My name is Troy.

I love music, writing and software.

I have an Xtreme imagination.

I love animals.

I am a DJ and guitar player.

I`m really a nice guy in my opinion, and responsible. I know the blog has been described as “CRAZY” and my best friend told me to delete it. However, it is an expression of myself, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In an attempt to express myself online I may have created a persona of myself that, let`s face it… In reality I am a disabled person. I don`t brag about because it really sucks, but I can cope with it. The ZEPTAR ORG Blog / website / code is something I really LOVE. And I love myself to admit that I acknowledge that some really serious Life Threatening Injury happened to my brain and makes me have some kind of problems.

When I feel good I blog, mostly. It is my platform. In an attempt to be normal i registered another domain that I will point to. To point to when referring myself to others online. Those who are ZEPTARS somehow found me before I got some much needed setting-forth on what it really means to be online.

Mark Zuckerberg pretty much got everyone to break the first rule of the Internet, which was, stay anonymous.

As I leave this About (for now) I am directing you to my favorite Rapper so you can see how a nice website should look and to reppin reppin represent. I do not have a store, so please buy something from his online store if you want to support me.

I do not seek money for my websites or do ads (do not count a few custom ones I wrote as an Amazon Sales Associate & someday they might be removed) Those are the old feel. Thank you so much for visting my website!