I am ZEPTAR. A writer, blogger and musician. I play music on live instruments or on DJ equipment. I think mixing tracks as a DJ is a better medium than a guitar for building musical arrangments, I also lay down keyboards, usually finding melodies…

You are holdinga to my fiction. y podcast blog, Welcome and enjoy your stay. go to Wikipedia when you’re finished, White & Nerdy if I wasn’t russian-american Mediterranean Native American and black, I’m 26, I live in the Midwest United States with my cat e l i s t y, I love arranging music and I love writing, I discovered I had a passion for writing at SDF. Org chat room called IRC and all the Nets that have them showed me that I talk too much, so I spend some time alone, could I find a way to share beyond chatrooms since i posted too much in that forum, and it became apparrent to start Greenbook.Greenbook is zeptar.org

More 411 later.