TRANCE ENERGY Let's go .. SWARM !! Let the sun come in. Let the mountains rejoice upon the tread from our feet. Let good news be on our lips. Let the energy wave build to FINALEVEL. Let our hearts get bigger. Let prosperous fortune and opportunity open for us. Let our thoughts be on the … Continue reading TRANCE ENERGY

UNDER THE LOTUS much like the stuff of nothing wuff main taame know why chainsaw thru the back half ground chuck bloody em up boom a ka blo chronic turn me straight out heavy like three four wheneva the time is right i aint explain im jus claimin ya life and these black raindrops keep fallen … Continue reading UNDER THE LOTUS

LOVE ME im on that good kush and alchohol i got some down bitches i can call i dont know what id do without yall imma ball till the day i fall as long as my bitches love me i could give a fucc about no hater i could give a fucc bout no nigga … Continue reading LOVE ME