Baked Ziti: Hold the Ziti, Because Microbus Fantasy

Please listen... Around three years ago a special friend came into my life at a place that ain`t church or nuthin, but Uh, And Uh I was like needin` a ride, and this GNU gurl was politely asked on my behalf to drive me home in her personal vehicle and I got the chance to … Continue reading Baked Ziti: Hold the Ziti, Because Microbus Fantasy

His & Her`s

His and her`s rotton black cotton underwear. I got a way to move around answer when i will neep beep and them big `ol baggy brooklyn to the bay of San Fran, when them pants come off its silky soft brands of all types for the girls in the world up here on my billboard … Continue reading His & Her`s


Heu there little lette, Giggle-slap the cards again. Another round joked, joked them all around, Passing from my hand 2 yours. Another game of twilty-whirl gurl, Caught me cheatin`? Back up girl! Know `bout the LBC Carnival, right? Palm Trees... Rainbows... You? I know U the least uptight. Girl U must be 2 chillyilly with … Continue reading uPSIDE dOWN fROWNS