game GITs ya GRIPs on RIGHT?
aint to shame a Bell story
Ring ding ding as fresh as a Canova
Gold as ya blonde bombshell
Thats a glimpse of what u are to a
intertwined dined, inclined?
Said that, you move me.
Ya gotta badass body and we can rock slow jams softly till the brink of ya catch me intently fluently swaying our hips to the lofty aureal rhythm sent in
We got it
No shade
Out skiing tho
Wait ferverent
On Heaven Sent
Danger Danger Cuidado
I want all my ppl
Contemplate with fervor
No more nevermore?
LORD lead the CHORUS.

Never doubt but I get an intent.
love is what I be
aint got time for lovin?
i got a lot in my heart.
so remember that.

(had to get that out of my mind. thanks)


as i turn slowly and wrrite JAH in the fogged up window the party loud no worry no need to see ID.

9:30 PM 5/16/2018
silence. oh hi. can we shown? tell a love you miss u send a note and Delray who riding black truck not me girl aight said i wanna dance all night in the Bahamas watching my green planet at night alone us together the music so bright shiny gold burns green together who alone not us now though it easy isst to move thru time and space before and behind and infront of while twirly whirly swil of swirly error-slurp goodness good god girl cant get you off me n my mind i and i also just want to say no pickup i rolled it on the very first day it swooped and i braked and flea he said bass sex money mix magic all up in this space big yoga enthusiast as big as my strong heart pumping pumping biceps squeeze you like a BOA after more than just sex see i can do some fucked up shit and come when i want to its off like a disco party a punky brewster rainbow over me and you its at a bungalo behind at least you feel me as i know that is and as much as i put in it the hotter your fire gets so mine it fuels you and yours glorifies divine that makes me complete and satisfied like a sugar cube diamond that you found on your birthday smile capn smirk beamed in here oh nice new suit move over planet zeptar commadden hail mary god mode move over did i say hello today flexin love is off the shelf side dish for me care for a snack im like feed her Seymore feed that little plant at least its not a sad glance at tt cruisn USA to RUSSIA WITH LOVE starring DR. YES chinese sticks work best yo yo game got it yo yo lame got it yo yo solo got it yo yo hush hush pop the lock in ignition after work gets off dollars glick you have been selected to pirate commadere my heart on way to each and every shop. taking over gf am i special friend fuck ya boyfriend girl i know this is a job but one trip is no abuse of power there is no one other than your taste in black clown shoes that are shiny to pick the perfect showpiece for my dance and you comin take shoes off at door rest them puppies got somethin goin on i heard you need slurmdance lessions on my yoga mat like made of lion hair where discs ignite a galaxy in ust a single bit… slowly i got it don slayer go move slowly dance cant gwan without the Operator, the dance it can`t gwan without the sound system, the danceti can’t gwan without



busy b, busy b im a busy buzzy bee for cardi b, walking with me dark redcarpet lane why is the SALT cold said the self to the armor i was like hey me what we doing for cardi b?

cardi b likes a lot of stuff my letter to you and me, dont ever say kiss and tell, nah shes legit and i am a mean machine for cardi b i honestly can say she led me astray into the lean mean machine yoga flex pose kinda not here we cant have sex oh know what what i gotta see what is going on with me im date late cardi b i thought you knew that A`DRE was comin thru my knees feel weak but im alright great walking red carpet with you last night. pictures for my blog are tight. oh me im not in the one i chose im still in my lacc, WHAP! oh no i dropped my phone and Bradley Nowell and Sublme are on the line channel 1 or 2 how about you clap my hands coo coo two birds fly off channel hendrix two, just to let you know ive been taking glances with my eyeballs and all that i can see back home cardi b is a shadow rising on tip top shape from your yoga plan i found online somewhere in between t he ponsors that where i be on a dot org wherre no one can find me. lulz lulz lulz lulz whoa thats a lot of lulz, cardi b bartier busy b im always doing chores for me but if you want if you suggest of course i will sure thing right to that of course. time to go A`DRE just called, its raintimes homies reading on my blog oh and if you her just tell her she just called and said…

Let the lovins luvins all come back to me watch me kick soccer ball around tree at three, all i see is you and me cozy now that this busy b is free oh no its me im the REEL ZEPTAR lost my DJ STYLEE NEVER LETS DISCO TONIGHT. ITS AWay little plot me hope ya know a kiss of schmoney dance now and then never feel me so strong on peak when i am satisfied you be glorified seeing all that you see with your crystal ball i wonder what shall we watch tonight its that time of the year again and Wizard of Oz season on air cable even turn to channel 4001 or was it 3 iff so thats 2 for you and me in the back somewho wat you into next week? oh yeah thats cool, no it aint, just playin, wiggly wiggle wiggle wiggle up for a stretch!