DAY GO! AnonTV So Im like .. and then Im like .. again for the third time. Whatever the weather. Yeah it's me again up dup deep in ya throat. It look like dope "hit it." Never standing tall on a cahouna soo pa. Pump to the POP. Yeah Im down with POP. Yeah … Continue reading THUG FROG

Because ZEPTAR says so!

ZEPTAR do have Super Dolphin Hearing plus pingback echo from my third eye! There is going to be mad bun patrol and ZEPTAR getthatpaperson! ZEPTAR gets tipsy pics from hippy chicks all dat azz! ZEPTAR watches crumble! Look at ZEPTAR and smile now all afford accord! The power never runs out! ZEPTAR changes via voodie … Continue reading Because ZEPTAR says so!


"We created our own happiness." Supernova Progressive Psytrance All up in this space we rock da body full force finding excitable stuff stuff stuff stuff. Rock your brain lift spaszmatic space storm! All we do is win. Curry Fortnight we did tell you it's not unbelievable something or nonetheless. Some would say Supreme Center … Continue reading Supernova


Kindly .. My first thought "unfathomable" forming some kind of structure on how that would play out when it comes to what comes first in the recipe for life to abound exceedingly above and beyond the best upbringing ever prepared for him. I know right away that I would be taken for a twirly whirly … Continue reading IF I HAD A SON

Because ZEPTAR says so!

BOMB ASS HYMN BE SHAKE IT SHAKE IT BABY Soon as ZEPTAR step on the scene it's all RAW. Caution World wreckin say when what ever ZEPTAR say. They all shake it for me. Driscoll bend and scoop hood news got a Bentley same same except windows tinted in the desert at Darth Vader … Continue reading Because ZEPTAR says so!

Because ZEPTAR says so!

You get the diamond necklace 2PAC - DEAR MAMA My mom is my actual mom. She is my real mom. My mom is a good mom because she is a reasonable mom. Actually she always thinks she is a bad mom which is kind of surprising but then again some do not see as … Continue reading Because ZEPTAR says so!

Because ZEPTAR says so!

We sitting sideways .. Yall niggas had it up to here this is my year. Germany gonna see some moonlight. I only move with smart dude.. While yall niggas cuttin bales swith chop saws.. fuck bad rich bitch .. cant catch me sittin sideways .. it gets dirty now as of here .. … Continue reading Because ZEPTAR says so!


let's start from the beginning .. I started remixing and making my own music and playing it on and my personal web pages .. I was in and out of different phases with variety and bet I got caught on some 2Pac sound waves really beat .. Opened a can of what has been … Continue reading MKVLI

LEVANTA TE Come on let's face it. A ghetto education basically tricked most of those who waste it. If at all there was congruency between the real world and what is taught in school. Even now Educators are becoming more aware because of an online call to action that bridges the gap between practical knowledge … Continue reading LEVANTA TE