“The Computer User xp +S RIENCE”

LAZY WAVY WAVES @Playa_Corona, MX: Android v.1.11... Okay. First thing. Muevete La Montana. Like to the sand of the sea. Beach in Mexico with one of my bands, that`s me! which one! horns n everythang. sweet thang you n me, nah in beach chairs see!? ahh, lone lone ranger one time said cap cap is … Continue reading “The Computer User xp +S RIENCE”


as i turn slowly and wrrite JAH in the fogged up window the party loud no worry no need to see ID. 9:30 PM 5/16/2018 silence. oh hi. can we shown? tell a love you miss u send a note and Delray who riding black truck not me girl aight said i wanna dance all … Continue reading JAH