What anonradio means to me..

Since July of 2015 I have been DJ Zep, host/DJ, of The Zeptar Show on, perhaps not the most reliable DJ over the years compared with my peers but it has been there for me through life’s ups-and-downs ins-and-outs, outs-and-ins. I have evolved on the air as a DJ over the years and The Zeptar Show has evolved in its ongoing creation throughout our space-time continum.

I started out just playing my mp3 collection from all my Cad rips and dubbed recordings obtained over Internet with some files.going back to the napster and sublime archive days even by some google foo of “songname *.mp3” and finding peoples personal open music directories.

When I started out in 2015 i had ~16 Gigabytes of a hodge podge of 128kbps, 192kbps and a few 320kbps CD Rips of full albums. Althoigh it may sound like a large collection, which it was, however it was not as varied as I wished to pit forward on air and soon I started dubbing more music of more varaiety as The Zeptar Show slowly and somewhat unreliably progressed. I say this because when I assumed the role of DJ Zep I was sleeping like 13 hours a day and I wanted to make time for the few friends I had IRL although most of my life was lived and shared online at through the various websites i coded and tooled around woth blog engines and spent hella grip of hours in ‘COM’ where I actually became quite proficient and creative in the Art of Communication. ‘COM’ on actually showed me and helped me leqrn to be the type of communicator I am now and I am so appreciative that ‘COM’ was ever written because of how much i learned and continue to learn about The Art of Communication. At least personally I owe the development of the way I interact while either speaking or writing to the creator of that old 90’s style interactive user chat application. It was in fact that very place that anonradio started for me as it intrinsically reformed simce its inception in 2010 by a uaer that i had never interacted with on

Basically one day the question came up, “who wants to try too be on the radio?” I had previous delusions of DJ mania as DJ Skribblez1 during Internet forays onto and by playing yputube links for people or hosting multimedia rooms as the MC for the interacting users. So it was natural to slide into the role on anonradio only requoring a steeper learning curve and more responsibility over the actual music files and running more complex and more wonderful software than just “posting a link” or “showcasing music videos” already on the web itself.


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