We bout to have another clash. Never give up drank. Drank. Drank. Drank. zedhed shot. drank. hedshot drank. who is the one they call Socrates. His name is Tech next to next wait underneath the LORD so great wants to put some head on a plate fight folks ride thro woop woop july style mean … Continue reading 23

Thug Frog

76 yo web server it's the Beast 4015 the attached thin client never ending string nah cut is called the sticks that's what year the sending me back from Full from that dark matter pool that weather gravity responding to your wavy machine, trying to get to my planet zeptar, was dedicated to the cause … Continue reading Thug Frog

TRU Dat My zlife skribblez1 and on.

Haha this is for all the algae's out there thought about it I don't fall ugs out there don't think we forgot about y'all today I have a half an ounce tomorrow I'll have a key if you want to unlock your future you can get some ice cream with me won't you call me … Continue reading TRU Dat My zlife skribblez1 and on.