TRANCE ENERGY Let's go .. SWARM !! Let the sun come in. Let the mountains rejoice upon the tread from our feet. Let good news be on our lips. Let the energy wave build to FINALEVEL. Let our hearts get bigger. Let prosperous fortune and opportunity open for us. Let our thoughts be on the … Continue reading TRANCE ENERGY

Because ZEPTAR says so! The Zeptar Show 201508021630

TRU 2 DA GAME: “Track 7” OG 4/18/1997 NO-LIMIT Records

Master P talks about all task forces online looking for drug money on record company IRS audits, its based on an old beat taking from something in probably the 70`s. After complainimg bout phalse flag games he,.P pontificates in smooth motion bout scopin on snitches lile.that somg starring like Luni Corleone drawn in my imagination … Continue reading TRU 2 DA GAME: “Track 7” OG 4/18/1997 NO-LIMIT Records