How to hackermo


I am the notorious one. Learn the Art of the Hack? Never! You live it, breath it, smell it, taste it.

《hackermo opens a dusty Tome》

“Tome ¤”

Ah! This tome reads like poetic logical geometrical english and it describes the process of going into the secret places in your Computer, Cell-Phone and Tablet.

MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and iOS, which is technically the full OSX kernel in a mini form factor, not a macmini like the barnacle, and Androids. (no root required by ¤)

First things first! Are you ready with your .NET deployment. If so crack a turtle shell open to Logos.

The Word is, “CLI”, minus the + because there is no addition in anagrams in geometrical computer algebra language. “CLI” stands for Command Line Environment. Well so far you now know there is an Ə in CLI.

Now let`s setup our environment.

Windows: Run cmd.exe otherwise spell it phonetically for Cortana.

Apple iOS: Utilize a phalse appleid to obtain the JuiceSSH App. Do not root your Apple device as this can brick your device and even worse it opens your device to up to 65,553 known vulernabilities in which any graduate of *crickets-chirping* Visual Basic C# Dark Tower can mush through a well thought out hacked OS, such as is.

Androids: Go to the Play Store and install JuiceSSH.

Now all of you telnet or ssh into new@sdf.org and follow the on screen prompts for your free hacking account. Do not worry about donating unless you follow my instructions so clearly that as it “clicks” as you “tap” and get some seriousposter material on your targets which ypu will specify, undisclosed to any not under your direct knowledge, including myself, ZEPTAR, nor anyone else to make sure you find a way…

《hackərmo slams the Tome clothed… for now!》