Kindly .. My first thought “unfathomable” forming some kind of structure on how that would play out when it comes to what comes first in the recipe for life to abound exceedingly above and beyond the best upbringing ever prepared for him. I know right away that I would be taken for a twirly whirly time trying to prepare for anything unexpected. And right there I can tell that I care. I would be right there all the time next to his mother performing a tag team and double up care for everything and care for each other to the max 100. Now this is not meant to be this type of pelicans in the sky as so much as it is more geared towards correcting behavior inside of the realm of dysfunction that causes people to steal from and bully others. Inside our minds is what is known as an electromagnetic storm raging in our brains and people like psychologists treat these storms with special medication that changes brain chemistry thus altering the “storm.” Over the course of our lifetime we become engaged in certain responses to the activity around and to us that are linked with emotions we react to. Some are violent reactions that cause harm to not just the victim but also to the violator. Now what I would try to teach anyone with violent and harmful intentions towards another is that no one wants to be treated negative forces upon them or their group as a whole. It is completely unacceptable to break anything of anyone else ever. Also it is wrong to steal from people even as a prank. Always treat people as you would like to be treated. And it is hard to be the bigger person and be hurt deep down inside and use God given intellect along with channeling the rage from the pain to not come out of you and land on the person next to you no matter who is around. When harm is leaned by the hand upon another human being as a result of how feelings inside grind gears turning evil sick sadistic behavior from the mind into the life of someone who may or may not deserve from any point of view. Hands are not meant for hurting. Hands are meant for their strength caution for defense and strong nimble dexterity to defend and cause harm to run away. Forever we strive against one another and against God in a hopeless battle of getting back and even at each other until there is only One. There can only be One. There is only One Way to prevent calamity from taking over in the future. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. So best better bestest most honest voice from the heart cry out to divine fury and be as stone and immaculate. Choose life that you might live the life that you live in peace and without squab. Trip ye not. Or in time alienation from all known comfort becomes unto those who poison and destroy and reap what they have not sown. All the while gaining prosperous while those suffer for illy gotten gains and emotional satisfaction at the expense of every victim foul that radar which is not trained up in the way it should go. Humble attitude seeking must become top priority. Silent strength is stronger than loud boastful displays. Forgive those who wrong so that pity may apply upon self in that day. Taken fallen in too deep and there is no worry for people who are not calling upon drawn findings and conclusions to consequences of negative behavior upon anyone at anytime for any reason whatsoever. Period. Treat others the same way you want to be treated. It’s the Golden Rule.

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