ONE day, SEVENty times SE7EN we l0st. dashbash? nah… zeptar smiles paved the miles until TWO turned up nao! Scr8pi strait turned woop woop`n in! that is, FOUR oms in the woop not an H only is an J, as NINEg. zeptar, himself twisty imigi twilty roll of erre con erre zip zap zepp`d talkin` bout let`s sit on demonic carpet it`s 4:58 past puffin penguin LOUD!… after you unravel the super secret shadow`d phone number then…;>>:: *ring* 10am-4:19pm M-F, Sat. closed – Sun. closed

《zeptar》 juggabook.org is a vision of mine ever since juggalobook from those two sysadmins, nameless atm, ninjas threw * ~* * *shrienkens* for good.

After much darkcarnival time, no refill and wishing redcarnival canonical go forth for the domain name and telephone trunks for this forseen elephant. Nothing is irrelevant was never attempted and zeptar makes it happen by God, with the dark carnival to whom 100%, nay 200% with 98% stirring the pot. (rotate Sun too, to grow 10X).

So here goes figure out the easy code and if you canon, like me, despues de ud, the dot org is the way zeptar rolls traffic shaping choice.

As responsible? I charge the juggabook community to exemplify these three: music, friendship & family.

Call Juggabook, Org and speak to somebody LiVE! we drew it and slew it and if you are excited as i am fam, Skribblez #mmfwcl *dial tone*……;….>,

《zeptar steps into the shadows》